atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3965: Another hot week

Random minor matters from the Fungal Vale:

* * *

Temps will likely be above 90 in the daytime this week, meaning I'm not going to get anything done in the garage before Thursday or Friday at the earliest. Well, that's how it goes, I guess.

* * *

Currently, the bunker smells strongly of cinnamon.

When we went shopping the other night, Mrs. Fungus and I, she saw a display at the store of cinnamon brooms, and on impulse she bought one. She hung it up immediately upon getting home, and it did not take long for the smell to percolate through the bunker.

Having decided on a simple dinner of eggs and toast, we were in the kitchen separating the bacon into two-slice portions for freezing. I'd just gotten the package open and suddenly was smelling maple syrup. Thinking I'd accidentally bought some weird kind of bacon I checked the package, but it was good old regular Corn King bacon. (Incidentally, it's now almost $5 for a package even on sale. Used to be you could get it for $3 on sale--a mere two months ago--but there's no inflation!)

I later realized the maple syrup smell was coming from the combination of bacon and cinnamon. As we were going to bed that night, she was complaining that she could still smell the maple syrup scent and wanted me to take the thing down and put it outside, but I suggested we wait a day or two.

This led to me making a joke about Jehova's Witnesses coming to the front porch and asking why it smelled so strongly of cinnamon, at which point Mrs. Fungus and I began chanting, "Cinnamon broom!" at each other like Osaka says "Sataa andagii!" in Azumanga Daioh. (We did it kind of in a call and response way; I'd say it, then she would.) We descended from there into helpless laughter.

It is entirely possible that we need to get out more.

Still, as I had hoped, the maple syrup scent has given way to pure cinnamon, and it's quite refreshing since we both like the smell of cinnamon anyway.

* * *

Turns out that if you have the Mekgineer's Chopper on your alliance toons in WoW, you can use the Mechano-hog on your horde toons. I was greatly surprised--pleasantly--to discover this entirely by accident the other night. Generally mounts do not work cross-faction; horde can't use ally mounts and vice-versa. I guess they made it cross-faction when they went to the pooled mount system because the motorcycle is so expensive. (Besides, I'm not sure that restriction applies to crafted mounts, which the motorcycle is.)

* * *

Yesterday's power failure extended at least as far as the church. I heard this morning that the power failed there yesterday, and then came back on with a surge that did something bad to the phone system.

Last night Mrs. Fungus had to boot her computer (as it's still not on a UPS) and it hung twice in a row. I tardily realized it was because it had been in sleep mode when the power went out; it was trying to "resume" but that won't work when the computer has lost power. Telling it just to forget the resume part and go to the boot menu fixed that.

* * *

Since we did have that rain a while back I'm thinking I'm going to have to cut the grass relatively soon. It doesn't look bad yet, though. Well, I'll get there.

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