atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4039: 111011

59 in binary, that's the highest binary number the Jeep's odometer has reached, and it did so tonight. Next up is binary 60, when it hits 111100. I'm going to try to get a pic when it hits binary 63, which will be the last binary number it displays, 111111. (Unless I drive it a million miles. I wouldn't bet on it. And anyway I'd wager that electronic odometers indicate rollover somehow, maybe with an E or something: E00001.)

This is what passes for a Fungus post when I have to be at work five days a week.

I honestly didn't expect that I would be working this many hours, but I'm over 30 this week, then over 32 next week and the week after. I mean, damn--I need the money, there's no doubt about that, but isn't Obama going to sic the IRS on them if they do this?

Well, whatev--that stuff's above my pay grade.

I was feeling pretty damned crummy when I went in to work this morning, though. It took two doses of Imodium to shut my gut down and at that I felt as if I'd been embalmed. I had no appetite and was dragging for the first two hours of my day. I don't know what the illness is, but my appetite returned partway through the day and I was able to survive, so WTH.


Interestingly, though, one of my professors from DeVry came in today with a laptop problem. He said he's retired now. Well, how nice.

* * *

It's Friday night, and I'm just going to go to bed, because I'm exhausted.

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