atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3942: The last cool day for a little while

High today forecast to be 82. For the four days following, 88+. *sigh*

It rained a lot yesterday, and I'm thinking today would be a good day to cut the grass. The front yard has not been cut since July 18th because--quite simply--it has not needed cutting. I did the back yard on the 8th of this month, and was intending to do the front the next day...but then realized it didn't need it.

Now, perhaps, it does.

Also, because, I did not get outside and chop up the scrap wood, so I'll doubtless have a larger pile of it to deal with next week. Well, that's what I get. On the plus side, all the rest of the trash generated by the week's garage-cleaning activities has gone away, and the scrap wood is out of the way. It's fine being there for another week.

But I must not rest on my laurels; there's more to do out there, and the sooner I do it, the better off we'll all be here at Casa Fungus.

* * *

Avoid Windows 8. Just don't use it. Apparently Win8 has a backdoor that allows Microsoft to take control of your system. And if MS can do it, they can hand the password for that thing to the NSA; and if a password exists, someone else can find out what it is and exploit it for their own nefarious purposes.

Short form: DO NOT USE WINDOWS 8.


* * *

So this past summer they came out with a big reboot for the Superman franchise a la the "Dark Knight" reboot of Batman--the latter which fixed all the problems foisted on us by the Adam West era and the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher era of nippled bat-suits.

There was nothing seriously wrong with the Christopher Reeve Superman but for a few stylistic issues (Gene Hackman--totally unconvincing as Lex Luthor. Fun, but wrong) and typical late 1970s' movie lameness. But Hollywood is out of ideas--has been out of ideas for years--and so we get endless remakes and reboots of things that made money before.

Man of Steel is supposed to be the sequel to the first reboot movie. They tried making a Superman movie before this but it was angsty crap and no one liked it; this iteration appears to be doing better and now they're working on a sequel.

...with Ben Affleck as Batman. *whimper*

Daredevil. That's all I have to say. Daredevil.

In their defense--I do have to say this much--Batman is not the focus of Man of Steel, after all, so they don't need someone who can, as JayG ably puts it, "convey the tortured soul that is the Dark Knight...." They just need someone who can pretend to be Batman opposite whoever it is they've got playing Superman.

Still--that "someone" ought not to be Ben Affleck.

* * *

None of that stuff I have to do outside is going to get done unless I get off my duff and go do it, so here I go.

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