atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4030: At least I got something done, even if it wasn't what I wanted.

I got the kitchen cleaned up a bit, and took care of the ham.

Mrs. Fungus cooked a ham this past week--a big one--and of course we had legendary leftovers, so today I pared the meat off the bone and froze it. The bone and scraps got bagged up, too, because that is going to be the foundation for another pot of ham and bean soup just as soon as I think it's a decent time for it. Oh, yeah.

One of the nicest benefits to having a freakin' job again is that in the past couple of days I've put gas in the Jeep, done some grocery shopping, and had a Subway sandwich, and I've still got money left. It's not going to last, of course, because I have to make some sense out of the utility bills, but this is a vast--VAST--improvement over how things have been in the past couple of years where I had to dread spending every penny.

I am going to do my best, however, to retain that dread. I rather like what it does for my frugality.

Still, that sub sandwich has been a long time coming. Mrs. Fungus doesn't like Subway, so we don't eat there; the other problem is that their hours are not very comprehensive. But when I know it's five hours until dinner and I can pay the freight, it's a nice change of pace.

* * *

Torgilgrimm has hit 88th level. I created the character the first time I played WoW which was December 19, 2008; I'm coming up on my 5-year anniversary of playing this stupid game and I still haven't gotten tired of it. On the plus side that leaves me about 38 days to get to 90th level on him. It's kind of a shame to have let it go this long; when I started him 80 was the maximum level, for crying out loud.


* * *

Even when the best thing I can do is nothing--my wife commanded me to stay in and do as little as possible today--even then, I feel guilty about it. But it's fine, because the work I did in the kitchen really needed to be done, and a lot more than the outdoor stuff did.

Anyway the project now is excavating my computer desk, and among other things I want to move El-Hazard to the family room and connect it to the blab slab in there so I can watch anime. I also want to connect the stereo amp to its speakers so I can use that again, and connect a whole mess of other wires. Eventually I'd like to run wires through the attic for the surround speakers, and mount them, and-and-and, but that is going to take some serious doing. Besides, I need money for the terminal plates since I don't want just to drill holes in the drywall; and since I do not intend to have wires festooning the family room like some kind of weird slime mold, this is how it has to be if I want a functioning surround system. And WTF, my damned amp is Dolby 7.1; why wouldn't I want to use its full capabilities when watching movies? Cripes.

I'll just get to that after all the other stuff I have to do. Whee!

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