atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4012: Working!


Today I actually worked and didn't just sit at a computer learning things. Whee!

..."low fuel" light came on while I was driving in, and it turns out that I never want to risk driving home from work with that thing on, because damn.

Okay, when the needle is below the "E" you are moving on clean thoughts and righteous living, but despite all odds I actually managed to make it home. I kept playing the "just get there" game--"If I can just get to that road" and "if I can just get as far as that place" and "I only need to go another mile and I'll be able to get off the highway" and "If I can just make it to the top of that hill I can coast most of the way from here" and finally "I just need to get into the driveway". But I made it.

I had to borrow Mrs. Fungus' car to go to the bank first, then to the gas station, where I filled a 5-gallon can; once home from there I dumped the entire contents of that gas can into the Jeep's tank, which ought to get me to payday, anyway.

I never want to go through that again. Damn. Fortunately, I'm earning money now, so hopefully I can keep more fuel in the Jeep's tank than whatever I can squeeze from a stone.

...but now it's bedtime--past bedtime--and I've got to hit the hay. Night all.

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