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#3993: Stupid, yes. Offensive, only kinda.

A hamburger garnished with an unconsecrated communion wafer. I say this is "only kinda" offensive because the wafer has not been consecrated; and as it's unconsecrated the restaurant may as well be garnishing its burger with a Ritz or something. Unless I am mistaken, a communion wafer does not actually become the Host until and unless it's consecrated. It is still a mean-spirited thing to do, though.

I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for the restaurant to offer a burger with Mohammed's face on it, though.

* * *

18-year-old girl carries on with 14-year-old girl, then wants to be given a pass because she's a lesbian. That's the way I am interpreting the various "free Kate" images that accompany the article: "It shouldn't be illegal for me to have sex with an underage girl, because we're lesbians and you just hate us, you homophobe!"

Unfortunately, there have to be some standards. If you're an adult (at least in the legal sense, as this girl does not sound like she's mature enough to warrant the label) and you have sex with a minor, that is statutory rape at least and quite possibly child sexual abuse as well. It doesn't matter what are the sexes of the parties involved; the only salient detail is that one person is over 18 and the other is not.

A boy in the same circumstances--having sex with a 14-year-old girl, and doing all the other things "Kate" did--would be sent to jail. By that standard, then, I think the nonsense about "hate" is just an attempt to avoid the legal consequences of breaking the law.

Look: what this girl does with her genitals (and what people do in general) is none of my business and I DON'T CARE ABOUT IT but that doesn't mean she ought to get a pass from the penal system. There are very few competent judges who, apprised of the facts of the case, will say, "Oh, shit, you're a lesbian and all this is hurting your feelings? Sorry! Case dismissed." No.

* * *

Beware the waters of petrification! This is damned cool and not just a little creepy; it's pictures of birds that fell into toxic water, died, and got calcified by it.

It's easy to understand how someone could see something like that and come up with a myth about the creature that turns things to stone....

* * *

Every day is a new adventure!

Last night I made crunchy chicken, pasta salad, green beans, and crescent rolls for dinner. Once everything was said and done we had one crescent roll left. My dessert had been a Dream Bar, so when we were cleaning up I took the leftover crescent roll and stuck it on the depleted popsicle stick, thus inventing CRESCENT ROLL ON A STICK!!!

The pasta salad didn't come out as well as the last batch. I didn't realize what the problem was, however, until this afternoon when I went to have some; I had not put enough mayo on it. I added another couple of wads of the stuff and stirred it in, and now the pasta salad is excellent. Whee!


Job-hunting is done for the week, and I'm well pleased; now we wait.


Mrs. Fungus likes to watch The Soup and of course I watch it with her; and while they were talking about the end of Breaking Bad they played the ending, and the song that played over the end scenes is one I've wanted to know the title of--quite literally!--for five years.

Badfinger's "Baby Blue".

* * *

It's unseasonably warm today. The air is humid, we have thick clouds, and all that traps heat like a blanket. But there's a cold front coming, after which we'll get more typical October weather back.

The motorcycle is almost due for a service, too.

There are perhaps a hundred thousand things I could do right now--which actually need doing--but the only thing I can summon any enthusiasm for is laying back down. I'm not going to do that, but it's all that appeals to me.

Gadzooks, how lazy can you get?

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