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#3910: Schadenfreude

A Colorado anti-gun group had to cancel its "buyback" because of the new anti-gun laws in Colorado.

See, Colorado's stupid laws require that all firearm transfers be preceded by a background check on the buyer.

The buyer of a firearm in CO--regardless of circumstance--must pass a background check, and a unique check must be made for each purchase. That is to say, you can't make one check on Joe Idiot on the morning of the buyback and then have him sign his name to 350 purchases; a separate check must be made with each purchase to ensure that both buyer and seller are legally entitled to own firearms.

The background check system isn't portable and can't be set up just anywhere, so the means this organization must go to a gun store and pay a dealer with an FFL to do all the background checks required by the new law in CO. Since the sheriff's department isn't sponsoring the event.

JayG gets a laugh out of the situation, hence the title of this post.

* * *

The seizure laws need to go. I am reminded, yet again: "The mere presence of money, even a lot of it, is not itself evidence of a crime."

Okay, a million dollars in a bag in the trunk of a rental car may be suspicious, but absent any other evidence of wrongdoing it's not itself an indication of a crime, drug-related or otherwise. The asinine "war on drugs" seizure laws need to be repealed.

Advice Goddess has more on it. What was the name of the legal case? "United States of America v. $1,074,900.00 in United States Currency, 2013 U.S. Dist."

This is what the seizure laws have led us to. USA versus money? WTF.

* * *

I don't think the KGB had to work very hard to dupe Jimmy Carter. Because it's always easiest to dupe someone who wants to believe, no matter how smart he might be.

If you have ever wondered why the left supports Palestine against Israel, now you know: the PLO is a communist front. It's why Yassir Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize.

* * *

Karl Denninger points out the further bad news regarding the economy.

* * *

Exhausted, I am going to lay back down.

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