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#3932: Hypnogogia

I have a title for the anthology now!

Most of the stories in the anthology are ideas I kicked around while I was trying to get to sleep. Longtime readers of the Fungus know that I have struggled with insomnia, and I'm sure some of you will recall that I usually take my mother's advice when I am trying to sleep: lay down, close your eyes, and think happy thoughts.

Well, sometimes my "happy thoughts" end up being stories good enough to write down...and most of those stories are going into the anthology.

"Hypnogogic" means "related to sleep" or "while falling asleep", and I learned the word from Richard Feynman's autobiography Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! when he talked about his army physical in 1945. The army shrinks mentioned that he had "hypnogogic auditory hallucinations" and then Feynman thoughtfully translated the jargon for the average, non-genius reader.

So the anthology will be titled Hypnogogia. That's one more item checked off. Now I just need to design a cover, hack the assorted stories into a single document, add commentary and everything else.

* * *

Woohoo! 47 stories and no elevators! How does any competent architect--or team thereof--forget to include elevators when designing a 47-story building?

I suppose we should be glad they at least didn't forget to include stairs....

* * *

And in the "we tried to tell you people this at the time" department, Obamacare is the pathway to socialized medicine.

...yet there are people out there who are shocked, shocked! that Obamacare is merely the first step towards socialized medicine in the US. The people who are truly surprised by this revelation are utter morons. I'm certain most of those who are evincing surprise are lying.

The press doesn't care about the subterfuge, because they are Democrats.

* * *

Part 45,955 in the "leftists always lie" series: the facts in the gun control debate are not on their side, so their new strategy is to push the emotional angle. We've already seen them doing this kind of thing when psychos shoot unarmed people--certain bloggers, self included, refer to this as "blood dancing"--but now they're making it their primary play.

The facts are simple: we've seen crime rise drastically since the gun control laws were enacted in the 1960s, and now that those laws are being struck down we're seeing crime decrease except in places which still have the draconian gun laws such as Chicago, New York, etcetera.

Because of this, scaremongering is now the rule of the day.

* * *

Alan Caruba comments about meteor dust and global warming, and points out a few things about life on Earth now that our atmosphere has 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in it:
* Coldest summer on record at the North Pole
* Highest August Arctic ice extent since 2006
* Record high August Antarctic ice extent
* No major hurricane strikes for eight years
* Slowest tornado season on record
* No global warming for 17 years
* Second slowest fire season on record
* Four of the five snowiest northern hemisphere winters have occurred since 2008
That global warming is a bitch, isn't it?

Meanwhile, over in Anecdoteville, I noticed last night that while the dewpoint was in the low fifties, it remained warm enough that I had to keep the AC on in the bunker. Reason? The clouds overhead. Absent those clouds, the Fungal Vale--as in a desert--would have been very pleasantly cool last night.

Well, there's a line of thunderstorms going through now, and it's supposed to be nice and clear tonight. Not only does that mean I get to turn off the AC, but I might actually be able to see a perseid meteor or two, for once. Whee!

(Last time I saw a perseid meteor? 1993. Yeah.)

* * *

I'm sure they could have had the dog put into a kennel for a week for a lot less. But oh, the Obamas simply must have their dog with them on vacation, and of course one mustn't expect the royal pooch to slum it in Air Force One with His Nibs and the royal family! The dog simply must have his own private aircraft, don't you know....

* * *

Monty brings teh DOOM! Bonus points for having a Schroedinger joke at the bottom, on Erwin Shroedinger's 126th birthday.

* * *

Yeah, this characterization is apt: "It looks like a bad cover of a Mac Bolan knockoff book, except a giddily stupid leftwing version of such."

What I want to know is, what the hell does Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have to do with this? The mural shows someone intended to be George Zimmerman, glaring with obvious hostility down the sights of his gun, standing in the Weaver stance, the slide of his gun back and a huge bloom of muzzle flash with the expended cartridge already halfway to Paducah.

...shooting at a hoodie with an empty white spot for a face, which is facing the viewer rather than the shooter, and behind him hovers The Giant Head of Martin Luther King Jr, apparently trying to see where the bullet ends up because he is looking downrange.

I find here that apparently The Giant Head of Martin Luther King also has blood trickling down its face, and the Faceless Hoodie has blood spurting from its chest. Also? The Faceless Hoodie incorporates a mirror because the title of this extrusion is "We Are All Trayvon Martin".

That is to say, then, we are all thug-wannabes with long records of misbehavior at school and drug use, who then attack armed men unprovoked and get shot to death while beating their heads against a sidewalk? Do I understand this?

I'd like to think that I have more common sense than that.

It is hack art; there's no doubt about that. In the soi disant artist's favor, however, is that at least the figures in the painting look like the things they are meant to protray, even if the politics of the image are ham-handed at best. No subtlety there!

* * *

On to illegal immigration!

Vox Day links to a ZeroHedge post that lists nineteen facts about immigration.

Karl Denninger reminds us that illegal aliens are already breaking the law just by illegally crossing the border.

* * *

Incidentally, when did I come up with the title Hypnogogia?

...when I was trying to get to sleep. Of course.

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