atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4027: Five hours on my feet, moderate pain

Which is a damned sight better than I was doing two weeks ago, let me tell you, which means I'm getting used to it.

I'm starting to have moments where I get down on myself or am unhappy for various reasons. This is the "hump" portion of the whole process of learning a new job; I know how to handle routine tasks now but I'm prone to make mistakes and/or forget things, and I'm easily bumped out of my preprogrammed groove.

Well, that's how it goes. I'll get over it; it just means that I'm getting to the point that I've learned the easy stuff that I do a lot and haven't yet learned the more esoteric things. I will learn and improve and soon I'll be unstoppable.

* * *

Poverty in America is relative, not absolute. There is grinding poverty in America but for the most part it is statistically nonexistent. In the US you have to work very hard at being so poor that you can't buy food.

...much less the latest smartphone, elaborate tattoos, big rims for your car, a big TV, and so on. Look: obesity is a common affliction of the American poor; what does that tell you?

* * *

My feet hurt enough yesterday that I didn't stand at all during choir practice. I sat the entire time.

Yesterday I got my official Geek Squad polo shirts, and so I ducked into the mens' room long enough to swap shirts. (Of course I wore one to work today.) I look very nice in my uniform; now I need to go get a couple pairs of black pants. One of the nicest things about the dress code for this job is that it's perfectly okay--expected, even--to wear white socks with dress shoes. Whee!

A new belt might not hurt, though. Still, that's a task for another day.

Right now--I had to be up this morning at 8:15 and did not make it. Mrs. Fungus had to be up even earlier, and so we went to bed around 12:30 last night. Unfortunately I did not get to sleep before 2 AM, and that required Xanax; when I woke up this morning I felt embalmed and didn't want to move. I ended up eschewing a shower (shaved yesteday and I'm still okay in that department, and I didn't do anything so I didn't sweat or stink) and laid in bed for a bit too long. I got to work a bare 3 minutes after my scheduled arrival time, but I don't think they'll hold that against me, particularly since I don't intend for that to become a pattern.

But all that means I'm pretty well duffed, so I'm going to go lay down.

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