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#4038: Unemployment numbers were fudged prior to 2012 elections. What a, uh, surprise.

Ace has linked the story and provided his own commentary.

Me? I'm not even remotely surprised about this. In fact, the only surprising thing about this story is that it actually came out anywhere.

But it's really not all that surprising, either. Here's the thing. See, this Obama's not enough to say that the wheels are coming off of it, not unless those wheels are propelled by the force of a fifty megaton thermonuclear detonation. Okay? It's much closer to borrow from H. Beam Piper and say that the Obama Presidency is on fire, blowing up, and leaking radiation as the wheels are ejected at transsonic speed by explosive bolts and ejection charges. Obamacare is a clusterfuck and it's his only achievement since taking office.

The press has, shall we say, finally noticed. Taking a break from fellating the guy, they smell blood in the water...and every journalism student knows that Woodward and Bernstein were set for life after they brought down Nixon. And leftie loyalty to fellow travelers only goes so far--only to the point that an individual leftie realizes this could make me BIG, at which point he'll turn on his fellows faster than you can say "I am not a crook."

In every leftist revolution, there is always a purge after the revolution succeeds, because the varying factions each want control and only one can have it. The most ruthless one wins, and the result is mass executions. (Look at Cuba in the 1950s.) Before that point is reached, if the strongman demonstrates that he's not very strong, if he shows any weakness, his allies will turn on him and one of them will take his place.

The American left is going to abandon Obama (even if they make it look as if they are not) solely because whatever credibility he had is now gone. Because Obama cannot deliver on the socialist utopia, journalists will now start to be slightly more curious about his various scandals than they were before all this.

Not all of them, not even most of them. Just the ruthless ones. The ones who want to be like Woodward and Bernstein, get a Pulitzer or three, and retire to a life of writing political books. There is a certain narrow set of circumstances where a leftist journalist will be praised by the rest of the leftist crowd for bringing down a Democrat, and the pool of candidates is big enough that the probability approaches unity that someone is betting he can do it, retain his lefty credentials, and end up big like W&B.

That is, by the way, entirely without considering the "vast right-wing conspiracy", of course.

The gatekeepers in Big Media will naturally try to prevent this. I am surprised (though I suppose I should not have been) that Obamacare was the actual term of use for the Affordable Care Act and--now that it's undergoing spontaneous rapid self-disassembly--referring to it by its official title or "ACA" for short. Thanks to being a child of the 1980s, when the press refers to anything by making a compound word incorporating a President's name, it reads to me as a mark of derision (the term "Reaganomics" stopped being used when the policies it referred to started working) but I guess that's just not so.

Still, all that explains why I'm not highly surprised that the truth has come out, just a little bit.

But the fact that the numbers were gamed? Shit, they were gamed before that and I never bothered to count how many times I predicted that they would be gamed in order to help Obama's re-election chances. I said a whole bunch of times "The unemployment rate will be below 8% before November 2012," in a whole bunch of different ways, a long way in advance, and I finished the statement by saying, "regardless of what reality is."

The fact that I currently have a job does not change my opinion on this matter: there are no jobs out there. Everyone is out of work. The economy is in the shitter.

But it's going to take electing a Republican to get the press to report any of that.

* * *

Steven Den Beste again fires off some political commentary, and it's just like reading U.S.S. Clueless in the olden days. ("Olden days"? Seriously? Dude, that was like ten years ago.) (Yeah, but it's been a hard decade. "It's not the years; it's the mileage.")
...It's looking increasingly like the entire concept doesn't work in actuarial terms.

Millions of people are going to lose their insurance starting January 1. At this time, it's impossible for them to get new insurance as a replacement. They have to sign new contracts and make payments by December 15, and the new system doesn't work yet well enough to permit that, and there isn't any alternative way for them to do it.

But the old policies they had can't magically be resurrected. The insurance companies, following the law as they understood it, have already torn that part of their own systems down and they can't turn it back on again.

So far the reaction has been a lot of people angry, and a lot of people afraid. But come January, it's going to be a lot of people dead, and a lot of people bankrupt.
Read the whole thing.

And you know what's going to happen to those bankrupt people, and the relatives of the dead? They're going to turn their eyes towards Washington, D.C., and they're going to be angry, and the GOP is going to hold up its hands in a position of surrender and say, "Hey, it wasn't me! Nope! That guy over there did it," they'll say, pointing at the Democrat Party.

There's a lot of time between now and the 2014 elections--nearly an entire year--and there's plenty of time for the Democrats to fix their public image. The press will help them. But this thing may be bad enough that even the best efforts of the Democrat-media complex will be unable to dispell the rage that people will feel over being lied to.

Just remember what happened to George H.W. Bush when he said, "Read my lips: no new taxes!" and then signed the biggest tax increase in US history. (Until Clinton raised taxes in 1993, and long before Obama signed Obamacare.) The votes that he lost to that broken promise probably would have been enough to put him over the top, even with Ross Perot in the race. Yeah.

* * *

As for me, I got up after my nap and did the dishes. I sure know how to party.

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