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Atomic Fungus
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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018
5:40 pm
#6250: Don't go there. Just don't. You won't like the result.
Ace has a story about Trump's Secretary of Homeland Security being chased out of a Mexican restaurant by antifa goons, and one of the goons turns out to be an employee of the Justice Department.

That person needs to be fired soonest. She seems to forget: she serves at the pleasure of the President; he can fire her at any time for any reason. Openly attacking a member of the President's cabinet is reason enough, I think.

Within the last two days, the anti-Trump Resistance has endorsed the brutal murder of ICE agents, the stalking of their children, the public mobbing of a DHS official, and the doxxing of White House officials. And also they're very worried about civility and norms you guys.
Leftists don't seem to understand that the days of right-wingers just accepting their abuse and lawlessness are over. It used to be that the right wing could be relied upon to be decorous and to take the high road; but that time has passed, and now if you start punching us, we'll punch back twice as hard, to borrow a phrase from one of your people.

One of the things I want to see--and am simultaneously terrified that I'll actually get to see--is these people getting their comeuppance. Judge Lynch is always lingering in the wings, waiting for his cue, and the further these radical shitsticks go in their quest to overturn the expressed will of the people the more likely it is that bad things will start to happen.

They think they want open revolt; they don't realize that open revolt will be against the establishment, and they are the establishment and have been for decades.

Trump is a symptom.

* * *


Incidentally, Peter Fonda removes all doubt. And First Lady Melania Trump calls the Secret Service on his brain-fried ass.
The actor later apologized, saying in a statement later that he was distraught over children at the border separated from their families (though not so much when Obama did it), and that he "went too far."
I absolutely love the parenthetical statement there. Hilarious!

Also noteworthy:
To be clear:

Today an A-list Hollywood Democrat openly called for an adolescent child to be put into a rape cage with pedophiles [because] his family is conservative

Let that sink in
Another tweet asks if Peter Fonda will be treated the same as Roseanne Barr was. Ha! Don't hold your breath.

They think that saying these kinds of things, that this kind of behavior is okay. They're wrong, and it's about time they learned how wrong they are.


* * *

Ah! The living room is painted, and it's gorgeous. My arms hurt, but it's done; another couple of hours and I'll take down the masking. I need to replace the outlets and the switches, but that's later, and we'll be putting in new outlet covers to boot.

Next up is the bathroom. I've just about decided to replace that wall. Look: if they'd just painted the damned thing before putting up the wallpaper, I wouldn't be in this position. But instead, once the wall was taped and mudded they threw on a coat of sizing. And what is sizing? Why, it's a form of wallpaper paste, of course! Then up went the wallpaper, paper-on-paste-on-paste-on-wallboard. And because of that, the wallpaper has become one with the drywall surface.

If I spend about an hour per square foot, I can get the wallpaper off the sizing without doing too much damage to the surface--but tearing out the old drywall, putting in new, and taping it will take a lot less time and effort per square foot. And then I can prime and paint it correctly.

And vow never to have wallpaper in my house again. Shit.

* * *

But I've concluded it won't happen today. I need to get the grass cut.
12:58 pm
#6249: Why doesn't he just use the Hillary defense?
All he should have to do is make the same claims Hillary did about her private email server.

...you know, as satire, this just isn't working as well as it sounded in my head. Never mind.

* * *

What he says with irony, I say with conviction. There ought to be a minefield at the US/Mexico border with big signs--in English and Spanish--that say "if you cross this line YOU WILL DIE". Put big fences on either side of the minefield and put those signs on them. Electrify the fences so that it hurts to touch them. Put 15-foot-deep concrete trenches in front of the fences, so there's essentially a 15' concrete wall and then another 15' electric hurty fence right above it, and on the other side of that fence, mines.

Anyone who walks into the minefield--too bad, so sad, but you were warned, and you went to a great deal of trouble to get there anyway. Label each case "suicide" and move on.

* * *

I call this one "a good start". God bless John Bolton!

The UN's "Human Rights Council" is a joke, anyway, considering who's on it and what policies they advocate.

That sums it up nicely.

* * *

So, Little Hitler is going after Laura Ingraham again. This time it's because of the current foo-raw regarding the immigration policy put into place by Bush and totally ignored by the entire Democrat-Media Complex during the Obama administration.

Yesterday I got a call from some shithead who followed his marching orders and complained about "kids being put in cages" and I, like a good call center employee, did not tell the asshat that he was a feckless dolt who can't think for himself and who ought to get his facts straight before bugging me with his leftist talking points bullshit, but instead read the official statement. As a bonus, I did not point out that he was getting his marching orders from a teenage piss-head, but wished him a good day.

These people are fucking idiots.

* * *

Wind power is unicorn flatus.

* * *

The left calls this "progress".

The basic plan is pretty simple:
1) Let criminals out of jail.
2) Make guns as difficult to obtain legally as possible (ban if you can)
3) Say "tut, tut" about the skyrocketing crime rate (you, of course, are safe, thanks to armed guards)
4) Repeat stages 2-4 several times until condition in 5 is met
5) Citizens desperate for safety are willing to give up civil rights
6) You get total control
At this stage of the game, a high crime rate helps the left. When you're trying to get the people to cede their rights so that you can rule over them with an iron fist, anything goes. You only need to have that vote one time; after that, you're in charge, and if the proles know what's good for them, they'll vote that way again approximately forever.

This rising crime rate is not a bug; it's a feature. The idea is to make everything as shitty as possible and on purpose so that you can get enough citizens to vote to give you the power you crave. After all, you personally aren't going to be mugged or confronted by an insane, drug-addled bum. You have a security detail for that.

And all those proles that get mugged, raped, beaten, etc? Eh. "Eggs, omelettes", you know.

* * *

Trump lays it out for Republicans.
The Democrats won't help. We all know that. They think this is good for them. We'll see about that. But doing something, working together, isn't that why you're here? It should be. And if you don't do that and November doesn’t work out for you then I'm sorry but you shouldn't be here. Go do nothing somewhere else. You bring me something [a bill] that makes sense and I'll sign it. It's so simple. It should be. But it has to make sense. It has to be good for the American people. This isn't rocket science folks. It really isn't. Figure it out.


* * *

The [Officer of the Deck] was named Sarah, and the Tactical Action Officer was named Natalie, and they weren't speaking to each other!!! The Tactical Action Officer would normally be in near constant communication with the OOD, but there is no record of any communication between them that entire shift!
Further, the damage control officer was also female, and she ran everything by remote control rather than lift a finger herself.

...so this ship ran into another ship and seven people died because two bitches had a tiff, and were so petty they couldn't put that aside and do their motherfucking jobs?

* * *

And they're all gonna suck, too. Potential new Star Trek series in the works, safe bet that none of 'em will be worth watching.

* * *

Well, I have lots to do today, so I guess I ought to get after it.
1:03 am
#6248: Sometimes I don't see any other options
I am, by my nature, an optimist. I have faith in the future; today I was reminded of a scene from one of Jerry Pournelle's stories (I think it was Pournelle) where the main character sees a car idling and yells at the driver for being an energy hog--a story written during the 1970s when we were all going to die or be eaten or some horseshit like that. I was thinking that the Malthusian nightmare SF predicted was wrong, because 40 years later there's more oil available than ever, and modern cars (ie anything built after 1990) is so clean there's no comparison to what vehicles were like when that story was written. Our air and water are cleaner today than they've been in sixty years, thanks to the advancement of technology.

Yet if you'd written that story in the 1970s, publishers would have rejected it as too optimistic.

Today we see more of the same, and that just makes me want to write more optimistic stories. (So what's my current project? Oh, the end of civilization, that's all....)

But I suppose that's because sometimes things just seem to be irreparably shitty.

The bill for Obamaland went up to $224 million. Understand this: it's not a Presidential library; Obama's documents won't be stored there. This is nothing but a political organization, essentially a think tank for leftist politics, which is why the Illinois government fell all over itself to, essentially, give Obama $224 million to build the place.
The public has been bamboozled. To see why, you should first understand what's nicely laid out in the federal lawsuit filed last month by Protect Our Parks, a not-for-profit.

That lawsuit is focused mostly on how the transfer of parkland for the center to the Obama Foundation trampled state law. The case looks strong. The complaint is in plain English and straightforward so you can read it yourself. Jackson Park is among the finest parks in Chicago and beautiful by any city's standards. Some of it is being taken for the center with no compensation.

To get the parkland transfer properly authorized, Springfield amended the state's Museum Act to cover the center, which the complaint describes. That's how authorization for additional property taxes also resulted because the Museum Act provides for that. See paragraph 119 of the complaint.

That tax money forms the basis of a First Amendment claim, which is also in the complaint. The First Amendment not only protects free speech, but has also frequently been used to strike down "compelled speech." Using taxpayer money for political purposes can be challenged as compelled speech. (Coincidentally, compelled speech is also central to the Janus case on forced public union membership, an important decision on which will come this month.)
By calling the place a "museum", they can have this edifice to socialism constructed and force the taxpayers to pay for it.

The $224 million by itself is money Illinois does not have.

What it amounts to is powerful Democrats doing whatever the fuck they want to, because they can.

* * *

Democrats didn't care about illegal alien minors when Obama was in office. They care now, though.

They have to go back. All of them. If you're here illegally, you get deported, period. If you have an anchor baby, you can either leave him here for adoption or take him with you, but if you take him with his American citizenship is revoked. Period.

Oh, and incidentally, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama can just STFU.

* * *

Related: Democrats prevent fixing the law so they can demagogue the issue which is what they always do.

It's the law, so if you don't like it, fix the law--but if the law gets fixed, Democrats lose a political weapon. Especially they do not want a Republican to fix the law. It's much easier just to pass the law and leave it on the books and then otherwise ignore it, because that whole "rule of law" thing only applies to the proles.

* * *

...while there is still zero evidence that Trump "colluded" with Russian, Strzok's expulsion from the FBI building is sufficient proof that the FBI was engaged in what effectively amounts to collusion, if not conspiracy, against a democratically elected US president.

* * *

What in the hell is going on with Tesla? They built an assembly line under a tent, but that report makes it look like a Potemkin Factory.

* * *

I take exception to this. "Nearly Half Of All Millennials Know Someone Affected By Opiates," the headline screeches, but thanks to the "seven degress of separation" thing that's really not that hard to manage.

Look: they did experiments, giving a package to someone and asking him to get it to a complete stranger. The idea was to record the number of hops required to get from source to destination. Turned out that it typically took less than four hops, even when the sender and receiver were on opposite sides of the country. We're all connected, so it would probably be more surprising if "half of all millennials" did not know someone "affected by opiates".

I mean, that phrase "affected by", that covers an awful lot of ground. Did your cousin's brother's best friend's Dad go into detox for opiates? Congratulations! Your cousin's brother's best friend is "affected by opiates"! Because you know who he is, you know someone who's "affected by opiates!"


* * *

NASA shouldn't be spending its money on developing a useless heavy-lift booster which will be obsolete before its first test flight. They ought to be spending their money on building payloads for commercial boosters. Satellites and space telescopes and interplanetary probes.

* * *

This is pretty much it. Trump was evil because he wouldn't talk to North Korea. Now he's evil because he did talk to North Korea.

You can't win, so don't play their game.

* * *

The ACLU was always a partisan leftist organization. They're just not hiding it any longer, is all. I was referring it to the "American Communist Liberals' Union" when I was in eighth grade, FFS.

* * *

Got home from work and just collapsed. Came within a hair's whisker of falling asleep on my way home.


Well, Wednesday off, and I have...everything...to do. Paint the living room, do some work in the bathroom, cut the grass--I've got a full plate. I hope to get most of it done, but we'll see.
Monday, June 18th, 2018
11:15 pm
#6247: Dunning-Kreuger in action, right there.
"It’s traditional to take some lessons first".

Two videos. First video shows a guy who's never had a single lesson in flying a helicopter take about $250,000 out of his pocket, douse it with lighter fluid, and toss a match on it.

In fact, doing that would have been safer. It's one thing for him to risk his own fool neck, but he was risking other peoples' lives with his stupidity. He's lucky no one died.

$250,000 is a lot of money to spend on a 30-second flight with only a "good" landing. ("Any landing you can walk away from is a good one.")

Second video is, at least, less dangerous and expensive, but no less foolish. It looks like a "great" landing ("If you can still use the airplane afterwards, it's a great landing.") but that's more luck than design.

* * *

Yep, keep on polishing that turd. "What you call the Liberal Elite, we call being well-educated," went the uneducated boob's bumper sticker. The more you idiots do this kind of thing, the more Trumpening you get. Enjoy!

* * *

Couple from the old Pensieve:

This is what celebrities think should be done, all right. "I have fifty million in the bank, but you stupid suburbanites aren't taxed enough!"

Yet another failure of socialized education. It's "outcome-based" math at its finest.

* * *

The simple solution to this problem is to send all of them back at the same time. Being in the United States is not a human, nor is it a civil, right. If you're caught in, or entering, the US illegally, you should be sent back--and if you dragged your kids along, they should be deported, too.

End "anchor babies" and send them all back. If you can't come here legally, don't come. We have quite enough of the tired and poor and huddled masses and whatever shit is carved on the Statue of Liberty.

* * *

Today was OT day, and I got a splitting headache partway through, and then came home and collapsed. I simultaneously hope and don't hope they extend this "OT Mondays" thing. The money helps, but it's wearying.

Well, it's done for this week, anyway. Off to WoW!
Sunday, June 17th, 2018
9:56 pm
#6246: A screw, and screwed-up stuff
Pulled that right-front tire off and had another gander at it. About 90° around the circumference, another piece of metal embedded in the tread. Had a lot of trouble pulling it out; I actually had to stick an awl down in the hole alongside it and pry up to get any of it above the tread. That turned out to be because it was part of a screw, about the same length as the chunk of nail I pulled out last week.

Plug-patched it and stuck it back on. We'll see how we do.

* * *

So: niece Courtney pings me last night that she's watching Sailor Moon on Hulu. (Somewhere around here I have video of her dancing along during the transformation sequence. She was 3. She wants it to be played at her wedding "in ten years", she says.)

Today, having Hulu up anyway, I check it out just for the auld lang syne.

To my surprise it's not the horrifying DIC Entertainment version, because they're using the Japanese OP with subtitles, but it's a dub, all right.

A Viz dub.


DIC hacked the hell out of the story, but at least they got good voices for the dub. This version leaves the story intact, but the voices are (as is typical for Viz) HORRIBLE.

Anything Viz dubbed (other than Ranma 1/2, and even that after about season 3) was pretty bad. I'm not sure what changed; they used to be really good at it, but then they got Pokemon and everything went to hell.

Well, the Viz version of Sailor Moon was not much better. And Luna should sound like an old lady, not a 25-year-old!


You really can't go home again, I guess.

* * *

Today was, otherwise, a total loss. Mrs. Fungus and I slept until 3; I was up for a while but then went back to bed around 6 and slept for another couple of hours.

Well, what the hell; that was the first time I'd had a down day, where I did nothing major, for at least a week. I purposely waited until the sun went down to do the work on the truck tire, and to remove a loose heat shield from her car, because it was punishing hot outside today.

And there is nothing like laying in a blissfully cool bed on a hot summer day.

I am still going to have to get the living room painted, and the grass desperately needs to be cut, and I have all the work left in the bathroom to do. *sigh*

We'll get there.

Now that we have nice shiny chrome fixtures in the bathtub surround, I've decided that the drain basket and the overflow cover need to be nice and shiny chrome, too. Looking it up on-line I've found that it's not too difficult; it just requires a tool I don't have. So I expect to do that this week, along with everything else.

And if I can ever get a spare moment, Buttercup needs a tune-up....
Saturday, June 16th, 2018
9:55 pm
#6245: Epic nothing
Work today was the slowest Saturday I've worked. Two calls--one inbound, one outbound--and five e-mails, three of which were in the wrong slot and got forwarded.

Real work consumed perhaps fifteen minutes all told.

To make things even more entertaining, it was hot in there--perhaps 80--because weekend. *sigh*

Well, I lived.

* * *

Yes, this:
All of this is very bad. The American people, who probably haven't followed this the way they did the Watergate investigation simply because of the diversity of media coverage available today compared to the mid-1970s, still get it — the in-crowd in Washington didn't want Trump to win and were willing to break the law and screw the Constitution in order to make Clinton president and yet were too pathetically incompetent to make that happen despite all of the resources of the federal government at their disposal. That's reflected in polling which indicates the folks are less and less impressed with the Mueller investigation — which is the bastard child of the FBI's 2016 bias.

Simple fact is that it's obvious what's going on, and what was going on, and the longer it takes for the leftists to quietly retire this horseshit, the worse for them it will be.

Related: "Ignore that Trump is an effect, not a cause. Keep focusing on him, Democrats. It's not eight years of over the top leftie policies, nope, no way, nada, no no no." That's the thing the left seems to be missing: Trump isn't President now because he used some underhanded alien mind-meld to get votes. It's not Russia or election tampering.

It's you and your policies. It's Obamacare and Benghazi and the Iran nuke deal and snubbing our allies and the Obama Apology Tour and all the other horseshit you shoved down our throats for eight long years. It's EPA and OSHA and EEOC. It's welfare and teachers' unions and high taxes.

Trump is an effect. If Trump is somehow removed from power, you can expect the next guy to be even worse (in your eyes) than Trump. I mean, Trump is a moderate; his politics approximate those of John F. Kennedy. We've never had--or at least have not had in a very long time--a President who was more nationalist, more right wing than Ronald Reagan was; Trump is a good first-order approximation and has a flair for getting things done. But someone who was more of a hard-line right-winger than Reagan--I'm not sure who that would be, but his politics would set leftists' hair on fire.

He's who they'd get if they ousted Trump. Not right away--right away they'd get Pence--but come 2020 there'd be someone running who'd make Trump look like Mikhail Gorbachev.

* * *

Couple of pics:

Robert DeNiro is a putz. I laughed at this one.

Welfare should not be a check; it should be stuff delivered to the needy. I agree that the poor and unfortunate should be helped; I do not agree they should be able to eat steak and buy the latest iPhone and 30" rims for the hoopty. Take the money out of it; give them basic foods that will keep them alive and healthy but which have next to no resale value.

* * *

Well, that's $40 million down the tubes. The gist: you spin a projectile around in a circle until it has a tangential velocity of 5,000 miles an hour; then you let it go at just the right time and it heads for space. Once it reaches its apogee, it lights engines and puts itself in orbit.

Problem 1: how big is this "circle"? It'd have to be pretty big, because otherwise centrifugal force will pulverize your payload. I mean "miles in diameter" big. Not cheap.

Problem 2: how do you keep the projectile in this "circle"? If it's on a trolley, at 5,000 miles an hour--forget it. Magnetic levitation is probably the only way. Someone remind me who's done the research on magnetically levitating supersonic projectiles? At least enough to make this practical?

Problem 3: the projectile has to be built rugged enough to withstand the centrifugal force of the launcher; how will this affect the payload capacity?

Problem 4: your payload can't be all that delicate, either.

Not expecting to see a lot from this one, let me tell you.

* * *

I'll tell you, I'm beat. A day of trying to look busy--and the cats kept waking me up last night.

Still need to handle the living room. Maybe get some of that done tomorrow...I hope.
Friday, June 15th, 2018
8:33 pm
#6244: My body aches.
Might not get the living room painted tonight. Might wait until tomorrow night.

* * *

So, let's start with South Africa, because why not?

Black Hitler says, "We have not called for the killing of white people. At least for now. I can't guarantee the future." That would have been marvelous, wouldn't it, if Original Hitler had said, "We have not called for the killing of the Jews. At least for now. I can't guarantee the future." You know?

Just remember that "Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela" was jailed for setting people on fire.

And this touches on something I was wondering about. The diamond cartel is run by white guys, or at least it used to be; as more and more of the continent returns to savagery what is going to happen there?

Prediction: the production of such resources will fall apart much the same way farming has. A lot of these new governments are socialist, and corrupt to the core, and that does not lead to a bountiful and robust economy.

* * *

I say "savagery" advisedly; you can't have a national leader refusing to rule out genocide and then claim that he's civilized.

* * *

I have to admit that I really am not at all surprised by this. Good or bad, a President really doesn't have a big say in how relief efforts are run in the wake of a natural disaster; that's generally up to the local government. All the President can do is make men and materiel available. Particularly when the local government is corrupt.

* * *

The FBI certainly isn't covering itself in glory these days. That "we'll stop it" remark has got to be prosecuted.

And blockquoted there is an interesting point:
A friend on Gab makes an insightful and important point about these emails and texts. It's not about what's in the texts, it's about what's NOT in the texts. Not once is there mention of Russia. It's a smoking gun, as far as I'm concerned:
"What you see: FBI officials privately expressing hatred for Trump and Trump supporters.

What you don’t see: FBI officials privately expressing fear of Russians.

If there were texts or internal memos full of worry over Russia, they would have been leaked by now. No one actually believed the conspiracy theory; it was only ever an excuse to spy on Americans."
A salient point.

* * *

George Lucas is an awful storyteller.

Originally, Star Wars was a stand-alone movie. Then George Lucas retconned it into an epic, and that was kind of okay, too.

Then he got rich and powerful enough to make everyone smell his flatus and declare it to have a rosy scent with a hint of orange blossom OR YOU'RE FIRED, YOU FUCKIN' ASSHOLE and it all went right off the deep end.

Phantom Menace, Clone Wars, and Revenge of the Sith were bad. I mean, they were just bad. When Disney bought the franchise it made me optimistic, but that optimism lasted only until I saw Force Awakens.

FA wasn't that bad. My ranking of the SW movies:
1&2: Tie, A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back
3: Return of the Jedi
4: The Force Awakens
5: The Last Jedi
6: Revenge of the Sith
7: The Clone Wars
8: The Phantom Menace
The latest movies are better than Lucas' prequels, but only by degree.

A George Lucas who was beholden to others--the George Lucas who made the first two movies, the original movie and Empire Strikes Back--that George Lucas could have made an absolutely epic saga stretched across nine movies. The dirty secret being that that particular George Lucas didn't have total creative control, and someone else wrote scripts.

The George Lucas we had, however, seemed put out by the fact that people didn't universally love that dreck. "I created JarJar Binks! You guys are supposed to love everything Star Wars, and I am Star Wars!"

The current crowd isn't any damned better. "You guys are supposed to love everything Star Wars, and if you don't, it's because you're racist bigoted homophobe white supremecist nazis! It's not because our product is complete shit or anything!" You know, the Grrl Ghostbusters marketing plan.

...so it all comes as no surprise at all that Lucas' vision for movies 7, 8, and 9 was asinine beyond belief. Shrinking Jedi and having them meet midichlorians and...?


Sometimes I think Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back were epic SF in spite of Lucas' best efforts.

* * *

Well, Mrs. Fungus will be home soon and I'll need to cook some burgers. Whee!
Thursday, June 14th, 2018
11:39 pm
Oh cripes, did I need it.

Instructions say "let caulk cure for 24 hours before using shower." Installer said, "Better off letting it cure for at least 32 hours."

I was going to put the replacement cartridge in the master bath shower, move the cat box out (temporarily) and have a shower there--but then I figured, how much more is silicone caulk going to cure in an hour, after it's been curing for 31?

So I took a shower. It was glorious. All my worries about the new faucet have been dismissed; it's one of those "single force" kind like you find in hotels. But it works fine. Shower head had that flow restrictor thing in it, so it wasn't very powerful, but we have another shower head we're going to install, and this was okay for now.

Then I tried to wet my head, and the water couldn't even get to my scalp.

No. NO. If this was no good for me, it definitely wasn't going to suit my wife.

I paused my shower and acquired tools and popped the flow restrictor out; once the shower head was installed I cranked it back up and BLAST there was plenty of pressure and flow now!

The temperature control is finicky; a nudge on the old faucet that would have cooled it by perhaps five degrees, on this one, turned comfortably cool water to OMG FREEZING in a heartbeat.

I've been working on the living and dining rooms since Tuesday night. Tonight I got the dining room walls painted; then I went to get the pizza I couldn't have last night. Once I'd eaten some, I put a second coat on the dining room and started working on the living room. The living room has now had all the edging done, and when I get home tomorrow night I can bust out the roller and finish the job.

My one real complaint with Little Caeser's is that they put all the toppings on top of the cheese. That's okay with pepperoni, but sausage etc should be under it. Otherwise, everything just slides off.

But I needed that shower, because I last showered Tuesday morning. The guy showed up too early for me to get a shower, and after he was finished there was the restriction on not using it; last night I had a sponge bath, which helped only by degree.

Everything hurts, though. I'm going to bed soon.
1:53 pm
#6242: After this post, everything must get done
I really had hoped that today would be a day of rest. It did not work out that way; yesterday was a complete fiasco thanks to the contractor showing up at 7 AM, which was a lot earlier than I'd expected. (Someone had told us "10:30". My alarm was set for 8.) If I'd been able to get some work done while he was here, that would have helped, but I was too tired (and suffered an attack of hypoglycemia too) to do very much in there.

Oh, well. Got the second coat on the ceiling last night; it's done. Then I set to work on paint prep, but that was a lot more onerous than I'd expected, mainly because in getting the old curtain rods down, the dining room curtain rod standards just pulled out of the wall, mollyscrews and all, leaving rather large holes. *sigh*

Painting a ceiling is hard, and this is the single largest room in the house to boot--the combined living and dining rooms are probably a good 20'x25', with a notch taken out of one corner for the front hallway. I usually underestimate distances, so guesstimating that it's probably about 350 square feet is probably not far wrong. And unlike the ceiling in the other part of the house (which runs over kitchen, family room, and front hall) I did the entire thing at one go--twice in as many days.

Which is why I feel so highly tenderized right now.

So my plan is to do a few minor errands and get some food, and then I'm going to jump in and see what I can accomplish. But first, today's post while I finish waking up.

* * *

"Golden Throat" is the name I heard for this effects box. Always kind of liked the idea. It's really not as ubiquitous in 1970s music as the writer suggests, though; a few bands used it in a few songs. It's just that many of those songs ended up being popular for this or that reason.

Jeff Lynne (of ELO) liked using the Vocoder, which was essentially the same thing except that it included a keyboard. You talked into the microphone and hit keys on the instrument, and it modulated the voice. At its most basic, the Vocoder was a synthesizer which used the human voice as its primary input rather than a voltage-controlled oscillator. Analog synthesizers were complex beasts, but you could literally make any sound with them, depending only on how many patch cords you had.

* * *

I have a lot of trouble with how cellular services are marketed in the US. Not the least because I answered billing calls for one of them.

To me, "unlimited" means that you're never throttled or reduced or constrained--you know, limited--in any way. Their voice and text plans are truly unlimited, so that if you wanted to spend your entire billing period talking on the phone you could do that. Likewise, sending 65,000 texts (note to future: this is a reference to a recent story about an insane woman stalker who somehow sent 65,000 text messages to her target) won't generate any surcharges. Talk and text is literally "unlimited".

But getting a speed reduction at 75GB is not "unlimited". It's a 75GB data plan. Sure, the bits keep flowing when you hit your limit, but let's face it: 3G data is like dialing up with a 56kmodem. 2G is all but unusable when accessing modern content.

Oh--incidentally, the seasons have changed, so Verizon has come out with a new plan:
Verizon currently offers "GoUnlimited" for $75 and "BeyondUnlimited" for $85. The $95 "AboveUnlimited" will be available starting June 18, Verizon announced today.
Most people use about 5 GB per month; Mrs. Fungus and I use less than 3GB combined because we don't live on our phones. There are a relative few people who use a lot of data on their phones; there are some sensible uses for cellular data but if you're not using your cellular data to help you earn a living you shouldn't use much more than about 3-5GB per month.

I remember helping people manage their data use and was so glad when someone paid the $5 a month for the feature than let them allocate data to family members. It was usually then merely a discussion over who got how much, and helping the customer make adjustments to those allocations. Having one kid burn through 18 GB of data in a week--and yes this happens a lot--was therefore not possible unless something had gone wrong, and things usually did not go wrong.

The cellular company that comes out and gives us some huge data package with unlimited talk and text and doesn't assrape you over any of it will find itself inundated with business. Of course they won't make money hand over fist like the big cellular companies do, but they'd turn a tidy profit nonetheless.

* * *

There's so much oil out there, it's got to be stored in ships. No one has any room for it.

* * *

Autoplay warning, but Politicians consistently and continually demonstrate that they have absolutely no understanding whatsoever of the nature of CAUSE AND EFFECT. If you reduce penalties on crimes, you get more of them. This is not that hard to understand.

Related: It doesn't help when leftists pull their usual linguistic shenanigans. "Oh, this poor black child was sentenced to 5 years in prison for stealing a pair of sneakers, when that white man was given only three months for rape. YOU ALL RACISS!!!"

...the black child used a gun to steal the sneakers. The leftist who is complaining about the raciss penal system left out that inconvenient little detail.

Armed robbery is a felony. If you stick a gun in someone's face in order to make him give you his property, that's a serious crime, and it merits five years in the slammer (at least.)

When you look at the rape case in detail, you learn that the white man stuck his fingers in the unconscious woman and in general acted like a complete cad. But what he did not do is put a gun in her face or anything. They were at a party, she got drunk to the point of passing out, and he touched her inappropriately. He was stopped before he could do too much of anything to her.

These cases are completely different cases. Apples and oranges do not mean RACISS.

* * *

Well, another one bites the dust. Fake science did not start abruptly; it's been around a long time. "...[T]he single most famous experiment in social science turns out to have been a fraud:..."
One of the most famous and influential psychology studies of all time was based on lies and fakery, a new exposé reveals.

The Stanford prison experiment purported to show we are all naturally inclined to abuse positions of power--after volunteers randomly assigned to act as prison guards began abusing volunteer inmates in a mock prison.

But now a report from author and scientist Dr Ben Blum claims the research was all a sham. It points to recordings found in archives at Stanford University which show the study's author Professor Philip Zimbardo encouraged guards to treat inmates poorly.

Also, one volunteer prisoner has now admitted to faking a fit of madness that the study reported was driven by the prison's brutal conditions.

The revelations have sent scientists into uproar, with some calling for the experiment and its findings to be wiped from psychology textbooks worldwide.
You see, it's not science when you construct the experiment to deliver a certain result. It's not science when you alter the data to fit your preconceived notions.

Related: Alfred Kinsey. That wasn't science, either.

* * *

"Democrats should be honest...." If they did that, no one would believe them. See also "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".

Margaret Thatcher's most famous quote applies. Socialiasts don't want to use their money for socialism; they want to use other peoples' money for it. That's why socialists don't all get together, pool their money, and divide it equally amongst themselves.

* * *

I still can't believe those dining room curtain rods.

Well--off I go.
Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
10:53 pm
#6241: Suddenly it was 8:30....
After the contractor left, I went to bed because I simply could not keep my eyes open. And I slept for five hours. Next thing I knew it was getting dark.

Chatted with Mrs. Fungus for a bit, then decided on getting a pizza. Little Caesar's would do; they were getting close to closing time but when I went there I saw that they were still open. Good!

...door locked. Drive-through only.

The problem with Little Caesar's--at least, this one--is that a lot of people around here are lazy dickheads who don't give a rat's ass about other people, so you'll see a line of cars there. Car at window got there five, ten minutes ago and ordered a fresh pizza, and of course they have no way to deal with that other than to have the car sit there at the window while their pizza bakes, which means he'll be there at least another five minutes.

Next car in line, same thing.

Because theirs is a "fast food" paradigm, it take them less time to cook a fresh pizza than a regular pizzaria would, but it's still a long frigging wait. You seldom see someone drive up to the window, get a pizza, and drive away in less than fifteen minutes.


I don't go there to order a custom pizza; if I do, I go in because I understand that the basic concept of a drive-through is to get your food quickly and not wait in line for the better part of an hour. Also, I have some consideration for other people.

So there I was, sitting in line; and after a few moments I did the math. It was 9:30, and there were three cars ahead of me. Assume the lead car is under five minutes from getting his pizza. Car #2 will probably special-order something, and--optimistically--that'll be 9:45 before he's done. Car #3 will make it 9:55. So when I get to the window at 9:55--five minutes before closing--what is the schmuck at that window going to tell me?

Gave up and went to Culver's.

* * *

Every time you masturbate, God the USDA kills a kitten.

I agree with Denninger: this isn't cancer; it's toxoplasmosis, an easily treatable parasitic infection. Run your tests, but then cure the cats and adopt them out, you assholes. The research you are doing does not require sacrificing the animal, so why do it? Other than "hey, it's easier"? Shitheads.

* * *

Wishful thinking, maybe. I love Sarah Sanders. I love anyone who puts the press in their place.

* * *

Well--that living room ain't gonna prepare itself. Off I go.
8:48 am
#6240: No, this is too early.
Contractor arrived at 7AM. He's at work now. Me, I got to bed after 2 AM--closer to 2:30--and did not get to sleep before 3.

Oh--Mrs. Fungus decided that we would pay someone to do the tub surround, so that's what we're doing. (I still have to figure out what to do about the still-partly-papered wall, though. Contractor offered to do a double-layer of drywall around the tub so I could just cover the bad wall, but I'm not going to do that. That reeks to me of half-assery.) But we're going to have an acrylic bathtub surround with a lifetime guarantee, which in practical terms means I should never, never, ever have to do this again. Future owners of the bunker may experience a different result, but that won't be my problem.

* * *

This is kind of a dense article but it explains in detail how one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel. Basically, a guy who was "one of the world's greatest experts in prehistoric Anatolia"...and who turned out to be a forger. In particular, he forged an ancient text, and because of that all of his contributions to archaeology have got to be independently confirmed. All of them--and any evidence he touched or provided has to be considered tainted until proven otherwise because of this.

You see, this is how actual science is done. When someone's found to be fudging numbers, you give his entire curriculum vitae the gimlet eye.

What you do not do is gloss over the fudging. Like Mann's "hockey stick" graph--if climatology were actual science that would have invalidated everything he did in the field, and it would have led to him being out of a job.

* * *

I wonder where Sean Penn and Danny Glover are now? They absolutely loved Venezuela when Hugo Chavez was in power. It's now gone the way all socialist workers' paradises do, because it absolutely cannot be otherwise.

* * *

I agree. Look: a bison is a big animal. It's three quarters of a ton, and it's a wild animal. Wild animals have this thing about their space, and you have to respect that. Especially when they are very large wild animals. If they feel threatened, they will defend themselves.

If you don't want to be injured or killed, you really need to remember that. It's not a petting zoo, and while that animal may not look upset by your presence, you can rest assured--you should always assume--that merely being close to it makes it nervous. And while "nervous bison" might be a good band name or comedic indian name, it is not something you want to get close to.

Heck, even the cattle we raise for food can be dangerous, and they're extremely domesticated. Horses--we dominate horses thoroughly, yet they still kill people.

* * *

Steel foam. Plastic foam is made by introducing an expanding gas in a polymerizing substance. How do you get steel to foam?

The article talks about using it for armor--and apparently it's great for that application--but what else could it be used for? And could you foam other metals, like aluminum or titanium?

* * *

Well, my examination of the living room ceiling shows that it's going to take another coat. I don't really understand that; the family room took two coats because Mom sat there and smoked all the time, but the living room--

The color is (was) off-white--a bit green--but of course that room hasn't been painted since 1982. The paint is discolored by age and smoke contamination. But the halls only took one coat, so I really don't get it.

Plus side, the second coat will be easier.

I'm thinking--depending on how long it takes the contractor to complete the job, I'm hoping that I'll be able to get a nap before I dive into doing any painting in the living room. Right now I want to get something to eat, and then I'm going to work on paint prep; I'll save the physical labor for after I've had some more rest. But that still means taking down curtains, spackling, and masking, and there's enough woodwork in there that it'll take time to do it all.

It'd be nice if I got it all done today, but if I don't? Well, tomorrow I am going to sleep in, but then I should be able to finish what I don't get done today. That'll do!
1:09 am
#6239: It'll probably need a second coat.
I'm going to have to look at it with the morning sunlight, but I'd bet it'll need a second coat to look good. But the whole thing is done, the single largest ceiling I've done at one go since this project started.

My back hurts, believe it or not. My arms and legs, too. Well? That's work, you know, physical labor--and after I put in a full day at work, too!

I'm going to take a shower, then play a little WoW, and try to be in bed by 1 AM. Maybe a little later. We'll see.

I'm glad I asked to have Thursday off. Ideally I'd like to finish the whole thing by Wednesday night, so I can just rest on Thursday, but I took that day as an overflow day so I'd have time to finish if there were issues.

* * *

This is something I've tried to explain to people for decades. Sleep is how your brain recharges itself. Well into my twenties I needed twelve hours of sleep a night.

These days I can make it just fine on six or seven, but damn, I'd love to get more.

* * *

The living room is where Dad's old Detrola record player is--a thing he bought at K-mart which has a record player, a CD player, a tape player, and a radio in it. Can't remember when he bought it. The turntable does not work very well, as it's belt driven and hardly used. (Dad died in January 2007 and the thing didn't see a lot of use even before then.)

Cassette deck works, and I've been listening to cassettes while working. All my tapes were made prior to 1999, which is when I got a CD player in the green Escort and stopped listening to tapes. Lots of these are from before my graduation from college, even.

They remind me of those times.

In 1986, my cohort was barely a year out of high school, and a friend of mine decided he wanted to do a rap song about the humanities teacher at our school, Mr. Vazales. He was the musically inclined member of our group; he'd been in a band in high school and occasionally experimented with recording songs the old fashioned way. (Lay down a track, then play it on one machine and play along with it, recording that to another tape, and repeat.)

This was 1986; you could not fire up a computer and lay down a drum track. At least, not a good one. You could, theoretically, get "house music"--recordings of drum tracks or even music, royalty-free, that could be the basis of a song--but my friend didn't want to spend the money on something he'd use one time. So he took "The Superbowl Shuffle" (which had a plain drum track on the flipside) and used that as the basis for his song.

Mr. Vazales' key phrase was "Please, class," so my friend K tried to get the then-common stutter effect: "P-p-p-p-p-please, class, c-c-c-c-class." lacking the funds for a digital sampling keyboard, he was experimenting with saying "please" into a microphone and hitting "pause" on the tape deck as he started saying the word, over and over again, but that ended when his mother came into the room and asked what he was doing. "Plea-pl-ple-p-Pleas--I can explain everything," went the experiment.

So what he did was jack a wah-wah guitar effect pedal into the mic, with the depth and speed pots all the way up, so when he said "please, class" he'd hit the button and get a weird effect that worked well enough.

That was thirty-two years ago.

Today I happened to put my copy of it into the tape deck. And I rapped along with the whole song like it was October of 1986 all over again.
The Vazales Rap
Lyrics by K.J.
(Parenthesized lyrics are spoken, not rapped.)

Pleeeeease, class!
(Hey, class, it's me--Mr. Vazales--and we're going to do the Vazales Rap.)
(I want you to get your white shoes, your plaid jackets)
(Your mustache and your wigs, and jam with me.)
(Turn to page 238 and let's do the Valazes Rap, class. Class.)

I don't like you, and you don't like me
But hey--I'm the teacher, that's the way it's gonna be
When I teach the class, I get the students mad
My head is like a dandelion, I like to wear plaid
Please class
Please do the Vazales Rap.

(You know class, just because you got an "F" on the test means nothing.)
(You're still my friend, class, and I love you.)

I'll shut you up if you're talkative
Cause hey! I'm the teacher; it's my prerogative
Hey class, you'll see, my teaching's kind of lame
I know you good students will be the first to complain
My ego's as wide as the ties I wear
I strut in front of the class like a rabid bear
And though I'm a jerk, I think I'm imperial.
Hey class, I gave you the material
It's time for Mr. Vazales to jam now.

[guitar solo]
(I play a pretty heavy axe, class)
[more guitar solo]

I have no goals
I have no function
I have no skills, and
No compunction 'bout
Pushing my trolley through the halls at school,
And let me enunciate that I'm a fool!
When students say to me, "Hey, you bore us!"
I always shake my head, and open my thesaurus
They don't treat me as if I'm the best,
I say, "How ya doin', buddy? You just failed the test!"

(You failed because you chose not to listen.)
(Hey, What are you doing? Turn that record player back on. Replace that. Sit down. You have no precedent. It's time that you learned that you must have more...hey, leave that microphone....)
And of course it fades out on that last line.

What always impressed me about the song was the way he worked Mr. Vazales' excessively bombastic circumloqution into it, and all of his common catchphrases, while simultaneously hitting all the common (for the time) rap elements. (eg, the boast "I'm the best".) It really was a nice piece of work, especially considering the tools he had to work with.

Ironically, K.J. liked Mr. Vazales, or at least he seemed to. I guess after he went to college and experienced what real humanities courses were like (not the watered-down pap we got in the socialized education system here in the Fungal Vale) his opinion of the man changed a bit. Or maybe it was harmless fun.

In later years K.J. got a 4-track recorder. That was 1991, and he paid $50 for it at a garage sale--they didn't know what they were selling--and he used it to good effect. These days, of course, you'd digitize it into a computer and do everything that way.

I can only imagine how 21st century computer technology could have aided our creative efforts (both music and video). Their band would have been able to produce professional-sounding music, for one thing; with the tools they had, their demo tapes sounded about as good as something recorded in the early 1960s--largely because they had to use many of the same techniques.

So, ironically, some of the best-sounding versions of their songs came from a video I recorded, in 1993(?) when their band had a reunion jam session. I was using that camcorder I had between the PRO8 and the PRO-884HB, the one with the fantastic sound.

One song, it gets so loud that the microphone gives up. The guitar is sounding like a Stuka on a bomb run, the bass is going nuts, the drums are all over the place, and it just goes silent for a moment, then comes back, as if it just needed a second to take a breather.

But when I listen to that music, if I do it with headphones, it's like I'm there. I need to find one of those camcorders on ebay or something....

* * *

Anyway--lots of nostalgia music tonight while I was working. Made the work go by quickly.
Tuesday, June 12th, 2018
9:02 pm
#6238: I've got paint!
Got ceiling paint on my way home from work. Once I've finished my post-dinner routine, I'm going to get started. Time to bust out the orbital sander!

* * *

So, the big summit between Trump and the dictator of North Korea happened.

Feels good to be optimistic about American foreign policy again, doesn't it? It's an amazing development, and there just isn't any way for Democrats to turn this into a bad thing.

But boy, they are trying to. They can't let Trump have any obvious and clean win, let alone a win that eluded the last eight presidential administrations.

Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower...make that the last ELEVEN! administrations!

...because if Trump can accomplish peace with North Korea, it means he's actually a good President, and we can't have that. He's supposed to be a feckless idiot.

Sorry, guys. Still not tired of winning.

* * *

I think OJ Simpson should consider this woman a suspect in the murder of Nicole Brown. He pledged to find the "real murderer", remember? Well, in England, this woman was cited by police for feeding a neighbor's cat.

The same police who arrest people for public speaking and who don't arrest actual criminals.

* * *

Speaking of cats, cats keep the rodent population in check which is why humans domesticated them in the first place.

* * *

This is a very interesting idea. The idea that Stalin manipulated Hitler into attacking Poland puts an entirely different complexion on WW2.

There's no question that Stalin was smart--dumbasses don't end up in charge of an operation like the USSR--and there's also no question that he wasn't evil enough to consider the civilian population of Poland an expendable resource; hell, he treated his own people that way. What's a few million dead Poles against the conquest of the entirety of Europe?

And if he'd managed that, the US would naturally have been next. That would have been a frightful war; all else being equal the use of nukes wouldn't be off the table.

* * *

And in the wake of socialism come the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Always-always. It cannot be otherwise.

But polio? Seriously? We're so close to eradicating that shit from the face of the Earth, too!

* * *

You know that baker who won his case before the Supreme Court? Little-reported fact: "That gay couple drove 120 miles past 67 secular owned bakeries,..."

If you need to drive for two hours to find a bakery which won't serve you, specifically so you can sue them, not only are you not oppressed, but you're also a raging dickhead.

That's what homosexual activists do, though. Most people are reasonably tolerant of them, so they must seek out and make a huge deal of the minority cases. They deliberately make this trouble because tolerance is not what they want. They want to take away everyone's right to freedom of association so that everyone can be forced to accept them regardless of circumstance.

The same way male-to-female transsexuals want to force straight men to have sex with them.

* * *

Incidentally, did you hear about this? The story goes that the assistant attorney general threatened to subpoena the email and phone records of members of Congress who wanted information on the origins of the probe into the Trump campaign.

That bitch needs to be fired soonest. That action just screams "obstruction of justice", particularly considering that Congress has oversight on the activities of the Justice Department. Okay, that's kind of like Marcia Clark investigating Judge Ito and the jurors while OJ Simpson was on trial.

(That's two references to OJ Simpson's murder trial in one blog post. What's wrong with me today?)

But you know--as long as the anti-Trump asshats keep overplaying their hands like this, nothing's going to come of this horseshit except the continued exposure of just how corrupt and rotten the D.C. establishment is.

* * *

Man, I've got to get moving. No time like the present, I suppose.
12:03 am
#6237: Ceiling
So, the ceiling is spackled, and the woodwork is about 1/3 masked; I got all the way from the hall door to the NE side of the fireplace. Ceiling spackle must dry; Tuesday night I'll sand it down and paint it. While the ceiling is drying Tuesday night, I'll finish prepping the walls; then Wednesday is the ball-buster, where I paint them.

Had to go to Menards to pick up spackle, because--I never knew this--spackle can get moldy. I thought it would just harden if it wasn't sealed right. Well, I had it sealed right; this stuff was almost usable, but for the mold. *sigh* Sadly, Menards only had one brand of vinyl spackle, Red Devil, and it is shit. Pity Ace isn't open until 10 like Menards, because the Ace spackle is really good. And cheaper.

I have maybe a third of a gallon of Ultra White left, so I'm going to have to go to Menards again tomorrow and buy it. Probably two gallons, because that's a big ceiling.

But! Despite my unexpected side trip, I managed to get tonight's critical work done before my self-imposed deadline of midnight, since that's bedtime.

Feel pretty dang good about myself. I even managed to move the piano by myself--though I only moved it one of its own lengths, so it wasn't blocking a wall.

We're considering doing wood or laminate flooring in the dining room, and then carpeting the living room. Alternately--because the living room floor is gorgeous hardwood, under the carpet--I keep thinking maybe we ought to just get some nice area rugs for the living room and do the dining room in carpet. I don't know. It's Mrs. Fungus' decision, anyway; my job is just to make things happen. Heh.

Well--a few minutes left, and I can do a little bit of housekeeping in WoW.
Monday, June 11th, 2018
8:47 pm
#6236: Off we go!
Got home later than I cared to and I need to start work on the living room. Short shrift!

* * *

100 MB download speed for $13 a month. Because Poland doesn't have the FCC and it doesn't have "net neutrality" either.

* * *

How about 256 GB on a single DIMM? Do you like that? Want a terabyte of memory for your next motherboard?

It'll cost you, but not for long.

* * *

Anyone under the age of 60 today will never receive anything from Social Security. It's broke, and it's getting broker by the minute.

* * *

Your racist policies are why enrollment is down at your little clown college.

* * *

Work today--well, let's just say it's a relief to get home and do some physical labor. Geez, never thought I'd say that....
Sunday, June 10th, 2018
10:20 pm
#6235: Well, that was...a day.
It rained just about all day, dashing my plans to cut the grass. Oh well.

* * *

Jeep's right front tire is leaking. Wednesday I pulled it off, dug an inch worth of sixteen penny nail out of the tread, and put in a plug patch. But it is still leaking, and when I sprayed soapy water on the plug patch that was not where it was leaking from. So I am going to have to do that all over again and see if there is another foreign body lodged in the tire tread.

It seems as if it is always the right front tire on that thing.

* * *

Living room and dining room start paint prep this week with a view to having color on the walls by Thursday evening. Whee! But I'm not worried; most of the spackling is already done and there are only a few places that still need it. I can do them after dinner Monday night, and I should be able to mask the living room while those spots dry. Sand it smooth on Tuesday night and hopefully get the ceiling done; then mask the ceiling and throw up the color on Wednesday.


* * *

Needless to say, with all the other nonsense going on we haven't had any time for poor Buttercup. But things should loosen up a bit soon...we hope.
Saturday, June 9th, 2018
9:14 pm
#6234: Whew!
Cleaned the kitchen. It cooled off considerably outside--it was warm and humid when I got up at 1-ish--so I opened the windows and did what I've been putting off for far too long.

I got up at 1 and lasted until about 4:30, at which point I faded right out until after 8.

Well--woke up around 7-ish this morning, called off work, had a PB&J, went back to bed and slept another five hours. Sleeping until 1 normally carries a heavy penalty (splitting headache upon waking) but not today, probably because of sandwich.

All I know is, I must've needed that sleep. There's just no two ways about it.

The funny thing is, when I was much younger, I used to be a little curious about the well-known fact that fatigued people make mistakes. It was something that was obviously true, yet I had never observed that behavior in myself.

(It did not occur to me that a) I had never really known fatigue, and b) I might not be wise enough to recognize a mistake even after being rested.)

Well, I'll tell you what--in recent years, I've seen plenty of examples of that behavior in myself. Like the bathroom wall; that part with all the gouges ended up that way because I was tired and couldn't think straight. So the tool would slip and make a gouge, and I'd think, "Well, it's just one gouge," and then a few moments later I'd do it again and think--again--"Well, it's just one gouge," and so on. Presto: the wall looks like a relief map of Hiroshima after the blast.

And you really are incapable of recognizing that you're not fit for duty. Mental fatigue is worse than physical fatigue; at least with physical fatigue your body sends you all kinds of emphatic signals that it is time to rest. But when your brain is tired--well, the brain itself doesn't have a pain mechanism, and you can really grind yourself down mentally before you realize it.

...all of which is meant to rationalize taking an abrupt day off. But I think I made the right choice; my head feels clearer now than it has in at least a couple of weeks.
2:43 pm
#6233: Trade "war"
That's one of the left's bugaboos lately, that Trump is going to start a "trade war".

At the end of World War II, the United States had a significant advantage over the rest of the world. Simply put, with just about the entire remaining world's industrial infrastructure in a shambles, the US could out-produce everyone; it had not seen any serious fighting and was rich in resources. With a highly disciplined workforce that had just come back from winning the war, the US was an economic powerhouse.

Two things could have happened. The US could have out-produced everyone and flooded the world with cheap goods, thus preventing the development of industry in other countries. The other did happen; the US helped them rebuild.

So, it was reasonable--then--that there be tariffs on American goods being exported to those countries, and little or no tariff on goods coming into the US.

Today, though, Europe enjoys a more modern industrial infrastructure than the US does (thanks to having it destroyed and rebuilt) and in some ways has advantages that the US does not. Why, then, is it necessary for the US to continue to have no barriers to imports?

I've long maintained that the best policy is simple tit-for-tat: you have a 50% tariff on X, we have a 50% tariff on X. Automobiles, for example; there's no reason Mercedes or BMW should face a 2.5% tariff on cars coming into the US when American cars face a 10% tariff going into Germany.

Except, of course, that if we raise tariffs--regardless of reason--people start whining about it being "unfair".

A loose trade policy is all well and good, but there's a difference between being accommodating, and just bending over and letting people have their way with you. There is absolutely no reason for us to continue this way.

People are going to complain, and of course the Democrats (who are extremely protectionist when it suits them) are currently lassez faire because Trump is not. I think that, so far, Trump's course in this arena has been pretty reasonable, but then again I'm Jacksonian at heart.

* * *

Jacksonian: as Steven Den Beste so eloquently put it:
The whole point of Jacksonianism is "You leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. You play fair with me and I'll play fair with you. But if you fuck with me, I'll kill you."
That is exactly my attitude. It seems to be Trump's, too, and we could do a lot worse than to have a Jacksonian President.

Like, oh, Hillary Clinton.

* * *

"Have you noticed how liberals are always nattering about exceptions to rights?" The Bill of Rights is the a-number-one speed bump standing in the way of leftism in the United States. Finding exceptions to them is important to the left, because those exceptions are the chink in the armor of liberty. Leftism demands totalitarianism; it cannot be otherwise.

* * *

"California: Detroit with beaches." Ain't that the truth.

* * *

Of course that's their solution. Banksters' suggestion to millienials is that, yeah, they were given a raw deal, but they just have to "work harder".

"Sorry we fucked things up for you guys, oh well! Just get your lazy asses to work and you'll probably be fine. Probably. There really isn't any way to tell. Anyway that'll be after we're dead, though, so good luck, baby!"

"Our current paradigm is a corrupt carcass of a social and economic system kept on life support by those who benefit from it, and no one’s more aware of this fact than the youth," says the article, and it's absolutely correct. The ongoing depression (which started no later than 2009, and which can credibly be traced all the way back to 2000 or even 1998!) continues because the so-called "creative destruction" of low economic cycles has not been allowed to take place. Government propping up "too big to fail" banks is a significant part of it, but not nearly all.

Well, it'll continue until it can't. Here's hoping that when we reach that point, it is a relatively gentle event.

Odds are, it won't be.

* * *

"Misery and poverty are the recruiting engine of the Democrat Party." Absolutely.

* * *

You only think this is satire bordering on hyperbole. Just wait and see.

* * *

I don't think you really understand who Donald Trump is, dude. The commentor aptly self-dubbed OGRE sums it up nicely:
uggh, that is viscerally revolting on so many levels.

Pedo-faced homosexuals kissing; transracial adopted kids being used as props, little more than the modern version of house slaves for urbane liberals; charged political slogans forced into the mouths of children. This much cringe would be hilarious if it wasn't so disturbing.

For most people seeing this its going to trigger some type of instinctual disgust.
The only people who look at this and see a net positive are on the hard left. That's maybe 30% of the country. Considering that Maryland is where a lot of those kinds of voters live, this person might win the election; but if he loses expect there to be a lot of leftists complaining about "homophobia" in the electorate.

The thing is, people are tired of having the diversity thing thrown in their faces. "Two openly gay men adopting black children, whatever floats your boat, dude, but leave me out of it because I have my own life to live," is an attitude which is rapidly becoming mainstream in the country.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is how you got Trump.

* * *

Mental health day today.

I had to do it. Wednesday was supposed to be my day off but I spent it working on the house. Yesterday--Thursday--Tuesday, Monday, they were all so frustrating. Yesterday was the worst.

Warehouse needs order stream opened. Call Engineering to open one, Engineering refuses to do it, saying it's not necessary because "there are already orders being filled". Single longest call I've had since I started there, I think.

Another issue later in the day, also Engineering refusing to do something they've done 5,000 times.

A constant drumbeat of idiot vendors who have forgotten their toolbox passwords. About a quarter of the time, it's someone who is using someone else's login, which is a no-no.

Some idiot intern calling every two hours to get a ticket "expedited" because he thinks he's Mr. Bigwig and deserves instant service.

Another constant drumbeat of sales idiots cold-calling the corporate headquarters. It's a tell when they ask for "the head of marketing" and claim they sent him an email they want to discuss. If you don't even know the person's name, I'm telling you to stop calling; I don't have time for nonsense.

That last is annoying because I'm paid to help with corporate issues, but the switchboard overflows to the care center. So instead of doing what I'm supposed to be doing, I'm dealing with stupid crap.

...and I finally needed to take a day and say, "Nope!" And do nothing but what I want to do, so here we are.

And I still have chores to do. *sigh* But, that's okay.
Friday, June 8th, 2018
9:59 pm
#6232: I really can't make myself care.
They invented the tactic.
But honestly, guys? I just ain't feeling it. Yes, yes, it's a horrible, no good, and very dangerous thing to do. No decent person would ever dream of doing such a thing. It puts innocent lives at risk, wastes police resources and time, and has resulted in at least one wrongful death that I know of.

And as with doxxing, it's now become just another arrow in the Leftist quiver; they've used it against their enemies--that would be us, in case you were uncertain about it--without a thought or care, way more than once. It represents another line of civilized behavior trampled under Lefty jackbooks with nary a look back.

So do I get upset when the Left has it thrown back at them? Why no, I can't say that I do. Do I wish such abuses didn't happen? Sure I do. Would I rather things hadn't come to such a godawful pass? Of course. Would I ever dream of doing such myself, or recommend that someone else do so? Not in a million years. Am I going to join others on the Right in anguishing over it happening to the Left now that they've long since declared open season on us, with no holds barred and no bag limit?

That very nicely encapsulates my opinion of the matter.

A lot of the left's tactics rely on the Right not using them right back at them. Until recently, the Right would hold back from doing the nasty shit the left has perpetrated for decades; and how well has that worked?

* * *

Kim du Toit on that idiot woman complaining about the men who didn't attack her. "Middle class white men need to defend women like fish need to ride bicycles," quoth one commentor there.

You asked for it; you got it.

* * *

Rhianna fired a backup musician because he wasn't black. "Why are blacks the only ethnic group routinely and openly encouraged to nurse stale grievances back to life?"

I'll tell you why: because as long as blacks think that way, they are easily controlled, and they will reliably vote Democrat.

* * *

Commie creep West Point graduate has been given a "less than honorable discharge". It's the most they can do without a formal court martial. I wonder why? Other than the avowed communism etc?

* * *

Speaking of incandescent stupidity, ABC is thinking about bringing back Roseanne without its eponymous character.

Here's the thing: the new Roseanne series was the number one show on television, beating every other series out there. I expect that, in the wake of the cancellation of it, a number of ABC and Disney stockholders have said, approximately, "What in the fucking hell do you assholes think you're doing, cancelling the most popular show on television?"

"...one option is that the show might be rebranded to focus on the character of Darlene, played by [Sara] Gilbert."

Only a TV executive would--could!--think something that idiotic could possibly work.

Nope: you idiots killed the goose that was laying golden eggs for you, and you cannot bring that goose back. Get used to it.

* * *

Tracfone really has gone downhill. I noticed that when I was still answering calls for Verizon; their service had begun to suffer, though it had not completely kacked the way it apparently has now.

* * *

So, DC is now trying to catch up with Marvel by releasing a bunch of SJW-themed series. Oh, the descriptions just sound like the stories will be so much fun:
* “The women are too powerful. They must be tamed.” A malevolent conspiracy of men brainwashes a coven of witches to be subservient, suburban housewives. But it’s only a matter of time before the women remember their power…
* “In this thrilling crime saga, disgraced FBI agent Richard Wright, who is biracial but can pass for white, goes undercover in a white supremacist group believed to be responsible for the death of a fellow agent.”
* “A dystopian sci-fi thriller about a ragtag team of sex workers fighting for the freedom to love in a world where sexual pleasure is monitored, regulated and policed by the government.”
* “God sends Jesus to Earth in hopes that he will learn the family trade from Sun-Man, an all-powerful superhero, who is like the varsity quarterback son God never had. But, upon his return to Earth, Christ is appalled to discover what has become of his Gospel and vows to set the record right.”
And they're all like that.

Just what the comic industry needs: more godawful dreck. And people wonder why Japanese comics (which focus on story,and not SJW tropes) are so popular....

Speaking of that horseshit, somewhere I saw a Twitter stream from the guy who directed The Last Jedi. "Unhinged" doesn't even cover it. What I especially liked was how he called SW fans white supremecists in one tweet, and then--after a news article mentioned him doing so--he says, in effect, "WAT".

"...at the heart of it is the same fragile rage born of the poisonous chemical combination of white supremacy and toxic masculinity," he says.

"Star Wars Author Chuck Wendig Calls Star Wars Fans White Supremecists", says headline.

"I uhhh whhhh uhhh...ummm...whhhh...wuh?" Asks Chuck Wendig.

Reap what you sow, dicklick.

* * *

Myanmar started it. People talk in deploring terms about how it's a "humanitarian crisis" for a nation to evict the so-called "religion of peace" from its interior, but the only peace offered by islam is the peace of the grave. And islam is completely incompatible with an open, free, and just society.

* * *

So, in a stunning display of how they do their thing, climatologists just make declining sea level measurements go away. "Strangely, it seems that some of the reported rise is because the databases no longer record data from sensors that report that sea levels are falling."

That's right: if you have a network of sensors and you simply ignore the ones that show data you don't like, you can shape the outcome pretty nicely to match whatever you're trying to "prove".

But it's not science.

* * *

This rather neatly characterizes how my day felt. Incidentally, I thought boats are supposed to have floatation in them, so that in the event they do get holed, they still remain kind-of-sort-of at the surface. That one? Looks to me like if it weren't for the lines tying it to the dock, it would have sunk out of sight.

* * *

So: last week, I found The Gamers: Dorkness Rising on Amazon Video.

Now, in 2002, those guys put out a movie (video, 48 minutes) called The Gamers and it was hilarious, containing a lot of the things which actually happen in tabletop role playing games. When I saw that video, I had to look at it.

...and got sucked in. I was going to watch just a few minutes of it to see if it was the same crew (it was) but it was actually really good; a couple of the actors lay it on a bit thick in spots but there are some really good performances in it. It's on YouTube in its entirety--both movies are--and they're funny enough to be worth watching more than once. In fact, I ended up watching Dorkness Rising a second time at work last Saturday when there was EPIC NOTHING!!!! to do.

There is one guy who did a megalomaniacal scream, near the end of the movie, which ought to be in the drama school syllabus for any actor who wants to play that kind of villain. I've never seen a Hollywood actor pull that kind of scene off like that guy did.

The special effects are better than anything Hollywood could do up until about 1965-ish. Whoever scouted their locations is a friggin' genius.

But that led me to look elsewhere, and I found out there was a live action Knights of the Dinner Table movie, written by the guy who wrote the comics. And one of the guys behind The Gamers plays Bob Herzog in it! The first ep is on YouTube; I need to find the rest of it....
Thursday, June 7th, 2018
10:44 pm
#6231: Well, that's...suboptimal.
So, Wednesday was the day I started work on Stage Two of bunker renovations by attempting to take down the wallpaper in the bathroom.

The wallpaper has been there since the mid-1990s and it's got to come down before we can paint. I bought some tools and some chemicals and started working.

In two hours I'd chipped off a little area, a couple feet on a side.

Went and got a steamer, and went to work, and removed it from a much larger area...but there's a problem. The place where I steamed is scarred and cratered.

It looks as if that when the wall was papered, it wasn't covered with anything. Drywall went up, it got mudded, and right over the top went wallpaper. That can't be right, though, because according to what I've read about it, putting wallpaper directly on top of drywall and/or joint compound leads to poor adhesion, and this is anything but.

But I was having so much trouble not gouging the wall, nothing else makes sense. I mean, the wallpaper was not coming loose, so it could not have been that wet. I should have been able to scrape it off pretty easily, but it wouldn't go. If it had been properly primed (or "sized", in the parlance of paper-hangers) the glue on the paper should let go pretty easily, and it simply will not let go.

The result is that the part where I used steam to remove wallpaper is totally screwed. I'm going to have to re-mud it at least, and I may end up replacing some of the drywall because it looks as if some of the gouges are into the drywall itself. I just can't tell.

The little 2x2 area that I laboriously chipped away at over the course of two hours is fine; you can even see the plub line drawn by the guy who hung the paper.

So what I'll probably do is have another try at it (tomorrow night) and be a little more sparing with the steam, and see how I do.

Worst case, as I said, I end up hanging a new sheet of drywall or two. Won't enjoy it, but I can do it.

* * *

Fifty years later, the i7-8086. I wonder how many 8086 processors they could fit on that CPU's die? Current intel processors have a feature size some 229 times smaller than they could make 'em in 1978.


* * *

Now Philadelphia wants to tax new construction. You see, once you've squeezed all the possible money out of everything else, if you want to go on spending money as only government can you need to find new things to tax.

And to hell with its effects on the economy.

* * *

Best airplane ever. Bar none.

* * *

We're starting to move again on fixing up the house; besides wallpaper removal I need to start getting the living and dining rooms prepped for paint. It's going to be a very busy next couple of weeks....
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