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#3996: 24 hours of AC in October

The last thing I do before bed is clean the cat box. Last night, when I went outside to toss it into the trash can, it was obvious that the cold front had finally gone through and we could open some windows and shut off the AC. It was almost exactly 24 hours since I'd turned it on.

Today is twenty degrees cooler than yesterday was, and it's a bit of a shock, to be honest, even though we're now back to typical October weather. Still, there are worse things.

The best part of all this is that the work I didn't get done yesterday, because of the weather, is still waiting to be done. It's just amazing how that works.

* * *

So let's have a little look into the Potemkin Shutdown, shall we?

People living on federal lands, with leases and everything, are forced to leave their homes, Because Shutdown. This is Yet Another Example of The Worst Shutdown Ever, happening because There Is No Money To Pay For Services. All these things we're seeing--closure of parks, memorials, walls, oceans, and now mountains--didn't happen in prior shutdowns, because the executive branch wasn't being run by a bunch of spiteful jerks.

And I say that last advisedly because the golf course that Obama uses, which is on federal lands, is somehow remaining open despite the shutdown. Priorities, man! That golf course is paid for by private funds--real private funds, I mean, not the "private" funds of taxpayers who only have that money because of the largesse of government.

It's on Andrews Air Force base. "The grocery stores on the base, where troops get discounted groceries for their families are, however, closed."

...yet another story for the mainstream media to ignore.

* * *

You need a photo ID to access Obamacare. Raciss!

We're told that requiring people to show a photo ID in order to vote is racism, a poll tax, and a "Jim Crow" law. If requiring a photo ID to vote is racist, why is requiring a photo ID to access Obamacare not racist? Why, in fact, is government allowed to ask for photo ID at all?

Huh? "Because people will commit fraud," you say? So what you're saying is, it's vitally important that government insure that benefits are paid out to the right people, and that people can't game the system by claiming to be someone else? You're saying that if the government doesn't require a photo ID, some people will misrepresent themselves and get benefits they're not entitled to? That requiring a photo ID is the only way to prevent abuse of the system?

So let me get this straight: you're saying that it's not racist to ask for a photo ID when it's possible that someone might commit a crime or get something they're not entitled to. Right?

But isn't it really hard to get a photo ID? What if you're poor and don't have a car, and therefore no reason to have a driver's license? Eh? You can get a state-issued ID card? You can go to the DMV with a couple of documents establishing your identity, and get one? You mean, it's actually very easy and inexpensive to get a photo ID? And since you need one for all sorts of other things, nearly everyone has some form of photo ID anyway?

Okay: so you're saying that it's not hard to get a government-issued photo ID, and that it's not racist for government functionaries to ask to see your ID in order to confirm that you are who you claim to be.

So explain to me why it is racist to ask for a photo ID only when someone wants to vote, because I sure as hell am not getting it.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I got a real kick out of Brewfest this year.

Ormus (Wyrmrest Accord) got a Keg Pony, and one of Mrs. Fungus' toons drank ale from it until she puked (this is a real game mechanic) and then she issued a command that made it look as if the toon had passed out. While we were cracking jokes back and forth about the keg pony, it emitted this horrible noise and died.

Why the hell it had to do that is anyone's guess. It's a timed summon, meaning it only hangs around for a little while before going away. But why did it have to croak like that? It would be fine if it just disappeared or something.

After Mrs. Fungus and I realized what had happened, Ormus said, "Ormus believes he would have been better served if he had subscribed to the Brew of the Month Club."

Well, Ormus got to 200 Brewfest tokens first because he could do the Coren Direbrew instance, but I had another, lower-level toon who was also participating. I don't make a career out of the world events, mainly because I've seen them all, but I did enough of Brewfest on these two toons that I was actually able to get the Brew of the Month Club as well...which has made the "brewmaster" title available to all my toons.

Having the keg pony, now I can see that it's pretty stupid. You summon it and it lasts for about three minutes before dying in a distressingly noisy fashion. While it exists, members of your party can drink ale from it, which makes them drunk, which makes the screen all blurry and messes up your ability to move in straight lines, but otherwise does nothing. Drink enough alcohol in short enough a time and the character vomits, spewing green stuff which disappears before it lands on anything. But again, there are no penalties or anything other than the blurry screen and the inability to move straight. Whee!

Well, I'm no stranger to buying stupid things in-game. That's why the original Ormus has a wicker man campfire....

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