atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4006: Geek Squad FTW

#3990: If I don't have a job by the end of the week, something is WRONG.

Something is not wrong, let me tell you.

Perspicacious readers of the Fungus may have noticed that I stopped talking entirely about my job hunt--rather abruptly--soon after that post went up. I didn't want to jinx things; the second interview I went to on Tuesday the 1st was a second interview and I was offered a job.

I'm telling you, it has to be October. Don't ask me why.

So what I wrote about Burger King's lousy Coke happened when I was on my way to a pee test, on the 2nd, and of course that went just fine. The background check came back positive (both senses: "He has a background", and "there's nothing bad in it") so off we went to the races. Saturday the 12th was orientation day, and this week I am doing computer-based training (CBT) n four-hour stints (mostly it's HR stuff like "chemicals and you" and "how to deal with spills" and "harassment is bad, m'kay?"). This coming Saturday there will be more orientation, and from there I start with the hands-on stuff, learning the job.

Considering how many GS jobs I interviewed for, one of 'em had to garner me a position, but this one is the one they re-opened specifically so I could apply for it. It's part-time, but I'm told that once I'm out of the training period I can expect to be working "at least" half time, and probably up to the Obamacare-mandated 31-hour limit as the holiday season unfolds.

Best part? Flexible scheduling: I blocked out Mrs. Fungus' days off as my days off, so we can spend our "weekends" together, and further I've carved out time for church on Sunday and choir practice on Thursday. I have 40 hours or so of availability, but as I'm a part-timer they won't schedule that much time, so it'll be fine.

But of course something has to give, and what has given is blogging. I got home yesterday from work and just collapsed, because it's hard work cramming new information into your brain--especially when someone decides to see how cool that subwoofer really is and THUDTHUDTHUDTHUD just as you're getting to the part of the video where they're telling you something you didn't already know....

Today was more of the same; when I got off work I hit the store for some necessities (bread and butter and Mountain Dew) and had some time to myself before choir practice--and what did I do but blog about politics? *sigh*

So I've finally got a job, and I'm getting paid, and it's work I can do without losing my mind. I'm pretty sure, anyway; it's all stuff I've done before and it's not any 10-hour days unloading trucks, with two 20-minute breaks, requiring that I be there at five in the freakin' morning.

Until the holiday season really ramps up I should also have plenty of time to work on my various projects, too. And this could be the foundation for an actual career since I'm smarter than the average bear.

90% is just showing up and doing your job, so that's where I'm starting. Whee!

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