atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3949: Damn, it IS hot outside.

As I was leaving the bunker to go run my errand (which, magically, had turned into two) I realized that it wasn't very humid outside, so WTH, I could ride the motorcycle, couldn't I?

I know you're saying, "Ha! You moron! You were miserable, weren't you?"

So happens I was not.

When the motorcycle was in motion, I was comfortable. When the motorcycle was stopped (such as at a red light) I was mildly uncomfortable. Wearing a suede jacket, long pants, helmet and gloves in tropical weather, I was fine.

Mrs. Fungus, a few months ago, bought me a couple of polo shirts. These shirts are made of some kind of advanced, passively cooling material which wicks moisture to the outside of the shirt, and I think that is why I remained comfortable.

I have a t-shirt made of the same material, specifically made for wearing under a motorcycling jacket, but it's skin tight. The polo shirts are nicer.

Anyway, I was fine. I took care of business and didn't have to drive the Jeep and get 12 MPG because of the combination of suburban traffic and air conditioning. I wasn't even thirsty when I got home.

When I got into the house, it was like walking into a meat locker.


* * *

So I got almost everything done today that I'd wanted to accomplish. The only thing left undone was calling Goodwill.

It develops that I could wait three-odd weeks for their next pickup window in late September, or I could take the bunk beds to the Salvation Army store and donate them there. I figure I can strap the frames to the top of the truck and stack the head- and footboards in the back, and then zip over there with them. I'm intending to do that on Thursday. By then--who knows--I might have more stuff I want to donate.

I have a truck; why not use it?

* * *

Yesterday I had decided to make BBQ chicken for dinner, so I took three chicken breasts and put rub on them and stuck 'em in the fridge. Mrs. Fungus had a very big lunch, so she wasn't hungry and I ended up having her leftovers for dinner. So...the chicken breasts have been sitting in the fridge overnight, the rub percolating.

This BBQ chicken is going to taste good.

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