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#4042: The holidays are here!

Just about, anyway. It's the day before White Wednesday. Friday is--yeah.

Christmas is four weeks away; my first wedding anniversary is five.


* * *

The price of chicken has reached an all-time high, but there's no inflation. Isn't it lovely? Obamacare has caused the price of health insurance to "necessarily skyrocket" and our continued reliance on an utterly insensate energy "policy" of burning food has led to rising prices all over the place...but conveniently the rising prices are confined to things that the government doesn't look at when calculating the inflation rate.

Karl Dennginer, by the way, scoffed that our government claims that medical spending is up a "modest" handful of percentage points, something well under 5%. I'm sure that's news to all the people out there who are seeing their premiums double or triple.

* * *

Meanwhile, "if you like your weapons-grade uranium, you can keep your weapons-grade uranium" appears to be a promise Obama is going to keep. Because it's a promise made to islamic dictators and not US voters, he's fine with that one.

I'm going to say it again: Iran with the Bomb is a very, very bad idea.

* * *

Credit card fraud. This is why I always always write something in the "tip" space of the receipt I sign, even if it's a pickup place and I'm tipping nothing.

Gay server claims he got tipped nothing but a note telling him that he wasn't getting a tip because the customers didn't approve of his lifestyle.
Now the couple is alleging that the server made it up, and they appear to have pretty hard-core evidence that they're right, including their copy of the bill and an exact match on their credit card statement.

As I'm sure you know it's pretty easy to take your copy of a charge slip and fill it in later. But you can't change what the card company has on your statement and that number came from the merchant and what they actually charged you.
There's hard evidence which will prove who is lying. Why aren't we seeing it in the same mainstream media which was eager to tar people with the brush of homophobia?

So from here, it looks as if the waiter made the whole thing up, probably because he wanted the attention.

* * *


At what point did tips become a right? It used to be that if you wanted a tip you had to earn it; a 20% tip was for exceptional service and 15% was more common. It was considered rude not to leave one--the tip was contingent on the quality of service--but a customer was well within his rights to withhold a tip for any reason whatsoever, even "I do not approve of your lifestyle".

I typically tip 20% and subtract for service issues, but I do not often have any. Most of the time if there's a problem with my meal at a restaurant it's because the kitchen messed up.

There was a time when some friends and I were dining at Chichi's (in the 1980s) and the waitress brought one of us a fresh glass of soda without asking if he wanted a refill first. We tried to refuse it but she set it down anyway; when we discovered that she'd charged us for it, we subtracted that from her tip and left a note saying so.

(This was before most places started giving free refills since, you know, 12 oz of fountain soda costs about $0.10 and restaurants typically charge more than $1 per glass.)

I don't care what color, religion, sexual orientation, race, class, gender, race, species, my waiter or waitress is, as long as they don't wave it in my face when I'm there just to enjoy a meal, and as long as I get what I asked for the way I asked for it and don't have to sit there waiting five years for service. I'm pretty easygoing in that respect. Most people are.

* * *

And now, errands. Whee!

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