atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3948: Damn, is it hot outside.

I have to run some errands, and there's no way I can do it on the bike when it's over 90.


On the plus side gas is $3.74 a gallon ($3.739) which is, at least, less than it was last year. Not significantly less, mind you, but $3.74 < $4-ish. My prediction that this year would see $5 gasoline has not come to pass.

Though with Obama and his cronies gearing up for an extra-constitutional "intervention" in Syria, we might still see it. Wouldn't that be nice? Wintertime and gas costing $5 a gallon? Just the thing to really put a crushing weight on the economy.

Sara Hoyt suggests that it's due to malice rather than incompetence. Socialism failed (as it inevitably must) and the socialists are therefore trying to destroy capitalism.

Her thesis is a sound one, but of course the US hasn't had a true capitalist economy since 1964 and Johnson's "Great Society" became law; in fact one could look further back to Roosevelt's "New Deal" and make a similar argument. In some respects, "Great Society" was the other half of "New Deal" that turned our economy into a kind of pseudo-socialism, a veneer of socialism with fascist elements over a capitalist substrate. And since 1964 the "veneer" has been thickening and taking over.

So now we have Obamacare, which is in fact a fascist health care system according to the real definition of fascism, and its singular feature is that everyone who was in favor of making it law now wishes to be exempted from its strictures. Only those who have power and connections are allowed to escape it, of course, which is why UPS just removed the spouses of 15,000 workers from its insurance rolls; that 75% premium subsidy does not extend to anyone other than congresscritters and their staffs. By the time the medical insurance industry collapses, even the government is going to be unable to pay the premiums. This way lies ruin.

The fact is, though, that Obama's middle east policy is an abject failure--surprise!--just as his domestic policy and the remainder of his foreign policies are also abject failures. Absent a fawning press and their hagiographic coverage of the Stuttering-Clusterfuck-Of-Miserable-Failure-in-chief, Obama would already have the dubious honor of being labeled "worst President ever".

But, hey--he's the #1 President in time spent golfing. Guess everyone's good at something.


* * *

Today I called up the company that handles garbage collection in the Fungal Vale, and asked about getting another toter. They're going to drop it off sometime next week and they didn't even charge me. Wow.

"Next week" is less than convenient for me since I really need it right now, but WTF. Considering how much trash remains in the garage and attic, it's not like I only need it this week and will never need it again....

But she said "three to seven business days" so you never know; I might get it sooner.

* * *

Now I have those errands to run.

Really, only one of them requires that I leave the house. I do want to ride the bike rather than take the truck, but I don't have the gear for riding in hot weather like this and I'm not going to ride without all the gear. It's one thing to take a little evening spin around the neighborhood at 20 MPH when traffic is all but nonexistent; it's quite another to be riding over 40 MPH with all sorts of cars and trucks on the road. And even so, while I was taking my spin last night, I was thinking, "I really ought to have the helmet on, at least. Maybe I should have changed my clothes. Even at 20 MPH a fall would be bad news...." My brain niggled at me like that the entire time I was riding. (The fact that I frequently went 15-20 MPH on my bicycle clad in similar garb did not help matters one whit.)

But I don't have to go very far, at least.

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