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#3981: Physics!

Yesterday I happened across a link to a YouTube video which explained a whole bunch of esoteric quantum mechanics concepts--and I can't find the place that linked it. *sigh* At least I was able to find the video itself on YT:

It explains some complex ideas in simple enough terms that even I can understand them. I'm still kind of wonky on why the weak force has a smaller effective radius than the strong force, but everything else makes sense. It's kind of cheesy, but highly informative.

Vox Day points us to the Feynman lectures on physics which are now also on-line.

* * *

That lets me segue rather nicely to something Feynman would have identified as cargo cult science: climatology in the early 21st century. Borepatch has two good ones today:

Germany's government wants the IPCC to say that global warming is still happening even though it really isn't. The "pause" in warming has been ongoing since 1998--seventeen years and counting!--and now suddenly a trend lasting only 15 years is insufficient to be considered climate; now it must last thirty years to be anything other than "weather".

"The noise you hear," Borepatch says, "is the sound of goalposts being moved."

The satellites say there hasn't been any warming in more than 16 years and by-and-large they've been saying much the same kind of thing all along.

* * *

A body at rest will tend to remain at rest.

...for the past few days I have been suffering from some kind of low-level gut malf/illness that has left me with absolutely no energy whatsoever. I seem to be over the worst of it now.

The part that really hurts is that it's an absolutely perfect autumn day. I should be out in it doing something constructive, but everything aches with fatigue and my entire existence cries out for bed, where Mrs. Fungus is.

...what am I doing here?

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