atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3967: Stupid power company

About 7:55 I'd just finished getting the dishes in the washer and had started it when it abruptly shut off. The kitchen light was still on, but the other lights were off, and the fan was barely running. Obviously we'd dropped a phase, and after a few seconds, I was suddenly left in the dark.

I said a few bad words, remained where I was, and waited a few moments.

Then the light came on and the fan started running slow again, but the stove clock wasn't on and the dishwasher wasn't running, which meant we only got one phase back; observing this, I knew it wasn't going to be on long, and I was right. Before I could move, the lights went out again, and stayed out.

Sighing, I groped my way to the flashlight I knew was still on the counter, and turned it on. Grabbed a bottle of diet Pepsi from the fridge, then went into the computer room to shut down the computer and the routers. After all that was dealt with, then, I sat in my rocking chair--in the dark--and tried to decide what to do. It was looking particularly black outside, as if a large area had no power.

I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, after which I decided I'd get on the bike and see how much of the town was dark. It turned out to be most of the Fungal Vale; out on the west side of the town core, out by my bank, they had power, but everything east of there was dark, all the way to the freeway (as far as I could tell).

It also looked as if everything from the gas station on Route 1 north had power, but south of there, nothing. I didn't go south of village limits but it didn't look very well-lit out that way, either.

That's a pretty large area to be dark. Especially on a night like tonight, when an hour later it is still about 83 degrees outside.

I headed out to the auxiliary generating station down Burville road; that thing was running full blast, as far as I could tell. Where were all those megawatts going, I wonder?

On my way home, as I was riding through town, the streetlights began to come on, meaning that power had been restored, and when I got home it was to a fully-powered home.

* * *

If the motorcycle hadn't already been out of the garage, though, I probably wouldn't have gone.

About 7-ish I went to the store to pick up some vegetables. Being the chief cook and bottle washer around here, I try to make a nice dinner for me and my wife, and though I have pork chops I didn't really have anything to serve with them other than instant mashed potatos. I wanted to make a salad and carrots and corn-on-the-cob.

...we've been eating a lot of that last lately, because we both like it and it's a cheap and easy side dish. But we were out of all that stuff, so I took the bike and hit the store, and managed to get out of there for a shade over $6 even after including a couple of $1 chicken kievs in my order.

I had intended to have one of those for my "lunch", rather than a PBJ, but the microwave oven doesn't run on good intentions or rage or any alternative power source; without electricity the thing's a paperweight. Argh etc.

Perhaps someday I will be able to get a generator. Wouldn't that be cool?

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