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#4018: Should I be worried?

Got home from work feeling pretty good today. My feet hurt, though not as bad as they did Friday, and when I was getting out of the Jeep I was feeling pretty well blessed. I was coming home after a hard day's work, in a bit of pain but otherwise feeling good. This evening is my "Friday night" and my wife and I share the same days off; I had a good positive day at work, and although I'm looking forward to my days off I'm also looking forward to working on Thursday.

"Blessed" is decidedly the correct word.

* * *

But there's no inflation! How can McDonald's be killing their dollar menu when there's no inflation?

* * *

Last night I made ham and bean soup. The ham has been in the freezer for quite a while--more than a year--but the soup came out tasting exactly as it should, even though the ham was freezer burned to hell and gone. It's even better today.

Mrs. Fungus didn't like it, so I cooked her a meal; that combined with the soup and apple crisp meant I spent a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday.

The first apple crisp of the year--yeeha. And it tastes good.

It sure is nice, being able to cook good food from scratch.

* * *

The Obamacare debacle continues, exactly as predicted by those of us on the right. Sorry, but them's the facts; all of this was not only predictable but predicted.

The biggest piece of fail in the whole thing comes from how the web site must hide premium information from the people attempting to use it. The site must first determine whether or not a particular person is eligible for a subsidy, and then apply that subsidy, in order to disguise the fact that OBAMACARE IS THE DIRECT CAUSE OF AN ENORMOUS INCREASE IN HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS.

The best example of schadenfreude is the anonymous young woman who wrote her health underwriter to complain: "I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it." Yeah--who did you think was going to pay for it? There's a reason all those people didn't have health insurance to begin with, and it had nothing to do with intransigence or stupidity.

But the computer code required to accomplish that sort of sleight-of-hand does not scale very well. You can do something like that when you have a few hundred users, but the instant you try to make something like that work with literal millions of users you find that it breaks very quickly and in unpredictable ways.

It does not help that the company that wrote the code is run by a friend of Michelle Obama, and it was a no-bid contract.

Meanwhile, as usual, Obama's friends in the media do their best to cover for him. They're trying to convince us that Obams wasn't lying when he said "If you like your plan, you can keep it," because it's the insurance companies who are dropping people.

But in fact Obams did lie, because Obamacare sets specific requirements for what health insurance must do. An insurance provider is unable by law to continue to offer plans that don't measure up to Obamacare's standards; they have a choice between dropping plans that are no longer legal, or providing coverage for lots of additional services for the same money. Guess which any reasonable person would choose?

The law makes no provisions for grandfathering plans which predate the law. This alone proves that Obama was lying.

* * *

I think I know what I'll do about the PC.

Step one: pull the 320 GB drive out.

Step two: do a clean new install of Vista on the original C: drive, the 160 GB one.

Step three: enjoy a brand new computing experience.

Last night I copied the C drive to an external, which means all my data is accessible; I'm going to end up having to reinstall all my software regardless of what avenue I choose to fix my problem (Win 7, Vista, Win 8, plus RAM upgrades as appropriate).

Unless I miss my guess the 160 GB drive already has a clean install of Vista on it. So guess what I'm going to do now?


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