atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3940: Man, that garage, I tell you--

There are even more old magazines in back of the garage than I thought. Today I cleared junk out of the way until I could climb on top of the pile (actually the old furniture forming its foundation) and discovered that there are several more boxes of old magazines arrayed across the back wall. There's a shelving unit there, which has been there since time immemorial, and it's got all kinds of stupid junk tucked into it.

Like the second non-working sump pump I've found--Dad, WTF? The furniture and other stuff arrayed in front of the shelves keeps me from getting at most of the stuff, but I did hook that thing out of there and put it in the truck with the rest of the junk I'm hauling to the recycling yard tomorrow. I kind of wish I had that little trailer Og and I keep talking about building, but right now I might as well wish for a pony.

Behind the old ice box (I mean "ice box", not "refrigerator") is a stack of more bed parts, headboards and footboards. A rough count came to SEVEN FREAKING BEDS in that garage. I mean, WTF--even if we put a bed in every room in the house big enough to hold one we would STILL have extras. Eight, if you count the cot!

The bunk beds, at least, are going to get donated. The shape they're in I can't imagine the set fetching more than $50 at a garage sale, and as I said I am not planning to have a garage sale any time soon.

Anyway, I finished filling the trash barrel, and filled a huge garbage bag with more trash, and identified a few things which can go to the curb Thursday evening. The pile is getting smaller, and will continue to get smaller as I whittle away at it. Pretty soon I am hoping to be able to walk right up to the NE corner of the garage without having to climb on anything, and that will be a good day.

Right now, I NEED a shower.

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