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Mrs. Fungus and I went to bed at our usual time last night, and I got up at 8:30 this morning for church; and when I got home from church, rather than go back to bed I stayed up. Naturally this meant that when it was time for Mrs. Fungus to get ready to leave I was just about on the floor. *sigh*

Had an hour's nap or so, then got up and had some food; and after fiddling with WoW for a little while I noticed that although it was still warm outside, it was not very humid. I decided I'd do some work on the garage, because today is likely to be the last day until next week that it'll be anything like a humane temperature and humidity outside for physical labor. (Particularly when you're 46 and way out of shape....) So about six PM I changed into grunge clothes and set out to see what I could do.

It turned out to be a lot.

To my surprise, not only did I fill up the other trash can the rest of the way with junk and trash, but I also filled two big contractor-sized trash bags. I got the bunk beds out of the garage and staged behind the house for Goodwill; and for the first time in probably twenty years I stood in the northeast corner of the garage ON THE FLOOR.

I found another sump pump. Dad, WTF? When I get to Heaven (assuming I do) I'm going to have to ask him why the hell he felt it necessary to keep three nonfunctional sump pumps. (Somehow I expect I'll have other things on my mind--at least for the first thousand years or so--but eternity is a long time and I'm bound to think of it eventually.)

A couple more boxes of ancient magazines went out, because mice. Hantavirus and black plague? No thank you!

So now the two twin-sized beds my parents had when they first got married are together. All the side beams for all the beds are stashed in one spot, and though it'll be a bit of a pain to get them down again at least I won't have to go hunting for them when it's time to assemble all the beds and figure out which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of. (That is going to be a very entertaining day. *whimper*)

The thing that I was standing on last time I worked out there turns out to be a stand for an old sewing machine--an old treadle-type sewing machine. The sewing machine itself is nowhere in evidence. The legs are cast iron and have the name "KING" in a big oval in their centers. It's solid as the rock of Gibraltar (I stood on it last week, and I am sadly no featherweight) but how valuable is it when the sewing machine is gone and the veneer is coming off in sheets?

Since Mrs. Fungus wants my Mom's old sewing machine, vintage 1950-ish--and since I can see several uses for having it myself--I've moved it into the house. We still need to find a place for it, and it needs rewiring and a belt; the belt is a simple V-belt and it should be possible to find a suitable replacement for it, and heck, my electrical skills are more than equal to the task of rewiring the thing. But while I was looking through the drawers in the stand I found the owner's manual for it, which carefully explains how to use all its features--so assuming I can get it working, we could do some really elaborate things with it.

I came across the most disgusting baby doll in history, encrusted with decades of crud, and when I was trying to maneuver out of the pile I stepped on it. SQUEAK! It didn't even have any clothes on. WTF. I threw it away.

Finally some register or flag in my brain tripped and I realized I'd gone about as far as I could go tonight, so I started putting things away; and to my surprise, it took me nearly no time at all to get the stuff put back neatly. The MGB is now about two or three feet further into the garage than it was, which gives me more room behind it, and after garbage day the aisle between cars will be clear again. Whee!

The best part is, I found an old OLD wooden crate--not bigger than about 15 inches on a side--that had contained Federal 16 ga. shotgun shells, once upon a time. It's not in the greatest of shape but I can probably glue the broken bits back together and it'd make a nice decorative piece for my man cave, if I ever get to have one.

Once everything was put away, I got on my motorcycle (which had been outside since I got home from church this morning) and took a very short spin to cool off. There's a wooded area not far from the bunker and passing through there I could feel the heat leaving my body. I was in shorts and a t-shirt, no socks, no helmet, so I kept my speed below 20 MPH and took it easy. That was more than enough to cool me off, anyway.

But I'm filthy, so I'm going to take a shower now. The second shower I've had today, since I took one before church. Whee!

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