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#4022: A hard drive crash isn't accidental damage

And even if it is, it doesn't entitle you to an entire brand new computer. Okay? Are we clear on this?

When you pay for an accidental damage replacement policy, you're making a bet that you'll be clumsy enough to drop your laptop (or whatever) and break the screen, or that you'll drop it in the bathtub, or something similar. If something like this happens while your product is covered by such a plan, #Major_Electronics_Retailer (but you know who I mean) will fix it if possible or refund the price if it can't be fixed.

But if you bring in a nearly pristine-looking laptop that won't boot, it's not accidental damage and you're not entitled to swap it for a brand new unit. Not even if the manager of another store told you that you could. You take that laptop to that store and talk to that manager, and maybe he'll swap the thing, and maybe he'll tell you to take a flying leap, because if you read the fine print in the ADR policy you'll see that #M_E_R doesn't replace a failing unit with a brand new one.

(#M_E_R corporate policy on this kind of discussion? "Employees are entitled to self-expression" as long as that self-expression doesn't reveal any corporate secrets or the personal information of third parties. Nothing in this post is secret, I'm not being critical of #M_E_R, and I'm not naming any names; I am merely clarifying a policy that is--or ought to be--public knowledge, so F it.)

* * *

Today I completed all the CBT required to get my "silver badge".

The CBT is a bit uneven. One course will require intimate knowledge of the subject at hand; the other will be simple as pie and require only common sense. Even if they're equally technical!

I forget the exact area of expertise that I was working on last week, but the 101 and 201 level courses were more involved and more technical than the 301; I didn't need to refer to the source material at all to pass the 301. WTH.

...or maybe the knowledge I already possess is just that esoteric and eclectic. I don't know.

But I'm done with silver, and now it's on to gold; once gold is done, platinum. Whee!

* * *

But I've survived another week of work. Today was my first 8-hour day, with a lunch break and everything. The lunch break (and the training stuff in the early evening) helped keep me from wanting to cut my feet off. The new shoes help but they can't eliminate the problem; again, this is something I'm going to literally have to walk off. I'm getting better!

I'm also getting better at doing the job; today I figured out how to ask for the sale when I was helping a woman with a dead hard drive. ("Is that something you'd like to set up today?" Okay, it wasn't the greatest effort, but I'm new at this. Really.) We're supposed to get some sales training, somewhere along the line, but the bosses may be waiting to see how many of the new hires survive Nov. 29th this year (Black Friday) before spending the money.

Love it or hate it, I expect to make a lot of money that day, because I know I'll be working more than eight hours. So I really need to get these old feet of mine toughened up, and soon.

* * *

It's hard to believe that it's just 8:35 right now. I mean, it feels as if it should be a lot later than it is. Then again, that's how things go when you get up in the morning, go to work for eight hours, and then come home.

Tomorrow I am off, and to make things even nicer I get an extra hour tonight because of the end of daylight savings for the year. Woohoo!

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