atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4041: I can buy music again.

I can actually go to Amazon and buy MP3 tracks and not feel guilty over it. How long has that been?

The track du jour is called "Caribbean Heat" by Samples, and it's got a nice acid bass riff that drives the whole song. It cost me a whole dollar. Man.

Of late, I've been coming home and listening to Pandora (my "Bluetech" channel) and hearing some good music. Ambient relaxes me after a day of hearing rap and all kinds of disconnected bass and the demo disk for that smart TV over in home theater which plays an endless succession of the same three chords.

Because I was the only GS Agent on duty tonight from 7-9, I could have had my MP3 player plugged in to the little clock radio on the counter and played music I like. Argh etc. Well, that'll teach me to keep a better eye on the schedule. I do know that it won't be like this on Friday, though!

* * *

Thanks, Pakistan. Die in a fire.

We could eradicate polio--I mean, literally eradiacte the disease, so that future generations would never, never, ever have to worry about it again--if it weren't for the muslim radicals in Pakistan who refuse to immunize against polio.

Someone tell me again how those assholes are the "religion of peace" when everything they do seems to increase human suffering and nothing they do ameliorates any of it.

* * *

If the Fed cuts the interest rate any further, you will literally have to pay your bank to keep your savings. which point people will buy safes and keep their money in them, instead. Why have a bank at all?

* * *

It was snowing when I left for work this afternoon. It did not snow a lot, but there's a good dusting on the ground.

I really had a good sleep last night, too. I was awake yesterday morning at 7 (though I did not get out of bed until it was almost 8) and then was on the go all day. By about 2:30 AM I was done and hit the hay, and slept like a man drugged.

That is how I intend to sleep tonight, too.

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