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#4032: Snow--still here.

I'm kind of amazed by that. First snow of the year and all; I was expecting it to melt overnight. It didn't--probably because the low last night was around 28°--and was still there at 9 AM this morning. The grass was completely white.

It's gone now, of course, from anywhere the sunlight hit. Looks like we won't make it to 40° today, but that's enough to melt the snow, anyway.

It was cold outside when I went to get chinese food for dinner; I was wearing my barn coat but should at least have had gloves on. It was made worse by the fact that I had to scrape the Jeep's windows.

* * *

Did you hear about the massive typhoon that hit the Philippines? Apparently it's proof of global warming, but people are getting tired of that nonsense.
"A few colder-than-normal winters are in no way any indication of a trend change when it comes to climate change." Well, using that logic, how is a single large typhoon then supposed to confirm climate change? A truly fascinating thought process!
It's called "magical thinking" and it's why freon was banned in the 1980s.

Same vein, then, Borepatch uses ice core data to illustrate why "man made global warming" is bunkum.

* * *

So today is Tuesday, and I have to go buy pants. It's for work!

...I got some of my utility business dealt with yesterday. The phone is back on and I've clarified what I need to do with respect to the gas bill. The electric bill--that has to wait until my next paycheck, because I really do need those pants, but at least it's all within the realm of possibility now.

For grins and giggles I checked RAM prices Sunday night, and saw that I can get 4 GB of RAM for about $42 shipped. That, too, will have to wait for a future paycheck.

The thing that really gave me pause, however, was that the web site advertising that price said my system can only hold 4 GB of RAM. says 8, and I'm more inclined to believe them anyway since they are a major player in the RAM upgrade market. Documentation gleaned from is virtually useless.


Worst case, I get memory, it doesn't work, I send it back and get a refund. WTF. But that's not happening this week in any event.

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