atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3946: The low on Tuesday is supposed to be 77°.


You just gotta love that first week of school, don't you?

Then again, thirty years ago, I was starting my junior year of high school, and because it was a hot week, in second period algebra a certain young woman sat down next to me wearing jogging shorts and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. She was one of the girls who would ordinarily not wear shorts in anything but gym class, but because it was so brutally hot that week she was. And damn those legs were something else. "Wouldn't quit"? The word "quit" wasn't in their dictionary. In fact, just to be sure, they had systematically removed any word beginning with "Q" from their dictionary; and in fact I suspect they were giving the "KW" section a gimlet eye to make sure it didn't get any ideas.

These were those short 1980s jogging shorts. You know what they look like. To look good wearing them, a girl had to have legs and a butt that were perfect, and this girl did. She lived one street over from me in the Fungal Vale and she had been invisible to me for years, but seeing those legs led me to recall her existence and I had a crush on her for years after that.

Of course I am long over her now. We (or most of us, anyway) move on from this kind of thing.

* * *

Now that I think of it, there was only one butt in the class that was closer to perfection than this girl's butt was.

...and that was when we were all 17; now we're all 46 and I'd wager I'm not the only one who is succumbing to middle age. I haven't seen anyone from my class in years (other than people who were friends at the time) and feel no poorer for it. In some ways it would be tragic to ruin the mental image I have of these women, but only because of nostalgia...but I'd bet the intervening years have been approximately as kind to them as they have to me.

Cripes--I haven't even thought about any of these people in a very long time. Years. And thankfully, I don't need to, because I'm married to someone who trumps them all. Ha!

* * *

Anyway--it's going to be bloody hot this week, and no one can do squat about it, which is a hell of a thing. I'm probably going to end up cowering inside near a fan rather than try to get anything done in the garage.

Oh, this is helpful: looking at the weather report on my tablet, way down at the bottom there's a thing that says there hasn't been any significant snowfall in the last week. *rolleyes*

* * *

Otherwise, nada. It's the last Sunday in August 2013, and I ain't got nothin'.

Hard to believe that next week it'll be September already. WTF.

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