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#391: Headlines

CNN calls Reagan "insane". But they changed it once people protested.

Amnesty International opposes amnesty for unwanted children. They want to keep this policy a secret "for now". (Too late. Ha ha.)

Trouble in Castro's "worker's paradise".

This article demonstrates why it's wise to adhere to Niven's Other Law: "Never throw shit at an armed man. Do not stand next to someone who is throwing shit at an armed man." Kent State happened in 1970; can we get over it now? (And I wonder what the Left will say if the voice analysis proves that the order to fire did not come from any of the Guardsmen?)

This pizza delivery guy is defending himself with a wonderful legal theory. He defended him twice from would-be robbers with an illegally-carried handgun. But although I agree with his defense on principle, I'm not sure where I fall on his violation of the law.

*SIGH* Can we please try to retain some basic facts about carbon dioxide? Doubling the heat contribution of man-made carbon dioxide in our atmosphere from where it is now would require elevating atmospheric carbon dioxide to fatal levels--something which we couldn't do even if we set the entire face of the planet on fire.

I think I missed this article, last year so here it is this year.
As of mid-2005, fewer than 50 deaths were attributed to radiation from the accident – that’s according to a report, entitled “Chernobyl’s Legacy: Health Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts,” produced by an international team of 100 scientists working under the auspices of the United Nations. Almost all of those 50 deaths were rescue workers who were highly exposed to radiation and died within months of the accident.

So far, there have been about 4,000 cases of thyroid cancer, mainly in children. But except for nine deaths, all of those with thyroid cancer have recovered, according to the report.

Hugo Chavez moves to nationalize banks of Venezuela. Big surprise there. "...It is better that they turn over the banks to me...." [emphasis mine] Another big surprise.

* * *

The entire issue of Kent State really annoys me. What do people think is going to happen if they start throwing things at people who have guns? What do they think the people with guns will do if they begin to feel as if their lives are in serious danger? What do they think the guns are for?

A bunch of stupid peaceniks protested Nixon's decision to attack Cambodia by throwing a riot. They thought that they were protected by some kind of magic shield and threw stuff at armed men who were there to keep the riot under control. The armed men ended up shooting back, and four people died.

Guess what? That is what happens when you take "civil disobedience" too far. That is what happens when you engage in violent protest, and I have no sympathy for them. (I do have sympathy for the people who were just trying to go to class and who were injured. Not for the ones who were skipping classes to "protest".) I'm sorry that they thought they could throw things at armed men with impunity, but if they were that goddamned stupid they did the human race a favor by getting killed before breeding. They deserve a "Darwin Award".

And ultimately, the responsibility for the injuries and deaths lies with the protestors, not the National Guard. They wouldn't have fired on a peaceful protest.

I'm getting utterly sick and tired of idiots who break the laws and then complain about being punished for it. I'm getting utterly sick and tired of morons who think that they can do whatever the hell they want without negative consequences.

And the fact that the asshats were protesting attacks on Communists just makes me sympathize even less with them. Cambodian Communism was so brutal even lovers of Lenin, Stalin, and Mao won't have anything to do with it. Communism in its various forms has killed ten times the number of people that Hitler's Germany did--the commonly bandied-about figure is 100,000,000 dead due to communism in the 20th century.

Four people taking part in a riot against attacks against a brutal regime on the other side of ther planet died becuase they were throwing stuff at people who were there to keep their riot from getting any farther out of control--and now I should feel sorry for them?

Screw that.

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