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#3998: That's a first!

Well, I didn't get the motorcycle maintenance done today, but I did get the garage work done.

The old storage cabinet for Victrola records--it is quite literally falling apart, and when I tried to move it pieces were coming off. There's no way in hell this thing is restorable; by the time someone restored it, it would be basically new. I have no idea how it managed to hold together with stuff piled on top, unless it was out of sheer force of habit.

Anyway, as I'd planned I moved it out and moved the sewing machine base into its place. This thing is nifty: it was built so that when you opened the top leaf, it would elevate the sewing machine into position automatically and retract the front panel, which is spring loaded, so the operator would have a place to put his legs and have easy access to the treadle.

Of course the mechanism for doing all that is broken and rusted, but not in the same places; all the parts are there and it is restorable. If only the sewing machine were in it, I could sell it within a couple of hours of posting an ad on Etsy or Craigslist. As it is, it's still valuable--just not as much.

The next project will be getting the stove out, taking some pictures, and putting it on the aforementioned web sites.

So then I moved a bunch of stuff, and threw out a few things--as stated previously I am running out of things I can summarily toss; the low-hanging fruit has just about been picked--and gave serious thought to how I can clear out the rest of the stuff in time for winter, so Mrs. Fungus can store her car inside.

One thing I realized was that I didn't have to keep the engine stand assembled. I have no plans to use it anytime soon, so I took it apart--I had to unscrew all of three bolts--and wrapped the pieces up together with duct tape, and then taped the bolts in their bag to them. I tucked it safely away and now it takes up much less room than it did.

I swung the spare sofa (it's all wood; the cushions are in the basement) in a 180° arc and moved it further east, so it now occupies the space where the sewing machine was. I rearranged a bunch of other stuff in that part of the garage.

When I was finished, the MGB was 18" further east than it's ever been in that garage. I can now park both motorcycles behind it, which is also a first.

Then I took rough width and length measurements of the MGB and tried to figure out how much room I needed to get Mrs. Fungus' car in the garage, and didn't much like the numbers that came back: I need to get rid of just about everything in the garage but for my tools and a few other things if I want that to happen. It's possible but it's going to mean finding another place to store the antiques.

A storage unit, perhaps. They're not exactly cheap, but if I could rent a smallish one for about $100 a month that would do handsomely. Otherwise I'm going to have to have some antique dealer come over here and make me an offer on the stuff, and while I'm not in a position to be picky I don't want to give it all away, either.

10x10 would be big enough to fit most of the stuff I need out of the garage, and plenty of stuff from the basement besides--maybe even the console stereo. It'd be nice if I could wire the basement for surround, haul the blab slab down there, and set up a boffo home theater system--put the spare sofa down there, maybe with new cushions, and a rocking chair, and--

--and as long as I'm dreaming, I'd like that winning Powerball ticket.

But in fact this stuff is doable. All it takes is enough concerted effort to make it happen.

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