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#3971: MUCH cooler outside today.

At noon the temp was 79°. That was like Tuesday's low temperature. The next five days look pleasantly cool, and if I don't have anything else occupying my time perhaps I can get more work done in the garage.

I've been given permission to get rid of the old stove, one way or another, though I first have to see if I can sell it to a restorer/collector before simply hauling it to the junkyard for scrap price. Whatever I can get rid of--and perhaps whoever buys the stove may want to buy some of the other antiques out there. We'll see.

I have a bunch of things to do today, of course, but first--on with the bloggeratin'!

* * *

Sarah Hoyt touches on the same topic I discussed in my post on 9/11, but she's a lot more diplomatic about it, talking about why the conflict has occurred rather than what we should have done about it. Well, I'm a man, and on top of that trained as an engineer; I think in direct terms about solving problems as efficiently as possible.

I do notice that she invokes the playground metaphor, though, as I did. It's apt.

* * *

Vlad Putin makes more sense on Syria than our sitting President does and who could have seen that coming?

John McCain is upset that NYT let Putin write an op-ed for them. WTF, NYC has always let Russians write their editorials, one way or another; this is business as usual for them. (And why does anyone care what John McCain thinks, anyway?)

Meanwhile Obama continues to try to shift the blame elsewhere because SCOMF, and inept foreign policy seems to be the purview of Democrats.

* * *

Not that their domestic policy is anything special, though. Obamacare has been an unmitigated disaster, and it is only going to get worse. It started out unpopular, was passed in spite of public opposition to it, and the people who supported it the most--primarily members of the government-union complex--are now wanting to be exempted from it as quickly as possible.

...yet the GOP steadfastly refuses to make anything more than a token effort to repeal or defang the damned thing. Ace comes at the issue from the standpoint that the GOP is simply not courageous enough to press for repeal, but I don't think that's it. Being part of the aristocracy, the GOP leadership sees nothing wrong with the little people being forced to obey a law from which the elites have exempted themselves, and like the entire diorama that was the budget fight (in which we got "deficit reduction" amounting to little more than rounding errors) I think their anti-Obamacare position is pure political theater. I don't think the GOP cares a whit about Obamacare being law as long as they continue to be the ones writing the checks.

Ace concludes, "The GOP is currently not a viable governing party. Like ObamaCare, it needs to be reformed or replaced." He's certainly right about that. So far the GOP has not done anything to convince me to the contrary.

* * *

Also from Ace, onoes the hurricanzz. The first hurricane of the year is wandering aimlessly around the Atlantic Ocean and is probably going to degrade to a tropical storm before it gets anywhere near a landmass.

Have fun with that, warmistas.

* * *

Thinking about a lot of unrelated things--

--I've noticed that the least able among us are frequently our most vocal critics. I wonder why that is?

--If you get KFC and the chicken is right out of the fryer (instead of sitting under the heat lamp for however long) it tastes better, even the next day. Point being, it's worth it to wait an extra five minutes for the fresh stuff.

--It has been 25 years since that stove was put where it is now. For crying out loud.

--I have reread my post on upgrading my desktop's memory some half a dozen times at least. I'm wanting to tinker with computers again, which I haven't wanted to do since 1998. Hmm.

--I still can't believe it's not butter.

...and that wraps up another post. See ya!

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