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#4026: Today is even skunkier than yesterday.

Colder, wetter, rainier--why, you'd almost think it was November or something. They're predicting upper 20s for tonight. Yeesh.

The Jeep still hasn't had its heater core flushed, and Mrs. Fungus' car needs an oil change, and I haven't been able to do either thanks to the rotten weather. As things stand right now, though, next week I've been scheduled for two days, and I should have time to work on the Jeep at least. My boss may schedule me for a couple more days, and may not; we'll see--regardless I'll find the outcome acceptable.

* * *

The other night Mrs. Fungus and I watched Yellowbeard because it was on-demand and free. She seemed to enjoy it, though of course it is not exactly art for the ages. Once again I was struck with how much Cheech and Chong simply did not belong in that movie, but that's a tale already plainly told so I won't go on that rant again.

* * *

Og informs us that the Illinois government has solved all the other problems and crises that face the state, leaving them time to legalize gay marriage in Illinois.

Yeah, I really don't know what to do with this, either.

* * *

Obamacare is still fail. A Democrat senator's son lost his health insurance because of Obamacare. I'm utterly without sympathy, of course, since I had to cancel my health insurance more than a year ago. I simply could no longer afford the premiums.

Mine started at $134 a month in 2007, but was up to $270 a month by the time I canceled it. Thanks to Obamacare, my premium doubled before most of the law went into effect--and I'd wager that it has not exactly decreased since last year. That assumes that my policy would have remained in effect, which I'm sure it would not have as it didn't include a bunch of things that Obamacare requires. I would have ended up with a new policy that covered things I neither wanted nor needed to pay for, and cost lots more in the bargain. (If "bargain" is the word to use, which I do not believe is the case. "Assrape" is probably more apt.)

So now the press is scrambling and trying to protect Obama from his statements about people being able to keep their plans, because it's quite obvious that people cannot--and again this is something we warned you about, over and over and over again, in the runup to this thing becoming law.

The real problem for the left in this country is that the GOP did not help them pass this abomination, and it is 100% Democrat owned and operated. There's no bipartisan cover for it; it was an unpopular law to begin with and the general population has not been given reason to change its mind in favor.

Even better: we're being told that Obama "misspoke" when he said, "If you like your plan, you can keep it." "Misspoke"! You know what that means?

It means Obama is not fit to be President!

...after all, we were told repeatedly that Bush was unfit for the Presidency because he misspoke and made errors while speaking. Here we have a cut-and-dried example of Obama misspeaking, so it's time to fire up the impeachment machine! Right?

But better than that is firing up the "Obama misled us!" machinery. Oh, yes--"Bush lied, kids died" was the catchphrase in 2004, and it was all because "Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq!" Where was the press then? Did they defend him by pointing out that all the major intelligence services in the world thought that Saddam Hussein had an emormous stockpile of chemical weapons, and that being wrong is not the same as lying?

Of course not. The press was right there with the rest of the left wing, claiming "Bush lied, kids died!"

Borepatch predicts that Obamacare is shaping up to be a very tidy disaster for the Democrat party. It seems fairly obvious that the people remember--quite clearly!--Obama promising them they could keep their health insurance if they liked it, and no amount of spin from the media will fix that; there will be plenty of examples of people who supported Obamacare until they learned that it doubled their premiums and shafted them on coverage--and those people will not react gracefully and say sympathetically, "Well, it's a complex problem, and they're doing the best they can with it."

Not when they have to pay so much for health insurance that they have to cut back on everything else.

The economic side-effects have yet to make themselves fully known, as well. We can currently point to a certain amount of un- and under-employment and say, "This is probably due to Obamacare" but the law has not fully gone into effect yet; when it does--hoo boy.

It's likely that the job I found would have been full-time, absent Obamacare. Well, them's the breaks.

* * *

Guy gets several invasive searches after cops stop him for running a stop sign. The cops were convinced he had drugs in his colon so they had doctors do all kinds of things to him to check him for drugs.

...drugs which turned out not to be present.

The best part is, the hospital that did the procedures is billing the victim--and if it were me, I'd say, "You can send the bill to the sheriff's department," and not send them one red cent, ever. The sheriff wanted the procedures, they got the search warrant, it is their responsibility to pay the piper for this.

I'm glad that guy is suing. I hope he wins big.

* * *

To get my gold badge at work, I need five positive comments from customers. In the "stuff I have immediate control over" department, there are five CBT courses left to do as well. That's not bad at all, considering I've been working there for a bit less than four weeks. But once I've finished the coursework for gold, I'll begin working on platinum.

I may get a name tag sometime soon, too. That would help.

There are now three weeks until Black Friday. I expect my schedule for that day to be...interesting. As I commented to Og last night in chat, while I do not expect that day to be a cakewalk I do expect it to be survivable. My schedule will determine what Mrs. Fungus and I do for T-day dinner, though, because if I have to be at work at 11 PM on T-day--well, work comes first. We've semi-seriously discussed not going anywhere regardless--just staying home, cooking our own dinner, and having a nice peaceful day together. If my schedule is interesting enough that'll be what we end up doing. Regardless, we're planning to enjoy it.

That's pretty much my plan for Black Friday, too: I intend to enjoy it, because what I want to do is irrelevant; I can either like the chaos and noise, or I can lump it, and I know that choosing to like it will make the whole ordeal a lot easier. How you approach things helps determine how you will deal with them, and dreading a hard day is the worst thing you can do.

"How bad can it be?" Okay, a major electronics retailer on the biggest shopping day of the year--I expect it to be bad.

I have worked a Black Friday once in my life, just once. It was 1988, and I was the head sales clerk of a brand new Software Etc location; it had opened in late October and hardly anyone knew it was there. The store was mobbed all day, and there were just three of us working there: the manager, the assistant manager, and me. Whee!

Despite that, none of us had to work longer than eight hours that day, and I think it's because--at the time--Software Etc did not sell anything for game consoles. The original NES was popular then, and if that store had stocked NES stuff we would have been completely slammed--but it didn't; it was just computer software, and that made it a lot more manageable.

Nothing like what I expect 11/28 of this year to be for me.

But as I said, I'm going to approach the thing with optimism; I know it's going to be a madhouse, so I have plenty of time to prepare myself for that. I'll just have to decide that I'll enjoy it and otherwise "be the duck", let the water roll off my back, and keep swimming.

* * *

Gad, that's pretty nauseating stuff. Sounds like every bad motivational speaker I've ever heard. I'm going to head into the bathroom and be sick....

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