atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3941: What the--THURSDAY?

Mrs. Fungus stayed home from work on Monday due to illness, which is why I didn't post then; and today looks to be more of the same. It's fibromyalgia; she gets severe leg pain that sometimes keeps her from being able to sleep, and it results in her being unable to function the next day. Usually she can simply get up, have a hot soak in the tub, and come back to bed; but sometimes that doesn't last night.

But right now she's laying down in bed (having made the call to work) and I'm sitting here working on a post, because it's been four frickin' days--

* * *

Monday I took all the scrap metal to the recycler, and came away from there with $55 in my pocket and a much lighter Jeep. The Jeep got $25 worth of gas, and I spent the rest on riotous living at the grocery store.

Besides that, I ran a ton of other errands that had been accumulating: I took the electronics waste to the recycling point, dropped off more donatables at the church, and took Mrs. Fungus' comforter to the dry cleaner. Five things, and it took me almost two hours to accomplish. *sigh*

I'd like to know why there can't be an e-waste recycling point closer to the Fungal Vale than eight firkin' miles away. The idiots in Springfield foisted this nonsense on us; the least they could do is make it convenient--but then again the Peoples' Demokratik Republik of Illinoistan is one of the brokest states in the union, and why on earth would a Democrat regime ever make it simple to comply with its diktats? I mean, what's the point of issuing diktats if compliance is easy? It's not a boot stomping on a human face if the people aren't even inconvenienced, get me?


The job is done, though. Next step is to cut up the scrapwood and put it into the trash barrel, and that's got to be done before about 8 PM tonight. I can't do it right now because of all the rain we're getting, but I don't expect it to rain all day.

After that, meh.

* * *

Karl Denninger says that NASDAQ has shut down because of...well, no one really know why.

* * *

"Yes, the USA is simply not worth the trouble and so rather than complying with their endless diktats and the uncertainties of what are increasingly capricious rules...well...there is a whole great big world out there for us to do business with that does not include the United States." Thanks, Democrats! Thanks, Obama!

* * *

Stupid crap department: I just deleted my blogroll, the "comicroll" (the list of comics I read), and three other links because the bookmark tab had focus rather than the main tab. Fortunately I realized what I had done and was able to hit CTRL-Z until I got everything back--but WHAT THE FUCK, FIREFOX.


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