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#3985: Wow.

Ace has a post up about a runway model punching a feminist protestor, and then he links something that prompted this post: a self-absorbed 26-year-old girl freaks out when a guy dumps her after two dates.
thanks for your consideration about ruining my bday. as a 25 year old with two published books and a condo, the relationship i planned between us after two dates was to be the highlight of my life.
...huh? Is that sarcasm? Somehow I doubt it, given that she said this in her blog about how his breakup affected her:
I was stunned into paralysis. I had no words – this never happens – and I just felt short of breath.

There were many things that pissed me off, but I was so flustered I couldn’t even articulate them. Again, this is a serious problem for a writer and effusive communicator.

I was still so agitated 10 hours later that I had to leave opera rehearsal early.
"This never happens", huh? A guy breaking up with her, that never happened to her before? Really? I find that hard to believe; while she's cute she's not gorgeous, and I wouldn't say that she's really all that pretty. Certainly her obvious character and personality issues override any physical attractiveness she has. I mean, she loses it like this when a guy--after two dates--decides there isn't any chemistry? It's not like he jilted her at the altar or anything; he just said, "Look, this really isn't going to work for me" after two dates. It is a bit weak to do it via text, but by her account he didn't have her phone number and when was he supposed to meet with her?

She was having a birthday party with 125 guests, and his decision not to come ruined it? That's what she said in her text to him--"thanks for your consideration about ruining my bday"--right before that bit about the relationship being a highlight of her life, whatever the hell that means.

Perspective! It's not just for poor people any more!

Another quote, this one from the article about this:
In her blog she claims her actions were a feminist act for ‘you, and your girlfriends, moms, grandmothers, daughters, etc’ because women should ‘never remain silent in the bombastic, outrageously chauvinistic face of an insecure man.’
I think the insecure person here is one Quin Woodward Pu, self-absorbed, entitled, spoiled little rich girl who freaked right the fuck out the first time anyone ever said "boo" to her. He's a chauvinist because he broke up with her after two dates? And in order to legitimize her attempts at revenge she cloaks it in the mantle of feminism, but ends up making herself look even more whiny and pathetic than she did before saying so.

She's in medical school. This is one doctor I wouldn't trust with a popsicle stick, much less a tongue depressor or life-and-death medical decisions. WTF.

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