#7604: Well, she died doing what she loved, I guess?

What else can you say? Heavily edited quote: "[R]adical pro-abortion supporter Maria de Valle Gonzalez Lopez died during ... her "dream" abortion...."

Abortion was illegal in Argentina until just recently, and apparently this 23-year-old woman got pregnant as quickly as she could after it became legal specifically so she could get an abortion...only she died during the procedure because like any invasive medical procedure shit happens.

I'm not going to celebrate her death but I'm also not going to express any sympathy.

* * *

Speaking of karma hitting folks in the face "like a 18-lb sledge", gomer slashes someone's tire and then gives them the finger. Literally:
A couple in Maricopa woke up to their tires slashed and a severed finger in the driveway on Thursday morning.
Okay, so first off, how do you sever a finger when slashing someone's tires, and second, why did he leave it?

Cops won't have any trouble getting fingerprints, and matching them to the perp. Just look for the guy who is missing a finger. At least one.

Can you avoid a trip to the ER for a severed finger? Doesn't that need stitches, or something?

Moral of the story: if you're going to slash someone's tires, maybe wear a good pair of gloves to protect your hands.

* * *

These kinds of "gotcha" videos are pathetically easy to generate because nearly all the time, the measure that is proposed is actually a good idea, but it's spun as bad by the democrat-media complex. So when you go to a college and ask all the young skulls full of mush about the desirability of various parts of the proposal, they agree that it's all a good idea because--gee--it really is a good idea.

* * *

So now Canada wants its police to arrest people who move around without permission. It's all for the Wuhan Flu, of course: "Effective Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 12:01 a.m., police officers and other provincial offences officers will have the authority to require any individual to provide their home address and purpose for not being at their residence."

I don't think so, eh? At least some local police departments are refusing to do this.

Canada is turning into a police state.

* * *

American labs could not find the Wuhan Flu virus in 1,500 positive tests.

The virus is not available.

* * *

There is a reason I commonly refer to them as "econazis". Because they think genocide is a great way to save the Earth.

* * *

DOS games machine. Neat.

* * *

Last night I was playing WoW, and found myself consumed with ennui, so I put the PC to sleep and had a look to see what was on Netflix, and ended up rewatching two eps of Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun. It's funnier than I remember it being, so I'll rewatch the rest of it.

But not right now.

#7603: Absolutely correct

I have never liked that band. Apparently the music of Rush works well as a contraceptive.
The music of Rush is marked by erratic signature changes, unconventional chord structures, heavy use of synthesizers and electronic effects, and, most importantly, lead vocals that sound like an ancient witch is being exorcised out of your body with live wires.
And: "Your reproductive system intuitively knows that it should not bring a child into a world that would reward this music with success."

And: "About 30 seconds into the melodic meandering and feral-cat-being-threatened-by-a-raccoon vocals, a woman will experience a complete and total shut down of her sex drive."

I have never been able to listen to that crap. I have never understood why people like it.

* * *

The Gamers was their first film, and I hahd been champing at the bit to buy it on VHS when it was first released because I'd seen a teaser reel at an AnimeIowa convention.

* * *

You need to understand something. Burn-Loot-Murder was founded to help black people. The co-founder who just bought several million dollars' worth of houses is herself a black person, and so you see that BLM is achieving its goal of helping black people. This isn't that hard to understand.

So the crap about cleaning black neighborhoods, sending poor black kids to college, donating to food banks--that stuff is peanuts. They're already providing housing to a (formerly?) poor black family: that co-founder.

* * *

CNN has admitted that they are a propaganda organ for the democrat party. Well, it was already obvious, anyway.

* * *

Well, looks like Starship is going to the Moon. NASA just picked it for that role.

Well, FFS, it's further along in development than SLS is. SLS started development in 2011, Starship in 2012; Starship has already had four test flights and SLS has had a couple of static tests. Then there's the question of cost and speed; Boeing thinks they can maybe manage to build three SLS per year at a per-flight cost between two and four billion dollars. SpaceX has cranked out five Starships in the last four months.

"Yeah," the dumbasses say, "four failed test flights." Even if you accept that the test flights were complete failures (which they were not) that's still four more flights than Boeing has managed at all after ten years and eleven billion dollars (and counting!), all money that came from NASA. NASA's investment in Starship is $135 million.

Boeing wants to sell single-use vehicles. The market wants to buy flights to specific destinations.

* * *

Grey Saturday, and chilly. 55 is the projected high temp. I'm only awake because Maki came into the bedroom and meowed loudly. I squirted at him with the water bottle but the damage was done, and here I sit.

But I think I'll go back to bed for a little while.

#7602: Still not gonna take it.

"The flu has mysteriously vanished while the number of people who got covid was within the normal range of the number of people who get the flu every year."

Interesting how the flu has almost totally disappeared this year, yet we have a different disease which has exactly the same symptoms.

No shot for me, thanks.

* * *

It will cost $1.7 trillion dollars over its lifespan, it took 20 years to develop, and it's junk.
Now, Russia will get 76 aircraft at a 20% reduction in cost, with better engines, hypersonic weapons, electronics, improved stealth and general finish. And the Su57 will cost about $35 to $40 million each compared to the 138 million of the 35B or the $300 million of an F22. One reason for the discrepancy is that US companies expect the taxpayer to pay R&D and developmental costs, which are added to the flyaway cost. Of course, the companies use that R&D for lucrative commercial projects as well.
The newest aircraft carrier in the Navy, USS Gerald Ford, can't reliably launch aircraft, and it can't handle the F-35 even when its catapults are working.

* * *

When you need to be able to push software and image computers, and the system that handles all that is not really working? You can't get much done. When 90% of your pending tasks are "image computer" and "install software"?


* * *

Today's notebook:
Hot Dog Man is talking to Chicky.

HDM: "Would you really dump me for a bratwurst?"
Chicky: "No way! They're all garlic!"
Bratwurst: "Mebby you wanna tell me dat to me FACE, wot?"
Chicky: "Get lost, you creep!"
Chicky's father (holding a smoking shotgun): "Hit the road, Jack, unless you want MORE!"
Bratwurst (now with a hole right through his forehead): "Strudel?"
HDM: "He's--he's DEAD!"
Chicky: "Daddy!"
CF: "Only good bratwurst is a dead one!"
Random Martian: "Oh, wow! I'll get the sauerkraut and mustard!"
HDM: "You're gonna EAT him?"
Chicky: "This is SO embarrassing!"
There are two reasons the bratwurst says "Strudel" before expiring.

The first is that in the spy movie Gotcha! there is a scene where Anthony Edwards gives a German spy the strudel which he (erroneously) thinks contains secrets, because he's watched too many spy movies."What is this?" She asks.
"That's the strudel," he says.
"Strudel?"</blockquote>...and then she's shot by a sniper and dies.

I made a joke about the word "strudel" being a "killing word", kind of like in Dune, but what really cemented the joke for me was this Monty Python sketch which shows Mozart introducing various famous deaths. One of them is a request from an audience member, and it shows Graham Chapman as an average Englishman sitting and reading the paper, when he looks directly at the camera, says, "Strewth!" and dies. "Strewth" is enough like "strudel" for the purposes of one of my running gags. That's the second reason.

* * *

Well, it's Friday evening.

Last night I decided to make another omnibus disk. I've listened through the Kansas and Alan Parsons ones in my truck too many times, so I thought it would be a good time to make the ELO one I've been thinking about. On impulse, I also grabbed the Moody Blues and Steve Winwood disks.

I had to cut a few tracks, but they all fit on one CD once they were compressed into MP3s. I bragged about it to Mrs. Fungus, showing her the big stack of CDs I'd just fit onto one disk. Her: "Nice! Are you going to throw them out?"


Anyway, so I got the following albums on one CD now:
A New World Record
Out of the Blue (ELO)
Discovery (ELO)
Time (ELO)
Secret Messages (ELO)
Balance of Power (ELO)
Long Distance Voyager (Moody Blues)
The Present (Moody Blues)
The Other Side of Life (Moody Blues)
Sur La Mer (Moody Blues)
Back in the High Life (Steve Winwood)
Roll With It (Steve Winwood)
Though I did have to clip out a few tracks to make them all fit, they were tracks that I never liked or listened to, anyway.

Those first three ELO albums--Christmas of 1980 I asked for a stereo, and got one; I'd also asked for a copy of ELO's Discovery. My brother gave me ELO's A Box of their Best which was composed of those three albums. It was four LPs, of course, since Out of the Blue was a two-record set. So when I listen to those, that's really going back into my past. I liked ELO before I liked either Kansas or Alan Parsons, FFS, and I got those albums forty years ago.

I suppose the next step will be to get a stereo that can handle a USB stick, then cram it full of all the music I've got and leave it permanently plugged into the USB port; but that's a little more spendy, anyway.

* * *

So, it turns out that you can get a dual fuel carburator for small engines which allows you to switch between gasoline, and something else like natural gas or LP or propane. Amazon sells them for like $30-ish.

So I thought--how hard would it be to get a generator, then toss one of those carbs on it? The thing is, when the fireplace was being put in, Dad had the installer run a gas line to the patio, because he was thinking of getting a gas grill. Well, that pipe is still there, and I could (theoretically) hook a hose up between that pipe and a hypothetical generator, and run it off natural gas rather than have to maintain a tankful of gas plus gas in cans blah blah blah etcetera. But "dual fuel" means you don't lose the ability to run it on gasoline.

Given the generator with the appropriate modification, then, the next time we had a multi-day power failure, I could run the refrigerator and a couple of fans, and maybe even keep the modem up and computers turned on. Heck, with the right wiring, we could even run the furnace.

In an extended power failure, that would let me run the thing as much as I wanted, even if I couldn't get gasoline (as long as the natural gas was working, anyway) and keep the cold stuff cold. Also, run a microwave. I'd be limited only by the capacity of the generator, but you can unplug the fridge long enough to run the microwave, FFS.

All this came out of the revelation that there are now commonly available turbochargers for lawn mower engines; I wanted to see what else you could get. Turns out you can get a lot of neat things for small engines.

These dual fuel carbs are even made for Harbor Freight engines!

* * *

Arm continues to improve. As the days pass, the time between twinges gets longer and longer. I've got a lot more grip strength than I had even on Tuesday.

* * *

Well, anyway, that's about it for now.

#7601: "C'mon! Jiggling gelatinous cube breasts HAS to be a shenanigan!"

The latest notebook is setting a new record for insanity. The title of this post is one of the silliest lines, but probably not the silliest.

The Guy from Disney fired the writers, so everyone has to ad-lib. It started with Hot Dog Man telling an anti-joke ("Selenium walks into a bar...") and then Chicky and Chacky (Hot Dog Man's girlfriend, and her best friend) try to tell a joke, staring wide-eyed at the reader and spraying flop sweat:

Chicky: Chacky? Chacky! I'm...unhappy! With Hot Dog Man! He said I'm! Big-boned!
Chacky: Wow Chicky! How could he! Say something! Like that!
Chicky: I know! He should know! Chicken nuggets are! Boneless!
Guy from Disney: WTF

...and in the middle of the panel Chicky and Chacky are looking at each other, still fountaining flop sweat, and in tiny text Chacky asks, "Now what?" and Chicky replies, "IDK"

And every time I see this I laugh.

Later, Boris and Rathad are up to their usual dungeon crawl and Rathad casts "Otto's Irresistable Dance" on Boris, right before breaking into song. Guy from Disney yells about it so Rathad says, "Well, you told us to ad-lib, so I thought it would be a good time for a number!"

Maybe I need therapy or something.

* * *

Dan Rather better put some ice on that burn. "You've spent 60 years being a professional liar." Got to love it when a sitting politician says that to a fucking reporter.

* * *

Disney does not want to produce content for "white Christian trash" and they say so in so many words.

The quality of the story? Completely unimportant. What is important is whether or not the story ticks all the boxes on a diversity checklist.

Well, I'll tell you what: if they keep it up, they won't be making any content at all, let alone stuff for "white Christian trash".

* * *

Every time I read an article like this it makes me consider hanging up my blogging spurs. Because while it's just saying something I said a few days or weeks ago, but it's saying it better than I did!
If the Weathermen had had a motto (other than that stupid Dylan lyric), it could've been "Everything that is, is wrong"... but they were a political cult, not a serious mass movement. Your average 2021 "conservative" would be far too radical for a Sixties hippie commune. "I mean, sure, you guys are growing your own hemp and sleeping around, but where's your drag queen story hour? You even have separate bathrooms for Moonbeam and Wavy Gravy. Bummer."

This is because the Sixties hippies grew up in Leave-It-to-Beaver-world. They all came from nice, solid, two-parent families in the 'burbs. They had seemingly endless social capital to burn through, in other words, which is why the bra burners of 1974, who thanks to their husbands' good jobs had the free time and money to play radical politics, were running the PTA bake sales in 1994.
It's been forty-seven years since 1974, though, and that social capital is gone.

* * *

Well, it's Thursday, thank all that's holy. Tomorrow's Friday. If I can manage to get through Friday, then I can relax a little on Saturday...I hope.

They're saying "snow" for Tuesday, though.

#7600: Tuesday, and Wednesday, and--oof.

Yesterday, hit the doc's office. Elbow pain is tennis elbow, Rx is Ibuprofen, ice packs, rest, and get a brace for the elbow. Wheee.

Came home and used the tractor to cut the back grass and the East 40.

Ended up flopping after that, until Mrs. Fungus got home.

Today, got up early to get to work early to make up for the two hours I missed yesterday, because doc appointment; and I hadn't been at work for forty minutes when I got a call that the network was down north of the breezeway.

Two hours later, after a lot of running around and checking cables and swapping bits and running pings on switches, the network was back up.

While I was doing that, though, I got a call from someone at the far offsite, whose computer had died, and I had to explain to her that she had to call the service desk because I was in the middle of working a site outage and could not help her just now. She was put out by this.

Well, sorry; "half the site without internet and phones" trumps "one person whose computer won't boot". Especially when the half of the site that's out includes the shipping department. If the product can't leave the building, no one gets paid.

Anyway, once the network was back up I turned my attention to her computer situation. That pretty much did for the rest of my day; I took 15 minutes for lunch (which was the time it took to run out and get something to eat) and then worked on imaging a replacement PC between bites of lunch. Once the PC was done I ran it up to the far offsite. On the plus side I was able to get another ticket closed while I was up there, so that was nice.

Still--busy day today.

* * *

This series sounds entertaining.

* * *

It's racist to point out that the avowed marxist who helped found Burn-Loot-Murder now owns four luxury homes, three of which are in predominantly white areas, all of which cost an aggregate sum in the millions of dollars.

* * *

Man, I don't know what the hell was going on, but when I was trying to get home from my far offsite, people were just driving like their asses were on fire.

Driving through a wooded area, two-lane highway, the guy immediately in front of me kept riding the rear bumper of the car in front of him, riding to the left and only ducking back into his lane at the last possible instant to avoid being hit by oncoming traffic.

Then, within sight of a "no passing zone" sign, the dipshit ducks left and goes to pass the guy in front of him. I saw the oncoming vehicle and stepped on my brakes, even though he was a good 500 feet in front of me. He ducks back onto the correct side of the road, cutting one guy off to do it, and then the oncoming car nearly runs into me as he tries to get his course straightened out.

Come to the controlled intersection and the dumbass--exactly two cars ahead of where he was before he risked everyones' lives--gets through the light six seconds ahead of me.

That was just the most memorable example; within a fifteen minute period I saw five near-misses, all caused by idiots who wanted to go a lot faster than traffic was moving. That first guy, I halfway expected to see him wrecked somewhere along the way, but didn't, for some reason. I saw one moron make a right turn from the left lane. Another moron in an Audi moved into the lane on my left to pass me, then cut over in front of me, nearly cutting me off, to get into the exit lane on my right...when all he really needed to do was just to move right from where he was.

Idiots! And at least half of them had temporary plates on their vehicles. "Holy shit, you must really want to wreck your new car," I said, over and over again.

* * *

But I managed to survive Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thursday, and hopefully it will be more low-key.

#7599: Front and sides cut!

So, I did it: came home from work and went right outside and cut the front grass, and the sides. Did a few other minor chores outside, with the result that it's 6:45 and I'm sitting here, sweating.

* * *

The econazis will argue that it's because people have a choice not to buy electric cars. Because electric cars are not ready for prime time. And because the grid is not ready for us to replace 275 million cars with electrics.

* * *

Of course it's the ACLU.
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) published a report alleging 21 million Americans do not have identification. The report also cites the left-leaning Brennan Center for Justice, which purported that as many as 25 percent of blacks lack government-issued ID, compared to just 8 percent of whites.
So tell me, how do those people do anything? I mean, how do they buy cell phones, or have jobs, or cash checks, or--basically--do anything that requires them to participate in the economy? How do those people get anything from the government? Are none of them on welfare? Do they use cash for every last economic transaction in which they participate? And if so, where does their money come from? How do they get money without cashing checks or having a bank account into which the money is directly deposited? Do they buy and sell things for cash, and never involve a bank or a currency exchange or an employer? Are these the hyper-rich who have people to handle the money for them?

The simple fact is, if you do not have some kind of government-issued photo ID, it's because you're either a criminal, or incompetent. The barrier to getting a government-issued photo ID is extremely low and I have trouble believing that twenty-five percent of black people don't have one.

The idea that requiring a photo ID to vote is "racist" is pure idiocy. It implies that black people are incapable of getting photo IDs. This dovetails neatly with the democrat assertion that black people can't walk and chew gum at the same time, but since they're the party of the KKK and Jim Crow that's not terribly surprising. I have a little more faith in the black community than democrats do; I think most of them are rational economic actors who are perfectly capable of obtaining a government-issued photo ID--and to think otherwise is perilously, incandescently racist.

The solution, though, to the left's objections is pretty simple:
Across all 50 states, the average cost of a government-issued ID is $6.33. So, getting an ID to the folks who need one would only run to $132.9 million. But, as the ACLU notes, there are other costs for things like document fees and travel expenses, which average an estimated $125. Assuming all 21 million people need that covered too, good 'ole Uncle Sam can cover that cost as well by shaking the giant money tree over at the Federal Reserve and getting us $2.6 billion.
Three billion dollars is 0.075% of the annual federal budget. That's not even a rounding error.

* * *

But of course, if everyone has a photo ID we can ask to see them before people are allowed to vote, and this becomes impossible. 400,000 absentee ballots cast in Georgia, but no one can show where they came from.

* * *

NSFW because it's Oglaf but the "hot fungus babes" usually don't look like that. Sorry to disappoint.

"Yours was a male."

"It don't matter when it's Arcturian a hot fungus babe!"

* * *

Well, I am pleased to say that cutting the front grass did not reduce me to a heaving, panting pile of goo, so I must still be capable of physical activity. I guess that's something.

#7598: FIVE?

How the hell is it five already? I took a nap--

Guess I needed it.

* * *

The ham and bean soup, in the refrigerator, took on the consistency of modeling clay. Reheated in the microwave it's back to eating temperature and consistency.

The stuff congeals when cold. That's how you know it's good.

#7597: Sunday, and the grass needs to be cut

Yes, it's mid-April now, and it's been warm, and it rained. Today it rained and it's still wet out there, so no good to cut it right now.

So, we'll start chipping away at it--get the pusher running and cut the front and sides tomorrow, after work. Back lot on Tuesday. You know the drill.

* * *

My left hand continues to improve. I still get a sharp pain when extending my arm, but it's slowly getting better. As long as I only curl my fingers about halfway I've got enough strength for normal activities; I just can't clench a fist without it hurting. It is much better now than it was on Tuesday.

I want to start getting things done, but I know that if I try to do anything, I'll just strain it again.

* * *

So, let me talk a little bit about "Schedule A-5", the first three parts of which can be found here:


"Schedule A-5" was originally a campaign setting for Alternity. I have notes and chharacters and some other materials for the campaign. Stupid gamer group asshat politics did for that campaign, though, with the result that the actual game was never played.

Set in World War II, the conceit for the campaign was the typical "Nazis try to use the supernatural to win" thing. The player characters would have one or two sessions in the US, then go into France on D-Day, which would be where things started to go sideways. Or would have, if not for the stupid politics.

(Would have loved to have done it with the Beyond the Supernatural engine, but creating characters takes hours in that system....)

Did my best to connect the thing with real events and with historical fact, so that it would be as realistic as you can get it when you have people fighting against vampires and werewolves, and worse--to the point that I read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and learned about the Ahnenerbe and did a lot of other research. It was supernatural and occult stuff around a mantle of "nazi super-science" and then, inside that, Jewish folklore.

The innermost bit was the Dybbukhim, a kind of Jewish boogeyman--but in this version, instead of being disembodied human spirits, they were ancient devils or demons which had been dormant for a long time, and which were only awakened with the birth of atomic power. (Because the only way to get rid of them was to vaporize them in an atomic blast.) And it turned out the Nazis had found them, and carefully moved them to various sites, places like Treblinka, Auschwitz, you know...to feed them.

The main point of the camps, though, was to produce something that Nazi scientists had called "Der Auftrieb"--"the stimulant"--which gave a person superhuman abilities, briefly--a few hours or a day or so. In game terms it gave a character extra strengh, speed, dexterity, and so forth, but once it wore off he needed to spend a lot of time recuperating. Its other use was to resurrect the dead, though anyone brought back with the stuff needed to take it every day or he'd die again. Hitler, it developed, had been resurrected using der Auftrieb sometime after the "unsuccessful" attempt on his life--the bomb plot by von Stauffenberg et al in 1944. In the game, Hitler died, but Himmler had him brought back.

Der Auftrieb sounds an awful lot like adrenochrome, at least what the Qanon folks says adrenochrome is. It was made by torturing people to death, and then rapidly exsanguinating them just before they died; the blood was then processed and der Auftrieb extracted from it. One person yielded one dose; it took ten doses to resurrect someone, and of course after that he had to have a dose every day or he'd die within a week.

(Very probably, if the campaign had happened, the characters would have found a "farm" where der Auftrieb was extracted directly from the victims' brains. "Nazi super-science", after all. Of course the victims were all Jews, because Nazis, and concentration camps.)

...but it frightens me, at least a little, how close der Auftrieb is to the Qanon idea of adrenochrome. I'm not sure why it is--coincidence, maybe--but the similarity is more than a little eerie.

* * *

As far as the campaign being aborted, we'd gotten to the point where the players had generated their characters, and we were not more than a month (or maybe six weeks at most) from the end of the current campaign and the beginning of Schedule A-5.

There was usually a weekly get-together over at the home of the guy who was the alpha male of the group and the regular game master. One particular week, I wasn't there, and later that night I got a call from one of them asking if his wife was going to be allowed to play, since I had invited a female friend of mine who wasn't in the regular group. Well, that guy's wife had singlehandedly ruined the last campaign that I'd tried to run, so my answer was "No," and he came back with, "Well, then, I can't play."

So then the regular game master, the next morning, chimed in with, "Well, I can't have one of my players leaving the group! I'll not be playing, either." And then the third of them said, "If so-and-so's not playing, I'm not playing."

And just like that, dude's wife had singlehandedly wrecked another campaign of mine. Still, about a year after that, I made a conscious decision to forgive my friend's game-killing wife, because I'm really not a person to hold a grudge, and I wanted to be bigger than that, and it no longer mattered, anyway; that event had been enough for me to swear off ever running any games for that crowd.

I was crushed when the group decided not to play this campaign--after all the work I did--and I almost quit the group, not that they would have much cared; in retrospect it was obvious that I was beneath "omega male" status in that group, so I don't know why the hell anyone had even agreed to let me run a game in the first place.

It would have been a lot easier if they'd just come out and said they didn't want to play it. No, instead they had to whip up a way to make it my fault, rather than be the bad guys and say, "Look, we just don't want to play this." That was pretty much the hallmark of that whole situation, though; none of them had the guts to say anything to my face because that might have made them look bad.

It was finally obvious to me how things were in early 2004, after I'd moved back to the Fungal Vale, but was busting my ass to drive out there every other week so I could continue to play the game and hang with them--only to be taken to task for "seeming really tired and not interested" when playing.

Well, yeah, of course I was tired: I'd drive 5 hours and get to Cedar Rapids at 10 PM, so I would be arriving approximately after my friend (the one with the game-killing wife) got home from work. I'd crash on his sofa but get kept up late (2-3 AM) by him whacking away at his computer; then I'd be awakened at 7 AM by his kids watching Saturday morning cartoons. Of course friend and his wife--in their bedroom, away from the noise--slept until 10-11 AM, so it wasn't any problem for them.

When I explained it to the game master, he countered that one of the other players also drove a similar distance--but he stayed with his sister, and was able to get to bed at a reasonable hour, and then sleep until a reasonable one.

Friend who hosted the game could have let me sleep on his sofa, but letting me stay over Saturday night was his limit because another player had lived off his sofa for a couple of months and "this is what I'm willing to do." It was extremely passive-aggressive, but it pointed up how well-valued my friendship was, anyway, which is why I stopped going. It had become obvious that I needed them a lot more than they needed--or wanted--me, so I just quit.

The baffling part was that after I'd announced I wasn't playing any longer--in the wake of the abortion of Schedule A-5--the game master called me and talked me into coming back. Why did he bother? In retrospect it's pretty obvious that I wasn't wanted there. I'm trying to remember who was running characters at that time: me, 1, 2, 3, and who else? The game master's wife's daughter (from another marriage) had accused one guy of molesting her (because she wanted to get attention, and was fucking insane) so he had left the group. The GM's son hadn't started playing with us yet. Was it really just four people?

I think I was asked to remain only because the GM liked having at least four players, and if I'd left, there would've been just three. #1 was an old friend of his from his high school days; #2 had the game-killing wife. #3 had come into the group because the GM's wife ran a day care out of their house, and he'd seen all the books. And me, of course.

Part of it was ego, I think. But in retrospect, I realize now that the table had the turnover it did because every time the omega left, someone else became the omega, and he would get chipped away until he finally departed. If I'd left, I think #3 would have been next. You could hear it in the way #1 and #2 talked about him when he wasn't there but I was. And it is really, really hard to find good and serious players; a lot of them are munchkins ("This is my character sheet for myself! He has an eighteen intelligence, and he's a twentieth level wiccan!") or have other defects. So yeah, I'm pretty sure that I was only cajoled into remaining because so-and-so wouldn't have had enough players to satisfy his ego, and because the knives would have turned to #3, it would not have been long before there were only two players at that table.

But in 2004, with his son and the game-killer now admitted to the game--and that other guy who drove a long distance to attend the games--I was superfluous. I bet it wasn't very long before #3 got whittled out of the group, either, because even while I was still there, #1 and #2 were sniping about #3's weak points...and as always, the GM chuckled over their quips. As the alpha male of the group, that signaled that they were okay to continue. He'd shut down any unapproved commentary, and it was always clear what was off-limits for satire.

Well...not my problem, anyway, and hasn't been for 16 years.

* * *

As for the campaign itself, I had someone ask me if I was willing to share the campaign notes with him, so he could run it. I demurred; the thing is, most of it was never written down, exactly. I have a stack of notes but I had not yet sat down and assembled the actual player guide for the thing, nor had I written down more than a basic outline of what I would try to make happen.

The problem with a properly-designed campaign is, the plans the GM makes only last until they make contact with the players. Knights of the Dinner Table makes a great deal of hay from this simple fact; no matter how diligent and careful the GM is, the one thing you can absolutely count on is for the players to miss half the clues and hints you give them, and then to misinterpret--wildly!--at least half of the ones they do see.

In the abortive Alternity campaign set in my SF universe, a couple of times I had to pull a fast one (on one of them was so bad that I got called on it, out of game) in order to keep the whole campaign from ending on the spot. The players will always think of the one angle you missed--always. So, I was going to write each adventure in off weeks, so that each new session was built on what had happened in the prior ones. It's all you can do.

But after the campaign was sabotaged, I stopped working on the materials, so nothing else got written down, at all. So the rest of the campaign materials--settings and NPCs, a very basic outline of what I was planning to do if the players didn't take the junker for a spin, maps and timelines and all the rest of the nitty-gritty plans and details for the campaign--they're still in my head, but not on paper.

And so what I have are the basics--a discussion of the Ahnenerbe and how the fictional one differs from reality. A description of the dybbukhim. An explanation of der Auftrieb and how it works in game mechanics. A brief history of some of the key NPCs, more of an outline than a solid background. The GM-eyes-only "this is what's really happening, and why". Nothing like what I'd consider a complete campaign setting; just a framework. Not really enough to share with anyone.

Sorry about that.

* * *

Anyway, it's a rainy Sunday and I've spent a lot more time writing this than I originally planned. I had just gotten up to hit the can and have a slice of Ginzo bread with butter, but ended up doing this. *sigh*

#7596: Ham and bean soup!

Had to glean prior entries to find the instructions, it's been so long since I made it:
I got this recipe from my mom. It's actually meant to be something you can throw together in about an hour, using a ham steak and a few cans of great northern beans, some onion, green pepper, garlic, and soup stock of one kind or another. Most of the hour was spent simmering so the flavors could marry; it was good, but it always was a bit thin for my taste. Making it in the crock pot, from a ham bone, water, dry beans, and so on--that makes for a rich, hearty soup. (I was laughing as I ladled out some this evening, after work, because it had the consistency of gelatin after sitting in the fridge overnight.)

That 15-bean soup mix (minus the packet of stock or whatever the hell it is) is perfect for this, too. Put the ham bone into the crock, dump the dry beans on top. Add chopped onion and green pepper, and a generous dollop of chopped garlic. About half a teaspoon of black pepper, then fill the pot with enough water to cover the ingredients. Turn it on "high" for about six hours. Fish out the bones, dice up the meat. Serve with Marconi's Italian bread (AKA Ginzo bread).
That recipe. Yeah. Well, we had a ham last Sunday, and I ate ham sandwiches for lunch all week, and for the most part it was down to the bone, so everyone here knows what comes next.

I still find it kind of amazing that I can make food from scratch out of simple ingredients. The only thing in this recipe which is pre-processed in any way is the ham, and it quite literally does not matter what brand or kind you use as long as it's got bones in it. (And to be honest? You could make Mom's quick version with SPAM and it would still taste good.)

Anyway, six to eight hours from now--but in maybe three hours the smell will already start making my mouth water.

* * *

100% typical marxist behavior. One of the founders of Burn-Loot-Murder, an avowed Marxist, just bought a home in a tony white neighborhood of Los Angeles. The home cost $1.4 million.

*shrug* The hypocrisy is not even interesting any longer.

* * *

I don't see the harm, but then again it's not my rocket. SpaceX formerly transmitted all its mission telemetry in clear, including video and audio; but now they no longer do that.

Kind of a shame; I'd like to be able to watch a video feed from the boosters etc without idiot commentators. Still, "not my rocket", you know? And even if I had known this was possible to do (prior to the emplacement of encryption) there's a pretty good chance I wouldn't have done anything with the knowledge.

* * *

An occasional treat for myself? Blue Diamond almonds, wasabi and soy sauce flavor. I really like them. I wish I could get cheaper nuts with that flavoring; this shit is $6 a can on sale ($1 an ounce) and don't go very far.

I still miss the wasabi ginger flavored potato chips.

* * *

This "caturday" pic at Majorgeeks made me laugh out loud, mainly because I've seen that dippy look on cats' faces before.

* * *

I played Diablo II for eight years. I've played WoW longer--since late 2008, making it 13 years so far--but D2 was the major game for me from its release in 2000. I am, therefore, looking forward to playing it in this remastered version.

Esp. since the voices, music, and sound effects are reportedly unchanged. "You now speak to Ormus." "Damn it, I wish you people would leave me alone!" And so forth. If you played the game, you know.

* * *

This dog looks really guilty, all right.

"Why is my dog buzzing?"

#7595: Well, that sucked

I am told that, last night, there was a very loud BOOM. I had a dream that lightning had struck something nearby, and that dream was probably the result of that loud boom. Anyway it woke me up, so once my consciousness reassembled itself I realized that I needed some food, so I got up to hit the can and have a snack.

Sitting here at the PC looking at dumb videos on YutzoPutzo, at about 2:30-ish, suddenly the power went off. It didn't come back on, so I dutifully shut everything in the computer room down. Saw lights outside, watched a ComEd guy finish pulling the fuses from the pole outside. Figured it was going to be a while, so I tried to go to bed.

Didn't work. Couldn't sleep without the CPAP.

To make a long story shorter, I ended up knocking around the house trying to find a way to get some freaking sleep when I could not pressurize my airway, and was almost entirely unsuccessful. The power came back on around 6-ish, which gave me some fraction of an hour before my alarm went off. *sigh*

So, I dragged ass all day long.

* * *

If you have ever read Mika Waltari's The Egyptian, you read about this city. There's a big part in the middle of the story where the main character ends up as the court physician to the pharoah Akhenaten (Tutenkhamen's father) and it talks about all the social upheavel of Akhenaten's reign over Egypt.

Amarna is the city that Akhenaten built; and after his death, it was abandoned. Well, it's been found again. Neat.

* * *

Sarah Hoyt discusses what's going on with our self-styled elites and their scheming and machinations for the world, vis-a-vis this idiotic "global minimum tax" that the pomo crowd has latched onto.
And they want the world to tax corporations, because that means the corporations won't run from the US.... they think. Let's suppose they manage to impose their will on the world (I doubt it. I think mostly it will be YEARS of discussions in the UN, amounting to nothing.) Other countries will NOT ENFORCE that tax. and the corporations will know it.

The Junta only tells itself it will work.

And then it hit me: it's the same as the $15 dollar an hour minimum wage. Nothing to do with "living wage." It's their attempt to prevent jobs and employers from fleeing blue cities that bleed them dry. If payment is the same everywhere, they're sure they can keep them because of the "advantages" of cities.

But since the advantages now involve feral homeless camping everywhere, crazy edits on what can be open and closed, releasing criminals to roam the streets, etc. even if they get that national minimum wage.... it ain't gonna work.
It got me to thinking, though, about all these morons who think that we need to kill off about 95% of the world's population in order to make things "sustainable".

Seven billion people in the world. 5% of that number is 350,000,000, about the population of the United States. Let's say half a billion for easy numbers. Do you know what happens if there are suddenly only five hundred million people left in the world?

The remaining half-billion starve to death.

No, really! The elites expect to be the ones who survive; but they don't know how to do anything other than tell people what to do; and that's a problem. Who farms? Who raises the animals? Where does the food come from?

There's another problem, of course: economically, you cannot support a technological civilization on half a billion people. Oh, you might have people with the necessary skills, but everyone will have to work sixteen hour days just to stay alive.

Every person in the world represents a certain amount of economic output. Some people are more useful than others; some people are net consumers of economic output while others are net generators. If you work for a living, and receive a halfway decent salary, you are a generator of economic output. Your labors generate wealth. A lot of the people in the world do something that is economically necessary, and thus turn their labor into wealth.

Now get rid of 95% of the population.

In that sorely depopulated world, there are no iPhones, no soy latte milko machos, no electric cars (or any cars!) nor is there any electricity to charge their batteries. There are no elites who sit on their fat asses all day long in meetings about the best way to advocate for transsexual fairness because everyone needs to be outside busting his ass growing food. And they're doing it with horse-drawn plows and hand tools and no fertilizers or pesticides because there simply are not enough people in the world to support an economy that can make those things. Or to run power plants or refine oil into diesel. Or to build ships to carry goods across the seas.

Fucking idiots like Bill Gates believe that the human population of Earth needs to be reduced to some "sustainable" figure like that--half a billion--but in that world, Bill Gates doesn't live a life of luxury, paying other people to do manual labor for him. No, he works his ass off on his own farm in order to earn enough money to buy the things he needs to live--and by the way, his vast fortune is utterly worthless because no one accepts fiat currency any longer, and no one has seen a working computer since the plague finally burned itself out.

The tinfoil hat crowd is convinced that the mRNA "vaccine" for COVID-19 is one way that people can be marked for elimination. Give them the shot and their bodies produce a unique signature which reduces the severity of a Wuhan Flu infection, but which could be used by another disease organism to sidestep the person's immune system. So, it's part of a one-two punch: everyone who gets the "vaccine" is then vulnerable to the follow-on disease, and most of them will die.

Me, I just don't fancy being a guinea pig for the drug corporations, and the stupid shot isn't even a vaccine, anyway. It doesn't make you immune to the virus, and it doesn't prevent you from spreading it. They're trying to figure out how to make it mandatory, and the drug companies have been completely insulated from any liability if the thing screws you up. None of that instills me with any confidence whatsoever. (But if the guys in the tinfoil hats are right, then the push to vaccinate everyone becomes a lot more sinister.)

Sarah Hoyt's optimistic take is that we're in for a shitstorm--but a short one, and at the end of it, the pomo-nazi-socialist-SJW-NPC crowd has taken it in the shorts, and very, very badly.

She says they can't win. I'd like to believe that.

* * *

Anyway, it's Friday. We've got that much going for us.

I'm going to take a nap.