atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4033: This is why I like Walmart.

I got two pairs of pants for work--perfectly acceptable black khaki pants--for $11 each yesterday. I went in there expecting to spend $20+ per pair, and instead spent about $22 on two pairs, which made me very happy.

Og suggested trying out the Dr. Scholl's "custom fit" orthotics--standing on the machine and all that--and of course it recommended the size they were out of. That was sort of okay since I got sticker shock at the price--$50 for a pair of insoles--but it's probable that I can get them on-line for less. I'm going to have to do something, for Black Friday is coming.


Anyway, today was meatloaf day. It came out pretty well but for the fact that I put too much breadcrumbs in it, leading to a somewhat gelatinous texture in the middle. It sure tastes good enough!

Besides that, I got the oil in Mrs. Fungus' car changed. (Another plus for Walmart: 5 quarts of oil for her car was $15.) I didn't get up soon enough even to consider looking at the Jeep's heater. Well, next week's days off might feature okay weather for that. Hopefully.

And the snow that stuck around yesterday--most of it is still here today. Whee! But tomorrow it will melt; and if not, Saturday, when it's supposed to get near 60 and rain.

But the really big news is that last night--November 12, 2013--Torgilgrimm hit 90th level. That's four years and 47 weeks after I first created the toon--and about twelve and a quarter days of actual play time. Mrs. Fungus' first toon, Lemonzen, took sixteen days' worth of play time to hit 90th. "That doesn't seem like enough," she said.

Well, it could be worse.

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