atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3959: Apparently I made quite the odd noise.

So: yesterday was day two of Mrs. Fungus' and my marathon to get one of her toons on WoW to level 40.

She received, as a gift, a key to a Mekgineer's Chopper from someone who is saying (for about the nth time this year) that he's "getting out of WoW because it's not fun anymore". The MC is an expensive mount which costs a crapton of money to buy or build. The components for it are hella expensive.

In WoW money, of course, which is not translatable to real-world money in any way. Since the person in question spends most of his WoW time in the "World of Warcraft Capitalism Simulator" (ie buying stuff to sell on the Auction House, usually at a ridiculous markup) he's amassed a lot of gold in-game. If he stops playing (which he hasn't, yet, despite several promises threats to the contrary) all that stuff just...goes away.

Anyway, he gave Mrs. Fungus an MC key, on the one toon that couldn't use it (not his fault because she was level 6) so we began working on leveling her so she could use it.

Early Sunday morning, when I couldn't sleep, I created a new toon to level with her. Since then we've been running around Azeroth power-leveling. Last night, right after my toon hit 30th, we were in Stormwind and I happened to hit up a Blingtron 5000 for some swag.

Blingtron 5000 is an engineering recipe; you stuff a bunch of expensive materials into it and out comes this robot-gnome-looking thing covered with sparkly bits. You summon it and it remains in place for 10-15 minutes; and once per account per day other players can get swag from it. It's all random stuff, some useless, some valuable but useless, some useful. And once in a very long while, something awesome.

I hit up old Blingtron, since I was in the neighborhood, and got the usual gift package. I opened it and got a couple "G51 Landshark" (a one-time use pyrotechnic thingy that I won't be able to use until lvl 85) and something--didn't see what, but it's name text was purple. "Oh, wow," I said, opening my inventory up to have a gander. "What is that--? A key?" I put my pointer on it.

Then, according to Mrs. Fungus, I made a sound like I had seen a ghost, or had a heart attack, or something. It was a long intake of breath, kind of a gasp on steroids.

...the "key" was, in fact, a key for a Mekgineer's Chopper.

Now, in some five years of playing (this December) I have never had a character who got one of these things, primarily because they're so expensive and the only advantage this mount has over the other more commonly-available ones is that it can carry a second person. I've never needed that capability as everyone I've played with has had his own mount, so why bother with it?

But now--now I've got one. And the character who got it was 30th level.

So we doubled our efforts at power-leveling, to the point that Mrs. Fungus' toon is 38th and mine is 37th. This evening, then, I expect our efforts to be rewarded and we'll both be able to learn to use our brand-new motorcycle mounts.

(Yes I could mail the thing to another toon who is already high enough to use it. But since Mrs. Fungus and I want to learn to ride them at the same time, it's more fun this way.)

Still--damn, what an amazing drop.

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