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...two seven-hour days in a row, on my feet almost the entire time but for a fifteen-minute break--yeah. Damn.

It probably would not have been so very bad if I had heeded Mrs. Fungus' advice and gotten new shoes Wednesday night (rather than Thursday) because damn. The new shoes kept me from wanting to hack off my feet at the ankles today, but not by much, and once I'm done at the computer I am going to elevate them and do nothing for a while.

My training continues apace, and I was working partly without a net today...and have to say that I did not do too badly. Customer service comes pretty naturally to me--it's all I did for years--and I am handicapped only by my lack of knowledge and the fact that I don't want to make mistakes. (And I know that the probability that I will make mistakes is approximately unity, so don't bother telling me.)

The feet are the hardest part, and there is nothing that can be done about it. I quite literally have to walk this off; the only way to get my feet toughened up to handle a day's work is for me to do it, and endure the pain while they get used to it.

But I know they will; I went through this at Target, though of course I was able to wear sneakers instead of having to wear dress(Y) shoes. The shoes I have now are very nice, dressy, and are very comfortable; I probably would not be hurting as badly as I am if I had had them yesterday.

Still, I lived through it, and I'm off tomorrow, and so I've got time to recuperate.

And today is payday. Whee!

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