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#3980: Okay, that's stupid.

Running an errand for Mrs. Fungus today--

Road construction has come to the Fungal Vale again, and this time they're mangling the utility of the major north-south corridor in order to take care of rough pavement, pavement which has been pounded out of shape by a million truck tires. They're doing a skin coat of asphalt, which will (of course) be pounded out of shape relatively faster, especially since they're cutting out the most-damaged pockets of the concrete substrate and replacing it with asphalt. Yeah, that always ends well. Figure the potholes will be back, five times worse, in about three to five years.)

Anyway, that's stupid enough; but that's not what I'm writing about.

One of the people working on the job site owns a Jeep of recent manufacture, a Wrangler, painted some kind of deep red metallic color. He has taken the factory wheels and tires off the thing and replaced them with 25" (more or less) wheels that have a thin veneer of rubber around them. This results in a wheel/tire combination which is about the same diameter as the factory arrangement, but about eighty times more idiotic, in an attempt to approximate "cool".

What he has done, instead, is to take a vehicle that was able to go off-road right from the factory, and turn it into a vehicle which can't even handle a railroad grade crossing.

You can't hit a pothole with that kind of wheel, not without cracking the shit out of it, and so this person must slow way the hell down for any sudden changes in pavement elevation.

But oh! They look cool, don't they?

No. No, they don't. It just makes the whole thing look stupid.

* * *

There's a lot more that I could say on the subject, but I've said it all before and I'm not in the mood to repeat myself.

I'm pretty sure someone makes a tire that fits on a 25" rim and has a reasonable sidewall on it--something that would be good for off-roading--but that kind of tire on an otherwise stock Jeep would require a hell of a lift kit, and that's the only time I could see using such a large rim on a vehicle. In fact, the 20+ inch rims that initially came to market were meant for SUVs and trucks, using larger-than-stock diameter tires; only, some idiot thought they'd look cool on a Sentra and all hell broke loose.

* * *

I was hoping to get into the garage today, after running my errand, but I'm not sure it's going to happen.

I need to find one of the three or four caulk guns I have laying around this place, because before I can disable the bathtub I need to enable the shower in the master bath, and in order to do that I must caulk the damned thing.

I'm also going to have to clean the hell out of it, but at least--once this is all done--the shower will remain usable...until it's time for me to tackle that project. Because of the poor job done caulking it when it was first installed, we have drywall issues in the master bath as well--and since this is a plastic surround, rather than tile, it'll be easier to fix, but it'll also be more expensive to fix since I'll either end up buying a new surround, or doing one in tile. Either way? $$$.

...the most recent Menards ad has a really nice integrated whirlpool tub and surround for only $800 after rebate. *whimper*

Obviously a plain shower surround isn't going to be any $800, but it's certainly going to be more than I can afford. At least the drywall problems in the shower are outside of it, rather than inside.

The rest of the home improvement nonsense mainly comes from the fact that just about every wall in the house (save the kitchen walls) needs painting. The first step of that process, though, will be painting all the ceilings in the house ultra white. Two reasons: first, white matches everything; second, it makes the ceilings feel higher and the house feel more expansive.

There's an awful lot of work that needs doing on this shack. *sigh* But the first step is to find one of those damned caulk guns.

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