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#3923: I guess once you get used to something, replacing it isn't an option

I was sitting here trying to come up with a post title and trying to decide what to lead with when my eyes fell on the cursor rosette of my keyboard.

I've been using this keyboard for six years, and of those six years I've been playing WoW for about four and a half of them. There is a grey semicircle around the cursor rosette, where I rest my fingers; the paint has worn off the plastic there. And I just caught myself thinking, "I suppose I could pull it apart and paint it...."

This keyboard is not the platonic ideal of keyboards--see yesterday's screed about caps lock--but I'm used to it, and I like the fact that it has an integrated wrist rest. It's comfortable and usable, and I'd wager I can't find an exact replacement.

Well, that's how it goes, I suppose.

* * *

More data proving John Lott's famous report More Guns, Less Crime. Vox Day comments:
This correlation between more guns and less crime hasn't just been observed once or twice. It has been observed over and over again, just as the dozens of predictions concerning the consequences of concealed carry laws and the removal of firearms restrictions keep failing to produce the expected bloodbaths and shootouts in the suburban streets.
Yep, it's as if criminals are inclined to avoid armed targets, or something.

* * *

And atheists say Christians are full of wishful thinking! This guy is claiming that the religious will be a world minority by 2041. His last paragraph tells the tale:
Currently about three quarters of the world’s inhabitants are religious in the sense of seeing religion as important in their lives.
And he estimates that number will decline by about one percent per year until less than fifty percent of people in the world identify as religious according to the metric he describes.

Somehow, I doubt it.

* * *

Couple links about Obama, both from Victor Davis Hanson:

A post at his "Private Papers" talks about the bumbling inefficiency of the Obama administration.

Then, over at NRO, he discusses "Obama's Watergates".

* * *

More on civil forfeiture laws. This is an extensive piece in New Yorker, detailing how a smallish town in Texas is essentially engaging in legal highway piracy.

"Legal" in the sense that it conforms to the black letter law, of course, because civil forfeiture is an unconstitutional blight. It allows government just to take a person's property, without writ, warrant, or charges being filed. "You're traveling through our town and carrying $8,000, and we think that's suspicious enough that we're going to confiscate it, because drugs. Okay, you're free to go, but your money and other stuff is staying with us." Yeah.

* * *

Very interesting article about a man who has fought against communism his entire life. He was one of the people who tracked down Ernesto "Che" Guevara in 1967.

There's some interesting stuff about John Kerry, starting at the bottom of the third page:
But a month [after Rodriguez testified before the Iran-Contra committee], there was an eye-popping story in the Miami Herald: A convicted money launderer for the Medellín cartel had accused Rodriguez of soliciting drug money for the Contras. This was a leak supplied by “unnamed congressional sources.” And who might they be? It was no mystery. In the Senate, John Kerry was chairing a subcommittee known to one and all as the “Kerry Committee.” He was keen to establish a link between the Contras and drug-running. He was especially keen to link the vice president, George Bush, to any such drug-running.


Toward the end of that hearing, Rodriguez said to Kerry, “Senator, this has been the hardest testimony I ever gave in my life.” Kerry asked why. “Because,” said Rodriguez, “it is extremely difficult to have to answer questions from someone you do not respect, and I do not respect you and what you are doing here.” The senator was not pleased. “Boy, did he blow his top,” Rodriguez says. But after almost a year — and considerable Republican pressure — Kerry apologized to Rodriguez and acknowledged that the money launderer’s accusation was false....
What a surprise. I expect Kerry was trying to taint Bush to make it easier to defeat him in the upcoming 1988 election; thankfully that failed even if Bush was a "country club" Republican.

* * *

I hit the grocery store yesterday to pick up the stuff to make two 9x13 pans of mexican lasagna. One was for Mrs. Fungus and I; the other is for my aunt and uncle.

My aunt has some sort of cancer, and has undergone a round of radiation and chemo. She doesn't have the energy to cook (obviously) and my uncle has been going to various restaurants; it was suggested to me by my oldest sister that I bring them some food once in a while, so I did that.

The ingredients are simple: flour tortillas, a jar of queso dip, a can of refried beans, a pound of ground beef, a taco mix, shredded cheese, and sour cream to eat it with once it's been baked.

Total: $28, because I needed 2x of everything.

I was glad that I hadn't come to the store with a $20 in my pocket, because it wouldn't have been enough; my instincts, for once, served me well. Then it took me about an hour to cook the beef and assemble the two dishes, and get them ready for baking; after that it was another half hour of baking, followed by at least twenty minutes of cooling time. This stuff is dense; you don't want to try eating it right out of the oven because you will vulcanize your mouth. When we took the other pan to my aunt and uncle's house, more than an hour after they'd come from the oven, it was still too hot for me to hold it by the bottom of the pan. (And yeah, I'd had them sitting on cooling racks. Crap.)

It came out delicious, though.

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