atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4040: Just about hit the six-week mark at work

Six weeks already.

This is retail's biggest week, and while I am not at liberty to discuss the company's plans I am at liberty to discuss how much my feet will hurt by this time next week.

I expect them to hurt a lot.

At the same time, however, I am to be well-compensated for my misery. This week will be my biggest week yet (in terms of hours worked) and it comes on the heels of the #2 week so far in my career here, with both in the same pay period.

Today, then--as is typical for a non-holiday Sunday--business dropped off after about 6 PM and I found myself with nothing to do, so I turned my attention (again) to cleaning and organizing. When I've got nothing better to do, that's what I do, because the place gets disorganized very quickly during the day.

* * *

The pastor at my church sent me a letter last month asking me if I'd be willing to serve on the Trustees Committee. I've never been asked to do something like that before and it indicates that I am a valued member of my community. What's not to like?

Of course I agreed to do it. Sounds like it'll be interesting.

* * *

Plenty of American teens don't know who the hell Ernesto Guevara is yet wear his likeness because "it's cool". Except that there was nothing cool about Ernesto Guevara; he was a murderous thug with no redeeming qualities.

Advice Goddess reminds us by repeating several of his more notorious quotes.

* * *

A couple of the PCs at work have 25" or so monitors attached to them, and the more I use them the more convinced I am that I need a monitor that big for my computer at home.

LCD screens are coming down in price and I expect there will be a deal or two this holiday season on a 1080p TV of the appropriate size. No, I haven't got any advance pricing information; this is just a feeling. Actual computer monitors run $300+ for that size, but there's little difference other than inputs--monitors have DVI as well as VGA. I can, however, just run a frickin' HDMI cable from my video card and get exactly the same video quality as if I'd used DVI.

That's later, though.

* * *

Originally I was to be at work at 7 AM on Saturday, and work through until 4 PM.

They had a store-wide meeting set up, so after working until 8 PM on Friday I came home and prepared to be in bed as early as I could so as to get enough sleep. I struggled to get up on Saturday morning, but I only laid in bed an extra 15 minutes; after having a shower and assembling my lunch I was prepared to leave at 6:30, when the phone rang.

It turned out to be a machine reading an SMS text message aloud, since my answering machine got the call. (I didn't know they could do that; this 21st century is amazing.) "You don't have to come to the M T G," the synthesized female voice said. I checked the caller ID and discovered that it was my boss sending me a text, so I sent back--via my cell phone--"Got your message, will be in at 10 AM thanks". And happily went back to bed until 9-ish.

...woke up feeling like a zombie, which is the price of taking such a short nap and being awakened by the alarm clock. *sigh* Still, it helped me get through the day.

Today's start time was 10:30 from the get-go, and it was easier. Since I was on for eight hours, I got a lunch break, so I took full advantage of that mofo. Whee!

* * *

"Yo, T-bill! What's '187' mean?"
"It mean 'murder'!"

* * *

I've been working on Yet Another SF story, in my head, as I try to get to sleep at night. We'll see if it ends up going anywhere.

* * *

Okay, time for some rest.

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