atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4014: Damn it, this is dicks.

So I ran a registry cleaner on my desktop PC today.

*sigh* computer works, I will say that much. The problem is, it doesn't work correctly. The registry cleaner hosed up my registry but good, so that when I log on to my computer it opens everything in the root directory of the C:\ drive (or tries to) and won't let me make any changes to the user preferences.

Needless to say I cannot find my copy of Vista anywhere, which would let me do a repair job on the OS. My mail client is hosed, too, so I can't access my e-mail on the computer, and without the Vista install disk I can't fix that, either. "Install/change Program features" just dies without displaying anything.

The Vista disk is around here somewhere. I can't remember where I put it; when Mrs. Fungus moved in, this past January, everything got shuffled around, so it's likely that even if I could remember where I put it, that would be wrong.

Another option would be to find the original C: drive for this computer, plug it in, and dump the recovery directory to a DVD. That might work. *sigh*

The other option before me is to delete the user profile I use and create a new one. That would also be a pain in the ass but it may be the only way to fix this.

Argh etcetera.

* * *

I was able to go to the store today and buy things. It's amazing how that works; you work and get a paycheck, and then you can exchange that money for goods and services! Wow!

* * *

I wish I had more energy, but this OS problem is draining my will to live. Anyone got a Win 7 license they're willing to sell cheap?

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