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#3916: What the--? How the hey is it AUGUST?

August already, and no sign of employment on the horizon. *sigh*

This is starting to get ridiculous. I've averaged about 5 applications per week (on-line) in the past month and haven't even gotten a phone call much less an interview; the last time I had an interview was January.

The monetary situation continues to worsen. I'm down to driving the Jeep as sparingly as possible just because I don't have the cash to fill the tank any longer, and in fact I'm starting to think I might have to put the Jeep into mothballs and just ride the motorcycle until I get a job.

The hell of it is, I know that I am going to get a job sooner rather than later; the problem is I just don't seem to have the time to wait. Bills come due in their own time and must be paid, and it's a juggling act to keep all the plates in the air.

Well, no one said it would be easy.

* * *

Perhaps these women should look into using non-disposable diapers. You know, the way their great-grandmothers did. They survived just fine, didn't they?

...of course, their great-grandmothers didn't have to work outside the home, because they were married to the father of their children, who took responsibilty for his progeny and worked to support them. Funny how, when we get rid of the so-called "nuclear family", suddenly there are all sorts of problems that crop up when it comes to rearing children?

You might look down your nose and sneer with disgust at "traditional values" but traditions do not come into being in a vacuum. They're not brought down from on high by an archangel, hailed by a choir of singing cherubs; they begin (and continue) for definite and identifiable reasons, and we tamper with them at our peril.

Sadly, the postwar period has been fraught with a sense that "if it's old, it's no good", and a lot of sensible custom and tradition has been chucked overboard solely because "that's the way old people behave!"

* * *

Teamsters demonstrate their classy nature by picketing funerals. They're upset because they've been offered a mere 9% pay increase over the next few years. This is how they justify turning funerals into hellish ordeals for mourners.

Way to be, union babies! Way to be!

* * *

Very soon, this sort of omnibus post may become a thing of the past here at the Fungus. In fact, the Fungus may move.

I have been advised that I might want to separate the political commentary and the personal stuff, and put the political commentary on an actual blogging platform.

It so happens that I've already got an alternate URL for the Fungus; I've had one parked on Pixy Misa's servers for quite a while, and it would not take much for me to start using it. Design a page, do this, do that--I could actually have a real blogroll, even!--and then confine the WoW stuff and the other nonsense to this URL, and just write political commentary and writing stuff at the site.

I'm thinking of doing this about the time I hit the 4,000th post here. More information as I have it.

* * *

Ring job:


So last night I was sitting at the computer, waiting for Mrs. Fungus to finish leveling Tokyomilk's engineering score and for a random to pop up, when I looked at the pistons and rings with a little magnification.

Turns out that the new piston ring, the one that fits, has a very slight taper. Narrower inside than outside, the upper ring surface is beveled at perhaps a 15-20 degree angle. So it does not have a square cross-section, after all.

The one that doesn't fit? Square. There is, therefore, no amount of lapping I can do to it that will make it fit correctly. The piston ring grooves also have that same taper, slightly larger, which means I'd need to measure the taper on the good ring, then have this one machined to match it...and while that is within the realm of possibility I don't think it's within the realm of financial sense. I certainly cannot do it with sandpaper. If I lap it down too far the ring/groove clearance will be too wide, and this way lies a ruined piston.

I can, fortunately, find a pair on eBay for about $15 shipped. (I found one in about two minutes.) Now the only problem is finding the money to pay for the f-ing things but for that I'll talk to Mrs. Fungus, who has a vested interest in getting the dirt bike operational since we need it running so she can learn to use the clutch and shifter on a motorcycle.

The original piston--the upper groove is ruined, so it's hard to tell, but it looks as if the bottom groove is square. Since both rings are the same, it stands to reason that Suzuki has more than one piston and ring type for the TS-90; and since this all this was done by a Japanese company in the early 1970s, the documentation is--charitably put--sketchy, which means I get to tear my hair out trying to make the thing work correctly. The manual and the schematics do not differentiate piston and rings, nor do they say "use ring set XYZTheta with piston ABCAlpha". I suppose if I spend more time with it I might noodle out an answer, though, and you know what that means.

One of the jobs I applied for this week is in "document research". If only they knew how much experience I have in that just as a driveway motorcycle mechanic!

I can now say with authority that the original piston is no good, though. If I compare the lapped ring to the top groove, the width of the groove varies around the circumference of the piston, and to a visible extent, meaning that when the original ring broke it rattled back and forth inside that groove for quite a while before someone removed it.

If I had just put in new rings, it would not have been very long before the upper one either came apart or made the piston crap out. Either way, it would have been bad for the engine.

So, here's where I am; I have a few choices:
1) Let the bike sit.

2) Find the right piston rings for the piston I have and get it going.

3) Get the other cylinder bored 1 mm over, and get piston and rings to match, and get it going.

* * *

We're getting down to the last few eps of Lost and the main characters are now dropping like flies. In the last episode we watched, some five characters died, four of them main ones.

SPOILER All because the people operating the submarine don't close watertight doors while under way. STUPID. /SPOILER

There's a lot of real stupidity in this series, though. "TV stupid", I mean.

A few seasons ago, confronted with a very large and very complex remote-controlled bomb, the characters' answer is to spend precious time trying to map out the circuitry. When one of them has the brainstorm to use liquid nitrogen to freeze the battery, then they're given a respite when the detonator is triggered. So do they then rip the detonators out of the huge pile of plastic explosive? I mean, the detonators are obvious and easily accessible, protected only by a network of proximity-sensing wires. When the "light turns red" (indicating that the detonator has been triggered, and more on that in a second) they have a few seconds to prevent the detonation because the battery is frozen, yet rather than yank the detonators from the explosive the guy just watches helplessly while his liquid nitrogen runs out.

How about disconnecting the battery, doofus? While it's frozen and incapable of supplying power to the detonator?

...but the "red light" thing is equally stupid. In what case would you need a red light to tell you the detonator had been triggered? I figure being vaporized by the explosion would be clue enough. Is it a test feature? Something which is used to ensure the detonator is functioning propery, without connecting it to about five hundred pounds of C4?

If you pull the detonators out of the explosive, you're not disrupting the circuit, but you are keeping the bomb from going off. The detonators will give off little pops but as long as you've gotten them away from the explosive that's all that will happen.

None of this, to my mind, indicates what actually happened in the scene which is why I haven't set any spoiler tags.

I still think these people are stupid; having now encountered a second bomb you'd think they'd have learned something from the first one. At least, you'd think the Iraqi terrorist who jury-rigged an atomic bomb to go off on impact should understand this; but sadly, no. He's capable of looking at a time bomb with an improvised timer for two seconds and then saying, "This is how we must disarm it," but he can't think just to yank the obvious detonator from the brick of C4?

* * *

Now I'm probably on a watch list for talking about bombs and terrorists. I can't win.

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