atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3913: This global warming is for the birds.

I'm sitting at the computer, wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, because it's fricking cold in here.

And no I am not running the air conditioning.

If only global warming obeyed the Laws of Thermodynamics! If only global warming didn't mean cooler summers and harsher winters! If only--

...I have just been informed that there has been no actual real global warming since 1998, and even that was mostly fiddleated and adjustered into existence. So apparently we're in a cooling period (which matches with what we know about solar maxima and the sunspot cycle) and global warming is not making this an unusually cool summer.

For which I'm just as grateful. WTF, at this rate if we got too much warming it would bring on an ice age.

I don't mind a cool summer. I just mind a cool summer in the context of the constant hammering of the media and the environazis telling me that my SUV is causing global warming, and the only answer is to live in mud huts and die out.

Or, rather, the only answer is for people like me to live in mud huts and die out. Al Gore and his ilk are going to continue to live large because They Are Important People dontcha know.


* * *

Mrs. Fungus wanted ham and eggs for dinner last night. I was talking to her about what I'd make once we got home from the grocery store, and she said something I still cannot understand:

"If we're having ham, we don't need bacon."

I mean, it's like she was speaking an entirely different language. I know what all those words mean, but they just don't make sense put together like that: "We don't need bacon."

WTF. Did I have a stroke or something? Is there a problem with the language centers of my brain? I could have sworn she was speaking English....

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