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#4049: Well, that helped.

I don't know how much sleep I got due to having to get up twice for the bathroom, and I don't remember what time we went to bed--but I got out of bed for good today around 4:30 PM and feel enormously better than I have since about Saturday night.

Nah, it's not like I needed the sleep or anything....

It seems like a bit of a waste, but you have days off to rest and recharge, so that's what I aim to do--and my days off last week were less than restful for various reasons.

Thursday of next week is the 60-day mark at this job, which is excellent.

* * *

There is nothing in the news on which I feel like commenting.

Obamacare is still blowing chunks, and the press' desperate spinning of the whole thing--in their capacity as the propaganda wing of the Democrat party--to try to make it go away is not gaining much traction with anyone but the hard leftists. Nonetheless the new system is made of fail, it's not working, the Democrats own the bitch, and none of this is news. I've already said just about everything I can say about it, and unlike Karl Denninger I dislike repeating myself.

According to Borepatch, "The wheels are coming off of the Professional Green movement." Nothing I can say here, either, that I haven't said about 50 dozen times before. Including "I knew it" and "I told you so".

China, Japan, and the Philippines are still at loggerheads. Everyone in the region is pointedly ignoring China's no-fly zone but the US has sanctified it, which has to be one of the stupidest foreign policy moves since the Democrats withdrew materiel support of South Vietnam in the early 1970s. There is probably going to be a war there, but--again--that's something I talked about previously and have no current interest in further exposition.

Pretty much the entire world is still stumbling along the way it always does.

* * *

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas--the Fungal Vale is sprouting decorations and lights, and it's looking increasingly festive around here. Mrs. Fungus and I intended to get a real tree this year but that looks doubtful, so we'll be hauling out the artificial one again. We might take it completely apart and redecorate it...or might not, depending on what kind of time we have. Christmas Eve is a mere three weeks away. Egad.

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