atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3968: "We MEANT to do that!"

"Kerry didn't go off script! This was our plan all along!" That's what they're saying now.

But it's not true, which is not particularly surprising considering the gulf that separates this administration from the truth on a daily basis:
The State Department, flooded with inquiries, called Kerry’s statement a “rhetorical” proposition (translation: not serious). A White House official had told CNN that the statement was a “major goof” and that Kerry had “clearly gone off script.” The White House had inadvertently sent mixed signals in their push for military conflict. Unsurprisingly, Syria’s ally and America’ strategic adversary, Russia, was listening. They offered to make Kerry’s off-the-cuff remark a reality and thus avert military conflict.
Now the White House is trying to spin things to take advantage of their accidental discovery of a solution to the Syria issue that involves neither Obama looking weak nor the US engaging in unilateral and supremely unpopular "kinetic actions".

...because he would have gotten less than 50 votes in the Senate to authorize the use of force he really needed some kind of "out". I guess the Lord really does look out for fools, because Kerry's off-script blunder really managed to save Obama's bacon after his off-script blunder.

So Obama will retreat and declare victory, Syria will still maintain a sizable inventory of chemical weapons, America's credibility in the world will be reduced, and Vladimir Putin will laugh his ass off at the ineptitude of the American President. Leftists call this "win-win".

(BTW, that piece I blockquoted also had this in it: "The result will be a weekend presidency and...." when they meant weakened. But it passed spell-check!)

And the stars of Hollywood are still leftist hypocrites who abandon their anti-war principles rather than protest the actions of a Democrat.

JayG reminds us that a Republican wouldn't be getting credit for a similar blunder; instead the media would focus on the failure to get what it originally wanted (in this case, war) and having to "settle".

* * *

Atheist doesn't see the harm with "mild pedophilia". Well then! Richard Dawkins says he got felt up by men when he was a young boy and it never did him any harm, so we can just dispense with the crazy overreactions and legalize pedophilia.

* * *

Well, maybe we just ought to abandon Florida outright then, huh? I am so sick of this BS about how the "delicate ecosystem" can't tolerate insults from human engineering.

Reading further, it turns out that most of the issue comes out of a lack of maintenance of the infrastructure: the dike is old and frail, culverts south of the lake are clogged, etc, etc--all things which should have been dealt with over time but which were not because--in all probability--some bureaucrat decided the dollars could be better spent elsewhere. The same phenomenon we see all across the nation, where bridges and other essential edifices are decaying from lack of maintenance, sometimes (and more often as time goes on) to the point of complete failure.

Because, after all, it's much more fun to spend all the money you've got right now than it is to save some for future emergencies, isn't it?

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