atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3963: Spare us the gyrations. We all know it's because they're hypocrites.

Anti-war celebrities won't be protesting Obama's undeclared wars because it's just different this time, man! Bush was going to war, man, which is a much bigger deal than the punitive strikes and kinetic actions Obama's engaging in. It's a whole different ball game! Besides, we don't want to feel like we're anti-black or anything. And there is opposition! It's just not organized this time. Besides, we don't have time to organize before Obama drops the bombs. So we're totally not hypocrites just because we only make a big deal out of opposing Republicans.

Okay, let us leave total fucking leftard mode.

Obama is a Democrat; these people are giving him a pass because of that. Not his skin color, not the size or scope of the military action, not because of any reason other than Obama's party affiliation. You guys know it, we know it, so why not just admit it? You guys opposed a declared war with international support solely because you didn't like the guy running it, and that's fine; you're entitled to your opinions. You're similarly welcome to decide not to oppose Obamawar for whatever reason you like.

Of course, everyone else is entitled to regard you as the pathetic hypocrites you really are.

If it really mattered to them that Obama's proposed action is a "war crime", as Mike Farrel contends, they would be moving heaven and earth to organize a protest even if it did end up being too late. If they honestly cared about this, they would already be protesting all the kinetic actions and interventions and punitive strikes Obama has been lobbing around the world since he got into office. For fuck's sake, Obama hasn't changed any of Bush's policies! They're still doing Rendition and Club Gitmo is still open and-and-and--and these guys have been utterly silent where they were vocal when Bush was in office.

They haven't said a word about anything Obama has done militarily. And they are doing it because Obama is their guy. if we needed any more evidence that leftist=hypocrite.

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