atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4008: GAAAHHH

I might have managed an hour and a half of sleep before I had to get up and go to work today. BLARGH.

...but of course I did it, and even managed to punch in exactly at 7:30 despite a bunch of stupidity.

The Jeep was getting low on gas, but I had hoped to put gas in after work rather than before. As expected the "low fuel" light went on as I was driving in, but I knew I had enough to get to work and thence to a gas station afterwards.

So I'm perhaps a mile from my exit, and there's a complete f-ing moron tailgating me because I'm only going 60 in a 55 zone in the right lane. The left lane is wide open. Because my exit is a combined exit--you get off on the same ramp regardless of which way you're going, and the lane you select turns into your exit--I figured this idiot was also getting off there.

Imagine my surprise when he goes straight and doesn't take the exit at all--asshat, why the fuck didn't you just PASS me? You knew I wasn't going as fast as you wanted to, and you had more than a mile of road where the left lane was wide fucking open and you could have passed me at any time.

I mean, is he just that f-ing lazy that he can't be bothered to change lanes, preferring instead to ride up on my rear bumper and then hug the left side of the lane to shine his headlights into my mirror? He'd rather be an obnoxious and unsafe prick than simply get into the passing lane and pass me?

I could kinda-sorta get his mindset if I had been in the left lane, but I wasn't. There still isn't really any excuse for tailgating, but at least it would make sense if I had been doing anything wrong.

At least according to the rules everyone else follows.

So anyway I'm heading down the highway I exited onto, thinking about what a fuckin' retard that guy was, and it's 7:15, but I'm less than a mile from work now...and the exit I take is blocked, completely, by police cars. Apparently some moron couldn't make up his mind which way he wanted to go, tried to split the difference, and wrecked his car. There was a flatbed there, picking up the wreck--the left front corner of the car was utterly demolished--and the cops had the entire exit closed, so I perforce had to move over and continue on down the road.

Now I was driving away from work and the low fuel light was nagging at me. The next exit was a mile down, so I got off there. I almost hooked a U-turn, but then I saw the gas station, and said to myself, "You know that if you don't get gasoline now, SURE AS SHITTING you'll run out and be late for work, so go get some f-ing gasoline." Muttering foul imprecations to myself, I pulled in and pumped in $10 of gas, then hurried back to the highway.

I pulled into the parking lot at 7:26, punched in at 7:30...and proceeded to sit in a conference room with a dozen other new hires for more than half an hour waiting for the people doing the training to arrive. (I am neither complaining nor casting aspersions here; I am merely stating a fact. WTH, they are paying me for my time; they can use it as they see fit.)

So, all's well that ends well, I suppose: I got to work on time, and completed orientation, and am now done with work until next week.

* * *

"You should have filled your tank yesterday, after work!" Certainly I should have. In a proper and just world I would have all the money I need to do just that sort of thing, but I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here. First payday is next week, after which such things may--hopefully!--just be a little bit easier.


* * *

Anyway, so that's my first week done and done. Whee!

* * *

...I am pretty amazed at the number of high-end smartphones in use in that conference room as we waited, though. Having seen what some of those things retail for--their list price, I mean, not the promotional price you get for signing a 2-year contract or what-the-hell-ever--I find that pretty amazing.

* * *

The only other thing I have to comment on right now is Back to the Future, and then I am going to bed.

That movie is 28 years old now, and I realized (belatedly) that the second movie is set almost entirely in 2015, which is two years from now. I am now almost as distant from my first viewing of that movie, in the theater in 1985, as Marty McFly was from 1985 when he unexpectedly found himself in 1955.

I mean, damn.

As I was watching the movie I thought about the other way they could have ended it: they could have jumped forward 30 years, to 2015, and showed Marty McFly as a middle-aged man, meeting Doc again. It would have been thirty years for Marty but perhaps thirty minutes (or thirty seconds) for Doc...and there could have been some interesting story told in that space, had they chosen to go that route.

I'm going to watch the sequels, too, even though they're not as good. The second movie suffered from too many forced attempts at parallel construction ("You're safe and sound back on the 55th floor." "You're so...big!" And so on) and getting too cute with makeup, casting Michael J. Fox as his son and daughter. And some of the futuristic elements in that movie have been far outstripped by their real-world counterparts; Marty's boss tells him "Read my fax!" and the words "YOU'RE FIRED!" print out all over the house.

Maybe fax machines will make a big resurgence in the next couple of years, but I think it's more likely that in the real world Marty's boss would just send him a text message. And he wouldn't use a political joke that was old hat less than six months after George H.W. Bush issued the (in)famous promise that inspired it.

I'd take Mr. Fusion over flying cars any day of the week.

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