atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4036: The bunker weathered the storms.

Yeah, it was about 12:15 when the tornado sirens went off. I was in the middle of a discussion with my brother when it happened.

...the storms ended up making me about 15 minutes late to work; my wife was later, but there was a sizable tornado tearing through western Will County and the bunker was right in the potential path of the thing--if it had veered south the Fungal Vale might have been hit.

Okay, example: I have never--not once--heard the sirens go off more than once for any particular storm. But while my wife showered I stood on the front porch with my Nook, looking at the weather radar and watching the skies...and in the distance I heard tornado sirens sounding a second time.

That scared me.

What scared me more was watching, from my front porch, as a whirling cloud structure went past about 2-3 miles west of the house, at altitude. It was not a funnel cloud exactly, but it was a point of obvious rotation up in the clouds which could have become a tornado. That was only a potential tornado and that is the closest I ever want to come to a funnel cloud. It was moving south-to-north and not towards me, or I would have dragged my wife out of the shower and into the basement.

It was pretty f-ing bad today.

I actually had to be at work early today because there are some CBT courses everyone's got to get finished ASAP. Corporate HR reshuffled the CBT certification requirements, so we were out of compliance on some units, and the boss is trying to get that rectified ASAP. I'd originally been scheduled for 3 PM, but the boss called yesterday and aksed me to come in early; I had said I'd be there at 2. But because of the time my wife and I spent in the basement, we were both late for our respective jobs.

I got to work at 2:20, as I said, and dove into the CBT. But then around 2:50 the counter folks needed help so I hied myself hence and started checking in a guy's computer....

And then ZZZZHHHHHTT and everything in the store shut off. I mean, everything, the lights, the POS terminals, the TVs, everything. The emergency lights turned on after a second or two. Everything slowly came back on-line, though, and before half an hour had passed we were back about about 95% of efficiency up in the precinct. (ie the place the Geek Squad is.)

A while before closing time we had some downtime, where there were no customers, so I was able to get more of those CBT units done. The one on printers? I didn't even need to read the damned material; I took the quiz at the end and got 100% and laughed. There are still several that I need to do but it's not too bad a stack.

* * *

Thanksgiving week is, as expected, going to be hellishly busy.

* * *

My employee discount works now, which is really cool--it means I've been there for 30 days--except that I don't have any money to spare since we're still catching up on bills. Woohoo! It's a party!


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