atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3944: I filled another trash barrel!

I can't f-ing believe it, either. I didn't even DO anything and I filled another trash barrel! WTF!

This time, I threw out an entire box of computer and flying magazines vintage 1992 or thereabouts, all mine. I was about to keep the flying magazines in order to have a gander at them, but then I realized I DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS and tossed the entire stack atop the long-obsolete computer magazines.

Really. The damned things have been out in the garage since 1997 at least, so why keep them?

I even tossed about half the textbooks out there. I kept the hardcover ones, but nearly all the softcover textbooks just went into the trash can. Same reason: not a-one newer than 1995, I'm not going to need them again, and there's no way I could get any real money for them since they've doubtless been superseded by new editions sometime in the LAST EIGHTEEN YEARS. I did keep the circuit analysis and math books--and my first semester psych book--but otherwise I trashed a lot of paper today, which is why that barrel filled up so quickly.

It's not just that, of course. The big bag of baby clothes that Mom was unable to throw out when I last dug into that corner of the garage--I tossed them, especially when I was trying to figure out how to sort them and found the mouse nest right in the f-ing middle. No thank you. I have a lot less sentimentality attached to those things than Mom did, and even at the time she was a bit annoyed with herself that she couldn't just throw them away: "No one's going to want them," she said.

It looks as if I hardly did anything out there, but getting rid of an entire other trash barrel of crap will help in the long term. That corner of the garage does look inexplicably cleaner, though.

Og came by to pick up a fly casting set I had no use for and no one was going to want. I also ended up fobbing off a few reels and a couple of bamboo rods on him, all of which have not been touched since...uh. Trying to think of the last time Dad went out on one of his boats (which were donated in 2007) and I am coming up blank, but the last time Dad went fishing was on a chartered boat with me, my brother, and my uncle--in 2005. So, yeah, it's been sitting there rather a long time.

Naturally I did not give away Dad's big box of fishing tackle, assuming it's even here, which is a big "if" as I think my brother got that (and he's welcome to it; he's more interested in fishing than I am). These were just some cheap reels which got left in a box of junk for the powerboat, and which were the only thing in the box that I kept, specifically because I was going to give them to Og with the fly casting set. No one--no one--in the family will suddenly say, "Hey, those reels Dad left in a random box of junk in the garage--where are they now?" (It would be a different story with the tackle box.)

So on Monday I'm going to contact the company that does the trash hauling in the Fungal Vale and ask them what (or if) it costs for me to get another trash barrel. I don't know how long the cleanout of the garage will take, but once it's done I have the attic over the garage to work on.

The other thing I want to do is to see what it'll cost me to get a whole bunch of papers shredded. There's all kinds of old paperwork which needs to be shredded, and it'd be a lot easier on me if I could just sort through the papers and drop them into a box, then tape up the box and hand it off to a guy who would add it to the boxes in his truck which would all be going, unopened, into an industrial paper shredder. It's just for identity protection, so that I don't unexpectedly get a bill for my Dad's wild week in Vegas that took place SIX YEARS AFTER HIS DEATH. (Or, even better, a bill for my own wild week in Vegas which took place while I was job-hunting and playing WoW in the Fungal Vale. Yeah.)

There's just a lot of junk and trash that needs to go, and guess who gets to do it? But I don't mind, really.

I just can't believe that in a couple of hours' work I filled a trash barrel. Holy crap.

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