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#3990: If I don't have a job by the end of the week, something is WRONG.

Four interviews scheduled this week--one being the posting that was re-opened so I could apply for it--means I'm going to be busy.

It always seems as if October is when I get hired....

* * *

Monty brings the DOOM!

Price controls always lead to scarcity. The minimum wage does it inversely; by raising the price people must pay for a commodity (unskilled labor hours) the government decreases demand for that commodity.

In Venezuela, used cars cost more than new ones and there's a waiting list for new cars--because of price controls.

The reason we had gas lines and rationing and shortages in the 1970s wasn't because the Arabs weren't selling us enough oil, but because Nixon emplaced controls on the price of gas. Then we got the CAFE standard as a remedy for the artificial shortage of gasoline, because government reasoned that if people were forced to buy cars that used less fuel, the artificial shortages caused by government price controls would no longer be an issue.

...but of course when Reagan took office in 1981, he got rid of the stupid price controls, and mirabile visu we had as much gas as we wanted or needed again. It was more expensive than it had been previously, but we had it. (I vividly remember gasoline costing $0.88 per gallon in 1987. *sigh*)

Monty links this Arse Technica post about D3 and Blizzard's decision to axe the auction houses from D3. My problem with the game is that it's essentially unwinnable unless you spend real-world dollars on in-game items, and that is something I simply WILL NOT DO regardless of how cool a game is.

Blizzard ought to yank the online-only play BS while they're at it.

* * *

Related: VDH discusses the vanishing middle class. Obama's policies have not been kind to the middle class. And why would they? The middle class tends to be less Democrat than the very rich (educated in ivy league schools) and the poor (dependent on government). It's in the Democrats' best interests to reduce the middle class to an absolute minimum. Hell, that's right out of Marx, for crying out loud.

* * *

Strangely enough Al Qaeda stops talking when they realize their covert communications network has been compromised. The White House as much as told the terrorists that we were onto them by shutting down most of our embassies in the mideast.

"Remember Coventry!" If Churchill had done things the way Obama does, the Nazis would have realized that we'd cracked Enigma. Think about that one for a moment.

* * *

We are learning interesting things about the physics of high pressure environments and some of them are counterintuitive. But when I read this:
We tend to think of atoms as solid spheres defined by their outermost electrons (he illustrated this with a photo of a stack of cannon balls). But the reality is that these orbitals can change based on the environment the atom finds itself in. Under pressure, these orbits gradually distort and undergo further changes, some of which may lead to the electrons being booted from orbitals entirely.
I immediately thought of how soap bubbles behave, and realized that there are some interesting interrelations between the physical processes.

* * *

SpaceX is working on making their booster reusable. It's all about bringing down the cost of a pound to orbit; reusable boosters help enormously.

Someday they'll be able to schedule space flights the way we schedule air travel now.

* * *

Funny thing: Mrs. Fungus was running around Undercity on one of her Horde toons and came across a dwarf who was trying to raid the place. He cried, and posted the emote, "[whoever it was] is hopelessly lost." It was pretty funny.

* * *

As for me, I'd better enjoy the pleasant autumn weather while I can.

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