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#3958: Perfect weather.


...after the heat and humidity of last week, this week it's cool and pleasant again. Yesterday afternoon I grilled dinner and it could not have been nicer weather for it.

* * *

I had several tabs open on the societal costs of gay marriage--businesses being forced to close because apparently the right of freedom of association is trumped by homosexuals being a "protected class"--but realized that others have done a better job of covering the issue than I can.

The other problem being that neither Mrs. Fungus nor I were able to sleep all that well last night. I was having an anxiety attack, and her fibromyalgia wound into high gear because of the abrupt change in the weather (hot and humid Sunday, cool and dry Monday). I took half a Xanax and she took a bath, but all this resulted in neither of us falling asleep much before 5-6 AM.

Monday is normally the day that the town collects branches. Monday was a holiday, so they did it today. They have a big shredder on a trailer, with a four-cylinder engine, that makes a hellacious roar...and at 8 AM it parked right outside the bunker while its operators fed it with a small downed fruit tree from across the street, and the pile of pruning that I accomplished on Friday.

Then, promptly at 10 AM, they ran the monthly test of the tornado sirens, as they do on the first Tuesday of every month. Which is, of course, today. I would have gone back to sleep then but for my stomach demanding food. *sigh*

The pruning was something I've been putting off for weeks. Since I am a courteous husband I park on the side of the driveway that has the foliage on it, and leave the parking spot with the easiest access for my wife. As summer progressed, the bushes and tress grew new branches, and I finally twigged (heh) to the fact that I really need to prune this shit.

I was surprised by the height of the pile thus generated, but once I had the tools out and got going I found myself with a bad case of the "might as wells" and took care of a bunch of other stuff that had been bothering me. The result is that the front yard looks a hell of a lot neater than it did, and I can park my Jeep without feeling like I'm driving through a jungle.

More must be done, though. While cleaning the garage I found a powered hedge trimmer. If that thing works I might take it to the bushes next to the patio....

* * *

Now I'm just going to toss a bunch of links up, with minimal commentary.


Continuing to allow illegal immigration is hurting the American worker. It depresses the price of labor and makes it harder for citizens and legal residents to find work.


So, the Longshoremens' Union has left the AFL-CIO over Obamacare.
Turns out, shock of shocks, that the unions' so-called "Cadillac" insurance plans (which are simply good coverage) will be taxed quite a bit, just like critics said they would, and just like Obama said they wouldn't.
So far, the critics have been 100% correct in all their predictions, such as our prediction that Obamacare would cause more unemployment.

The union babies weren't supposed to have to pay for it! After all, they supported passage of the bill, so haven't they done enough?


Let the headline speak for itself; I don't need to add a thing: "Barack Obama’s Staggering Incompetence".

He punted the matter to Congress. He's insisted that he has the power to go to war, but when it turns out to be so unpopular (and so spectacularly stupid an idea!) that no one else in the world wants to be involved, then Obama decides he needs congressional authorization. It's a naked, bald-faced attempt to share the blame around should things go awry. If Congress is smart (and when has it ever been that?) they'll say, "No, Barry-O, this is your deal. We say 'no', so if you go into Syria, it's all on you, brother."


Larry Correia fisks that idiotic Slate article from that equally idiotic woman who says that no one should be allowed to send their kids to private school, on the amazingly bone-headed theory that such a situation will lead to the improvement of public schools. He fisks it so well that I don't need to say anything about it.

Thomas Sowell writes about the unintended consequences of the Community Reinvestment Act, which (among other things) led to the real estate boom and bust, which is part of what led us into the Great Depression of the 21st century.

"The incredible racism behind progressive [Democrat] hostility to voter ID." Vote fraud primarily benefits one political party in the United States. That political party is not the one which has consistently tried to get some kind of rational rules in place for making sure the people casting the votes are who they say they are and are actually eligible to vote.

Michael Flynn has been writing a series of posts on the evolution of the solar model. I'm linking it here--to the third post in the series--because his narration of the history has gotten to 1610, which is when sunspots were discovered.

This is significant because we have data--directly-observed data--going back some four hundred years which gives us information on solar output. Thanks to that long observation, we know that solar maxima coincide with peaks in sunspot activity. And of course we also have data on economic output, agricultural output, and other historical data on human industry and society. It is not too difficult to correlate these different data sets without having to normalize, fiddleate, or adjuster the numbers, and see a pattern emerge.

The pattern that emerges shows higher crop yields (and better socioeconomic times) when sunspot activity is elevated. But of course the sun has no effect on global temperatures or anything....

* * *

Bigass link dump, but at least there's some words separating the links.

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