atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3930: Pineapple soda, but it's not diet

Pineapple Crush. I've never had it before; but when Mrs. Fungus and I went shopping last night after she got home from work, and I saw it, I had to try it. I'm going to have to drink this stuff very sparingly since it's not diet, but it tastes pretty good.

It's the first non-orange and non-grape Crush I've ever had. Generally speaking you don't see the more esoteric flavors of fruit sodas around here, though that's changing as the area turns more hispanic. Not only did they have pineapple Crush, but pineapple Fanta as well.

* * *

Wasn't this the premise for Omohide Poroporo? People taking vacations where they work on a farm?

In Omohide Poroporo the main character, Taeko, goes to a safflower farm on her vacation to help with the harvest.

The idea isn't new, and I think it's a bit much for Advice Goddess to sneer at people who want to take this kind of vacation. WTF, it's not for everyone, but that doesn't make it wrong.

* * *

There are good, logical reasons for people to be angry about illegal immigration. Believe it or not, it's not because of racism or bigotry that lots of us want to see an end to illegal immigration that doesn't include rewarding lawbreakers with a free pass.

* * *

"Today, I went to get my hair done. The hairdresser managed to catch my eyebrow piercing in his comb and almost rip it out. I now look like I have a gunshot wound on the upper right hand side of my face. I'm getting married in a matter of hours, and I still had to pay £100 for the hair cut. FML"

A) Eyebrow piercings are stupid. They look stupid.

B) You are stupid for not removing it before having your hair cut, especially when you know you're about to get married.

C) You should worry more about the fact that--in twenty years--you are going to look at your wedding photos and say to yourself, "Why did I have that stupid eyebrow piercing? I look stupid."

I don't think people (particularly women) with all sorts of miscellanious piercings are hip, edgy, cool, or more attractive, particularly when they have fifty pounds of staples in their faces. I just think they look stupid.

But that was probably already obvious. And, just to make the point, I would vote "you deserved it" if I bothered to vote on those things.

* * *

Ah, yes, here it comes: the now-unfamiliar sugar rush, in which my metabolism amps into high gear, followed inevitably by the hypoglycemia. I had six ounces of this stuff. *sigh*

(Here's hoping the leftover hamburger I ate first will prevent the hypoglycemia.)

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