atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3927: Big fat sack of nothin'

Today, amazingly enough, the weather outside is warm but dry. Contrast that with yesterday, when it was less warm but humid. It didn't even rain or anything.

I have to replace the light switch in the bathroom again; it's gotten flaky. The bunker's main bathroom is a windowless room because the bathtub lies along the outer wall, and sealing a window against the ravages of a shower is not easily done. That's why you seldom see a bathtub with shower under a window--not because it can't be done, but because it's a nightmare to maintain it.

I keep thinking "skylight", even if it was just the kind of skylight that is a polished metal tube to bring light in from the roof. But that's not happening this year (or, in fact, ever, probably).

* * *

Having replaced the video card in this machine, I can say with authority that the two lines running down the right side of the monitor (white and red) are in the monitor itself and not from the video card.

Sure! Why would it be something I can replace for free? I have three spare functioning video cards for this system now, but it would take money to replace the monitor, so guess what?

* * *

Aaand that's all. Like I said, a big fat sack of nothin' today.

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